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Socks's Message:

Here is the sheet for the estimation activities!

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Socks 10-28-2007 05:49 PM

Here is the sheet for the estimation activities!

Socks 10-28-2007 05:48 PM

We can't celebrate Halloween so I do a Pumpkin Day instead. We start the day reading the story Pumpkin Day and making Pumpkin Pancakes (the recipe is in the book). Then we'll read Too Many Pumpkins and write about what we'd do if we had too many pumpkins. After lunch we'll read Pumpkin Soup and try some that I will have pre-made in a crock pot. Then the "real" fun begins! I'll have 4-5 pumpkins (depending on how many I can find!) and put the kids in groups. First we'll guess if the pumpkin will sink or float. They will fill out the paper that I attached (not mine, got it here last year ).

Then we'll do several estimation activities. One will be the circumference - they will cut a piece of yarn as big as they think will fit around their pumpkin. Then I'll do a real measurement and they'll compare theirs to mine. Next we'll estimate how heavy the pumpkin is. Each child will lift a 5lb. bag of potatoes, then lift their pumpkin and guess. Then we'll put the pumpkin on a scale and compare. Finally we'll estimate how many seeds are in the pumpkin and then dig them out and check! I'll have my kids put the seeds into condiment cups (ten in each cup) this should make it easier for them to count the seeds in the end! I have a sheet for this, I'll attach it in another post right under this one!

If there is still time after all that mess and clean up we'll make a pumpkin book. The students will cut out two pumpkin shapes from orange construction paper. They will staple down one side so it looks like a book. On the inside I'll have them glue goldenrod yarn to look like the stringy stuff inside real pumpkins. Then they will glue down seeds. Finally they will write a description of their pumpkin inside and out to go with their pumpkin book.

I hope this helps you out!! Let me know if something needs explained more!

Terri in NC 10-26-2007 05:48 PM

I hear you. I taught 4th grade last year and mean, medium and mode was hard for them then. My 2nd graders would never grasp that. They are having problems with problem solving skills.

LMNTRY2 10-25-2007 05:34 PM

Sharkey already provided the scoring cards. Thanks again!

Lady A 10-24-2007 04:06 PM

Does anyone have a sheet already made up to record the information from Pumpkin Math? Thanks.

msharkey 10-24-2007 03:24 PM

I use whatever ball I can find.

I use 10 boxes for the bowling but you could adjust the number.


The kids really LOVE playing it.

LMNTRY2 10-24-2007 02:43 PM

Thanks Sharkey! I'm going to do this!! How fun! What do you use for the bowling ball? And how many boxes do you set up?

msharkey 10-24-2007 09:47 AM

Not sure if this is what you are looking for but I'll share anyway.

Pumpkin bowling does not actually use real pumpkins but shoeboxes dressed to look like pumpkins (orange and black construction paper wrapped around the boxes and black triangles to decorate).

Kids take turns mowing down some pumpkins and keep track of how many they have knocked down.

At the end of the time, they have to add up for a final score.

The kids LOVE this. I do this in centers so there aren't more than about 4 in this center at a time. (I teach first).


LMNTRY2 10-24-2007 09:33 AM I still on the 2nd grade board? lol.

measuring, weighing, circumference, median and little ones haven't made it to that part of math yet! We JUST finished the 1st nine weeks!

Lorelei 10-21-2007 03:06 PM

I just did pumpkin math with my kids this past friday. I have a power point presentation that I made for them also. We made preditions about weight, width, height, circumference. Then we measured those and discussed what tools we use for each.
We also guessed how many seeds were inside and what was the best way to count the seeds. We decided that counting seeds in groups of ten is the best.
Then we record our data and make a bar graph, and find the median and mode of the data.

The kids love it and don't even realize they are learning. We are going to decorate our pumpkins this week.
There are endless possibilities!!

mht 10-21-2007 12:24 PM

I do a variety of things with pumpkin math, for me it depends on the class. I do an estimating lesson with the weight, the circumferance and then the seeds. This I usually do in small groups no more than 4 or 5. If you have the equipment you could bake the seeds. A good way to count the seeds is with a blank hundreds chart and then they can do counting activities.
Good luck I hope I helped.

2ndluv 10-20-2007 09:50 AM

Does anyone do any fun pumpkin math activities that they could attach? Thanks in advance!

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