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MrsWok's Message:

If you have nothing specific to worry about, I would let them contact your employer. If she gave you positive ratings on observations, then she obviously likes you and you have record of doing a good job.

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TeachChicago 05-25-2015 07:20 AM

Well, I am worried that because she does not want me to leave, she might say something that is not true. I think I am going to leave a copy of my evaluations so it does not look suspicious that I did not put her down as a reference. The position is for the exact same position (except closer to home, less schools, and a smaller grade level span). When I was looking for a new job, I did have an administrator who refused to call back the district I was interviewing in and they would not offer me the job until they spoke with her. I feel like she was completely sabotaging me for no reason. I just would hate for something like that to happen. I do have an advantage in that my previous coordinator is on the interview team and her and I had a great relationship. Unfortunately, I can't use her as a reference since she is on the interview team.

MrsWok 05-23-2015 04:03 AM

If you have nothing specific to worry about, I would let them contact your employer. If she gave you positive ratings on observations, then she obviously likes you and you have record of doing a good job.

Teacherbee_4 05-22-2015 08:08 PM

I'm in the same boat. I have not told my principal I am applying for jobs. I'm only applying for jobs that are in education but different from classroom teaching (interventionist, instructional coach, etc.).

I'm planning on not saying anything until I get an interview or it's time for them to contact my employer. I already have school references from colleagues I trust to get my foot in the door. When it's time to contact my current administrator, I'm going to tell her that that particular position is something I really want to try and learn more about it, and when it came up, I couldn't pass up the chance to apply, or I'd always be wondering, but that I didn't say anything because I didn't want to waste her time when I thought it was going to be a long shot since I don't have any official experience in that job. Something to that effect, anyway. Something to the effect of how it was a dream job but a long shot because I lacked something (Master's, experience, am young, etc.). That would explain my reasoning for not telling her. I'm hoping she'll understand the wanting to try for it since it was something I was highly interested in.

TeachChicago 05-22-2015 04:16 PM

For those of you who currently have a job and have interviewed, how do you handle the question "Can we contact your current employer?" I have a pretty good relationship with my current admin, but I do not trust her one bit. I also have only been working with her for 1 year. She has given me good ratings on my observations. However, I am concerned she will tell my superintendent and/or will hold this against me if I do not get an offer or if I do not accept the position (I am not tenured yet). I am also concerned that if they do talk to her, she might tell them something that is in accurate or try to sabotage me. I do not know her well enough to know if she would do this, but as I said, she is not someone I can trust.

I have an interview in 2 weeks and do not know how to deal with this question. I was told by someone I know that if the district I am interviewing in is interested, they will want to contact my current admin. My previous admin is on the interview team, so she can't be contacted either. I do have a letter of reference from a colleague who knows I am interviewing. Suggestions?

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