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francis's Message:

ok. Another idea. Purchase individual plastic crates and use zipties to group them.

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Hpylife 08-15-2017 05:33 PM

Great tips! thanks! I don't know why I didn't think about just having them put their coats into the brain must have been in a haze. That will cut down on some of the storage issue. I think I"m going to just try the bags on chairs and see how that works.

frogdogs 08-14-2017 08:41 PM

I have closet space but I don't use it for coats and backpacks. I teach my kids the trick of how to hang their backpacks so they don't fall off the chairs and their coats must be zipped inside. Any coat/backpack that's on the floor gets picked up by me, and the owner has to buy it back with a pencil. My kids are motivated to keep track of their 6 weekly pencils, so having to give one to me is a real bummer. I rarely have issues with stuff on the floor.
Also, in the winter, I have a spot for wet boots, hats, gloves, etc. so they don't have to be shoved into a backpack.

Hpylife 08-11-2017 09:18 AM

Yeah, I didn't want to do the back of chair thing because they will fall off, or they will end up playing with them....
I think I may do a clothes line strung up in the back somewhere with clothespins for the coats, and a large laundry tote for the book bags

MAMASUZE 08-06-2017 06:30 PM

I got moved to a new classroom and I too do not have a place for coats and book bags. As of right now, all I know to do is to have them hang from the back of their chairs. I anticipate seeing them all over the floor.

francis 08-01-2017 01:16 AM

ok. Another idea. Purchase individual plastic crates and use zipties to group them.

Hpylife 07-31-2017 06:01 PM

Great idea with the container for the coats,,but I am not allowed to put them all together in a pile/bin..they have to be hung somehow or put in individual bins...I wanted to just do a 50gal rolling trash can but not allowed.

It seems like hooks just don't hold the items well, they always end up on the ground.


Cat woman 07-31-2017 03:58 AM

I would be cautious storing coats in the same container--- head lice!

francis 07-30-2017 07:02 PM

I don't know how creative it is, but I purchased big plastic containers/tubs with lids from Big Lots. 5-6 backpacks fit into 1 container. I have kids take out their lunches and snacks so they don't have to dig thru the containers. All the lunches go in 1 container. All the snacks go into a smaller open bin that is stored on the back counter. The backpacks are stored in the back of the room. I can post a picture later this week. Some teachers put them outside the classroom in the interior hallway.

Hpylife 07-30-2017 05:30 PM

Hi all,
I do not have storage in my classroom for coats/bookbags/lunchboxes.

Anyone have any creative ways to store these items? Prefer ideas that do not take up a ton of space and are easy for second graders to access and use. I am also not fond of storing things on the backs of their chairs--so no hanging bookbags/coats off the chairs...Thanks for any ideas!!

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