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bobcat's Message:

You just made me belly laugh!!!!

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
vateacher 09-09-2017 06:27 AM

It's a reverse mainstream model. So a little less than half the children have special needs of some sort and the rest are there as typically developing peer role models. I suppose i should have specified in my post lest someone think i would impose on one teacher.

Zia 09-09-2017 06:16 AM

My son gets 30 minutes. He has two assistants and three lunch monitors plus his teacher. I think surely the six adults can manage with a class of 16 kids to take two seconds to help him out. He opens all his own packages and helps his friends around him.
That's a fantastic ratio! 6:16?! Wow. My school is considerably larger.

As I said, I was speaking to my situation. Sorry if my cautionary tale was irritating to you.
choppie70 09-09-2017 05:54 AM

I just put a simple "I you" type note in DD's lunch box every now and then when she was younger. Most of the times it was after she had a rough morning or was feeling down.

Now that she is in 4th grade, I just do a note when she has something special coming up.

She has always said she likes the surprise of when they are in there.

vateacher 09-09-2017 05:53 AM

My son gets 30 minutes. He has two assistants and three lunch monitors plus his teacher. I think surely the six adults can manage with a class of 16 kids to take two seconds to help him out. He opens all his own packages and helps his friends around him.

Tiamat 09-09-2017 04:52 AM

I never thought of putting notes in my kids' lunchboxes. I thought I was doing well if I got food in there.

To add to the kangaroo fact, did you know emus can't walk backwards either? That's why they are both on the Australian coat of arms - they can't go backwards, and neither can the country - it makes us a forward moving people, or something.

The kangaroo my husband hit with the car yesterday (my car, of course) might have done better if it could have gone backwards out of the way of the speeding car!!

daffodils 09-09-2017 04:26 AM

I agree that unless he is a very good reader, go with simple--a heart with his name and Mom in it, a stick drawing of you two holding hands, a sticker he can put on his shirt, a print out of a funny picture, etc. Pinterest has a bunch if you search "lunch box notes prereader" that are just a picture and XOXO or "Hi" or something simple

anna 09-08-2017 10:50 PM

Monday Monster:draw a pic of your favorite monster and name him/her

Tuesday Toughie: what .( a riddle to solve and the answer is given by you when he gets home)

Thursday Thinker: the number is ____ what are the number pairs to make this number? Use your snack cookies to solve the problem

I like your interest in your son's enjoyment of school and wish you both a very good year.

bobcat 09-08-2017 05:48 PM

You just made me belly laugh!!!!

cruxian 09-08-2017 04:10 PM

When DD was in first and not a great reader, I'd print out a funny picture for her. Then I'd draw a heart on it and write mom on it. The notes got more complicated later on.

Zia 09-08-2017 04:02 PM

On average, I have one or two a year who can read their own (simple) notes. Most five year old kids can't read kangaroo facts or jokes!

Again, sorry to be negative about a sweet practice. I totally get the point and I do think it is sweet. But my kids have 15 minutes for lunch. That's their entire time to eat lunch.

amiga13 09-08-2017 03:34 PM

Sorry, Zia, it never occurred to me that the kids wouldn't be reading themselves. My kids could read their notes--I never would have expected the teacher to do it.

redmonkey 09-08-2017 03:30 PM

I agree with Zia, unless he can read I would not send them. My DD is in Kindergarten and I wrote her a note which I knew she could read but she thought it was a note for the teacher and asked one of the assistants at lunch to read it. I didn't send another note because I did not want her asking someone to read it.

Zia 09-08-2017 03:09 PM

I am sorry to be the one peeing on your parade, but unless your Kindergartner can read that himself, it is unlikely he is enjoying your efforts. (Maybe other K teachers are more generous with giving up their breaks than I am. This is my experience and practice with lunch notes.)

Many of my students have "napkin notes." They can't read them and wave them around, yelling, "Read my note!"

Sorry kid, I have 21 juice boxes and Lunchables to open, hard boiled eggs and oranges to peel, and the longer I spend in here, the less lunch break I get. I don't even look at them--I tell them they all say: Mommy loves you. Forget those kangaroos facts.

KatieViolet 09-08-2017 02:36 PM

I like Monday Memories!

Thoughtful Thursday? Put in an inspirational quote (although he might be a little too young...)

I just find fun printable ones on Pinterest that go with the season--here's an example--

amiga13 09-08-2017 12:45 PM

I did this and my "kids" in their 30's still remind me how much they loved it. However, I didn't do it every single day (so it was a nice surprise) and the recurring theme was 'I love you because....'.

TeacherMeg 09-08-2017 12:35 PM

I ordered these for my son who is in 1st grade and he LOVES them. He looks forward to them everyday. There is a little space on the side where I can add my own note too. It just takes some the hard work of thinking out of it for me.

vateacher 09-08-2017 12:34 PM

Excellent ideas!!!

Keltikmom 09-08-2017 12:33 PM

How about Terrific Tuesday and tell him one thing you love about him.

Thoughtful Thursday: remind him to do one nice thing today or a cute inspirational quote. This would work for Mindful Monday, too!

teacherpippi 09-08-2017 12:19 PM

Memories/Memory Monday

I'll think more about the rest. Apparently my brain is much right now!

vateacher 09-08-2017 12:14 PM

My son started kindergarten this week and I've been putting little notes in his lunch box. Today was fun fact Friday... did you know a kangaroo can't walk backwards? Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday where I put a joke in his lunchbox. Thursday i just reminded him about soccer but I'd like to have themes for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday too. Any ideas, brilliant friends? Thanks!!

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