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wildflowerz's Message:

Aging sucks!

Did his knee give out? It sounds like a trip to the dr is needed.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
wildflowerz 02-22-2022 08:19 PM

Aging sucks!

Did his knee give out? It sounds like a trip to the dr is needed.

mhugs 02-22-2022 07:02 PM

How long was your flight? Not to alarm you but my dear husband developed a DVT after one of our trips. Keep a close eye on him. And don't beat up on yourself.

kim1231 02-22-2022 06:26 PM

So sorry for the fall, but please forgive me. I laughed through the entire post but mostly because I imagined myself and husband as the characters you described. Lol Very much the reality of my life. Hope husband is feeling better.

hand 02-22-2022 05:00 PM

Yikes! I hope he heals quickly. But Iím sure I would have done the same as you and been focused on getting the luggage. (Thanks for the laugh, though.)

Keltikmom 02-22-2022 04:55 PM

I am sorry he fell and is injured. You will probably be a finalist for Wife of a Lifetime by the time he is completely healed.

all41 02-22-2022 04:14 PM

Aw man, not sure if I should congratulate you on your award or console you for feeling guilty. Don't beat yourself up to much, after all you were rushing to baggage to get your luggage because you knew DH was already dealing with a sore knee. You were trying to make things easier for him. I hope he heals quickly.

klarabelle 02-22-2022 04:02 PM

I hope recovers quickly. I hope your body stays healthy too.

tctrojan 02-22-2022 03:57 PM

I hope he is not in too much pain.

tia 02-22-2022 03:47 PM

oh, dang! i feel bad for you (cause i know you feel a little bit guilty)--but i'm also feeling guilty because i laughed through most of your post (sorry?)

heart4kids 02-22-2022 02:43 PM

I am sorry for him and you! I hope that he feels better soon. I don't think you should feel too guilty though. It sounds as if you were only trying to get to baggage claim and get your luggage organized - giving him time to catch up. Life isn't easy.

eagles23 02-22-2022 02:26 PM

Me! We took a trip this weekend to see my youngest son and his family. Our flight arrived back in state late last night and I was hustling to baggage claim so we could hit the road for our two-hour trip home. DH had complained all weekend about his knee/leg hurting, so I didn't think anything about him being slower. He arrived at the carousel a little after I did and didn't say anything at first, but then told me I had missed his stumble- which was actually a fall -in the airport. Ya'll, I didn't see it or hear any commotion that would have alerted me to anything! He said some people helped him up. (He said the first one to help was a girl wearing a sash and he said he didn't know if she was a bride -Nashville is the bachelorette party capital- or Miss America.) Ha! I am sure it was embarrassing for him. His chief complaint was that his side hurt because he landed with his arm pinned between his side and the floor. (It must have been some fall!) I figured he was just bruised, but he sent me a message today to let me know he had an x-ray and he has a broken rib. Not only did I not see him fall or help him up, but I probably wasn't as comforting as I should have been, and now I am slightly annoyed that I have to go home and play nursemaid. (See - Wife of the Year!!). I am thankful it wasn't worse, but it is scary how his body is failing him already. He's only 65! I want him to still be healthy and active for a lot longer and it scares (and irritates) me that he might not be! I guess I'll just accept my award and head home now to see how he is doing.

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