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jnf's Message:

We are lucky we didn't get much of a cut (yet). We have some hard to staff school (schools in which no sub wants to really teach at) they use to pay us another $6 for half day and $12 for full day. They have totally done away with that extra money. The bad thing is that one of the schools was right next to me and I actually liked going there.

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jnf 08-26-2009 12:36 AM

We are lucky we didn't get much of a cut (yet). We have some hard to staff school (schools in which no sub wants to really teach at) they use to pay us another $6 for half day and $12 for full day. They have totally done away with that extra money. The bad thing is that one of the schools was right next to me and I actually liked going there.

wnlbutterfly 08-25-2009 06:48 AM

7 hr and 15 minutes is what we HAVE to work to get paid the same as we did before when we would get full day at 4 hrs and up.

1 hr was $36, now $12.50 (-$23.50 less)
2 hrs was $36 now $25 (- $11.00)
3 hrs was half day at $45 that would be $37.50 now (-$7.50)
4 hrs was $90, now $50 (- $40 OUCH)
5 hrs was $90, now 62.50 (- $27.50)
6 hrs $90, now $75 (- $15)
7 hrs is now $87.50

7 hrs and 45 minutes is what the secretaries are used to putting into Aesop, but we are there at least 8 hrs. At the 7.75 hr it would be $96.87, an increase, and 8 hrs would be $100 (a $10 increase). The board office is sitting there thinking they are clever and will save money on payroll, but wait until the teachers and secretaries can't get subs to fill in for half days. And last year a LOT of teachers did half days, because they were scared to take much time off with the cuts coming. I worked more half days last year than I did 5 years combined!

The only way to get paid what we were before is to only do full days now, and subs will figure that out pretty fast.

Yes, I would say if you aren't being paid for that time you can leave, but what can you get done, maybe some shopping? (you would have to factor travel time to get there and back)? Unless you lived close you couldn't really go home and get anything done. On the upside they couldn't get upset with you if you weren't doing anything during planning time if you weren't being paid (say you wanted to do a puzzle book).

qudiva 08-24-2009 02:30 PM

My gosh that does sound complicated doesn't it?! I find it terrible that you don't get paid for your plan. I mean if you aren't getting paid for your plan are you allowed to leave? Still that would be a total waste of your time. It does sound like they are just trying to get around paying for a full day.

Here we are paid very little - about $10/hour but now schools are offering bonuses for number of days work - last year I got $350 which was really nice from one district. Some days I do so little that $10/hr is fair but other days - like in elementary level I feel like it slave wages.

subczy 08-24-2009 01:57 PM

No, no cut. WE have a base pay or people w/ 60 college credit hours. If you have a degree of associate or higher you get $5 more (this is sort of a raise as before it ws bachelors or higher) and then the highest is current certified teachers get $10 more than base pay. (on full day rates)

If you work all before 11:30 am you get paid for half a day. If you work at all after 11:40 you get paid for half a day. So itis quite easy here to get pay for a full day and only work a few hours r less even depending o when you are scheduled. We are told to be there before school a few min and after to leave asap except in elem K-3 as we have to release kids to their families directly (it doesn't take long).

I would figure out how many hours per week Ineeded to work to make my min then try for that and not worry so much about full days, etc. AT the higher rate you should be able to work less hours and be okay. However, when you think about it, many places you can g a job answering the phone for about that same pay - if they make it too hard then do something else until they figre out they are screwing you guys and you'll all quit if they dont' fix it.

Good luck1

wnlbutterfly 08-23-2009 05:57 PM

This is very weird, it was just maybe 2 yrs ago we finally got a pay increase (after a decade at the same pay scale). This year has been a lot of downsizing (they let go of mostly support staff...paras!).

Got our new sub handbook and guess what? Before we had 3-tier pay rate. 2 hrs or less was $36, 2hr 1min to 3 hrs 59 minutes was a half day at $45, and 4 hrs and up was $90. Now it is a flat $12.50 an hour. It will be better pay for full days ($100 if it is 8 hrs), but really awful for half days. You and I know what this will mean...more subs not doing half days, they already have a problem with that.

Now here is the really fun part. We have to clock in, but that is only to verify that we were there, not to do our payroll by. They said our time would be rounded to the nearest quarter hour. All the secretaries (and teachers) are used to doing it exactly by when the school day starts and stops. We all know we get there ahead of that and don't leave until the kids are picked up (I do grade school...would be different for middle or high school). Our handbook says they will pay for 30 minutes before the start of school and 15 minutes after the dismissal of children. Before it didn't matter because once you hit 4 hrs, it was a full day anyway.

I will have to bug the secretary to make sure she makes the changes in Aesop so that I will get paid for that 15 minutes after school, Tuesday will be my first day with this being an issue. I go in at 2pm and it says I will be working until 3:15, but that won't happen (we dismiss at 3:15). I printed out the portion of the handbook that states that we get paid using Aesop. The secretaries I work with are all wonderful, but I just hate having to feel like I have to beg for my pay.

For the middle and high school, if they have a planning period beginning or or at the end of the day, they will only be paid for part of it (same as I mentioned above), and if they have a planning period in the middle they won't be paid unless they go sub another room (high school has 1.5 hr planning periods. This is going to tick off a lot of high school subs. Sounds like it is going to be hard to get paid a full day at the higher grades now.

I do have quite a few days that are just a couple hours, but it is for the teacher that I am going to do her long-term sub for maternity leave, and considering that will end up paying $180 a day, I think it is worth it to build that relationship with the class early and be there now for the teacher when she needs me.

Anyone else get a pay change?

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