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Iíve only made this on a grill but it says it can be made on a campfire. Itís delicious!

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
sevenplus 08-02-2021 01:24 PM

Pie iron meals are our favorite. We love pizza pockets and even just grilled cheese. We just use regular bread. We've also put chocolate chips and peanut butter in the middle.

We've only "camped" for 2 nights at a time and I keep the food simple. Hot dogs to roast, bacon, s'mores...

I don't like dealing with raw meat and coolers. We did cook some trout that my son caught.

We've also done apples and cinnamon in foil and banana boats.

Cooked biscuits in an orange peel once. I thought it was good but my boys didn't care for it.

And for some reason I always get potato sticks to have with our hot dogs. Campfire hotdog meals are the only time I but potato sticks.

(I put "camped" in quotes because we've always stayed in a cabin.)

sped91 08-02-2021 12:12 PM

My son is an Eagle Scout. He learned a lot of Dutch oven cooking in scouts.

We camped for 2 weeks in Colorado this summer. He made his Boy Scout Train Wreck recipe for us twice for breakfast. Train wreck is pretty much any kind of leftovers you have from other meals, chopped up small. Mix the leftovers into beaten eggs (2-3 per person, depending on the people). Dump it all in the dutch oven. We use dutch oven liners for easier clean up. Put heated charcoals underneath and on top of the dutch oven in the fire pit. Cook until eggs are done.

We cooked dinners almost entirely in the dutch oven, foil packs, and grill grate. We had one night where we made burgers on the propane stove. We had two nights where we went out to eat because there was a fire/open flame ban where we were camping- couldn't even use the propane stove.

One of our favorites was steak fajitas. That one gets prepped at home and frozen. It gets eaten within the first couple of days.

We had five of us (our kids are age 19 and up) and the most I could plan dinners for was 3 days. We carry two bins for food. One for breakfast and dinner supplies and one for lunch supplies. Five adults go through food really fast - lol

twin2 08-02-2021 07:56 AM

Our meals vary, based on whether we will have refrigeration, our planned activities, or whether or not I can or want to take the time to wash dishes. I hope I don't repeat too many ideas others have already given.

instant oatmeal or minute oatmeal without milk
cereal w/almond milk
eggs, eggs, eggs - since cast iron skillets can be wiped out and gently cleaned
sandwiches made w/ lunch meat, cheese, and veggies
Tomato sandwiches
Pre-made vegetable salads (if I have refrigeration)
Veggie burgers, or other veggie alternative products-- veggie alternatives usually just need to be warmed so its not a big deal if my campfire isn't the greatest
Foil packs - if you don't like recipes you're finding, most any combination of meats and veggies do well in foil packs. Consider the size of what you combine so that everything cooks in about the same time. My favorite is corn, onions, bell peppers, potatoes and you can add little pieces of meat, or even ground meat, raw or pre-cooked.

I love cooking over the fire, but sometimes we stay where we can't have a fire. Sometimes we don't have time, or the weather is bad. We have a small travel trailer with a stove and microwave, but for a short camping trip, I'm very happy with sandwiches, and instant food. Adding fresh fruits or veggies to the meal makes it more satisfying for me. Other times we bring those little cups of applesauce or fruit cups to have with our meal. I do try to keep the meals as natural as I can but my husband tries to bring along PopTarts, snack cakes and chips. I'm trying to do better.

twin2 08-02-2021 07:08 AM

I thought it would be great to precook chicken breasts and make BBQ Hawaiian Chicken sandwiches at the campsite. I like the idea of rewarming meat from the cooler, rather than cooking it there. At the last minute we decided to bring the grandchildren and a child living in their home. All are big eaters, so I decided to make a dish we could eat with a fork to save on chicken. It was a hit and a new favorite.

I boiled 2 pounds of chicken breast, then sliced into chunks. I dumped the water, put the chicken back into the pan, added garlic powder, paprika, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. I added pineapple chunks with juice, BBQ sauce, brown sugar, onion, and bell peppers. I simmered all of that until the bell peppers were tender, but it probably would have been quicker to saute bell peppers before adding all the other ingredients. After it was cool, I put it into a plastic storage container, but a zip lock bag would be great if you don't want the problem of bring back an empty dish. We buried the container in the cooler and at the campsite dumped it into a camp pot and let it warm over the fire. It is an enameled steel pot and we kept it stirred as it heated. I was afraid with the sugar, the pot would be hard to clean, but it cleaned up easily. Anyway, if I have time to make that before a camping trip, Its easily enough rewarmed by the campfire.

Cat woman 08-02-2021 05:19 AM

If you haven’t made them before you need to try them! Maybe they are more of a regional thing. I always like the pizza version and that you could easily make vegetarian. You can make them with pie filling for desserts. Definitely not a healthy option, but very delicious.

Tori58 08-02-2021 02:55 AM

Pudgie pies are anything you make in a campfire pie iron.

It's more usual to make toasted sandwiches in them, either savory or sweet, but they make a nice crunchy wrap as well. It's easy to make flatbread pizza pockets in a pudgy pie maker.

lisa53 08-02-2021 02:44 AM

Tortillas are a great idea! I hate taking bread, because it gets squished.

I love the marinated salad...a nice change from cole slaw (although I usually have cabbage and carrots on hand, so cole slaw is easy in a pinch).

I often take frozen ingredients to keep the cooler cold, but hadn't thought about freezing a stew or chili. Not a bad idea.

How about some good vegetarian main meals? We usually aren't big meat eaters, but we seem to eat more meat when camping. A loaded roast potato is an option...and vegetarian chili is in our repertoire. One thing I'd like to try is pizza on the grill...

Tori, what are pudgie pies?

hikinghiker 08-02-2021 12:22 AM

I make ahead and freeze. They keep my ice chest cold and I use them as they defrost. Another tip of mine is to find something to 'anchor' your meals. For example, I used tortillas because you can make a ton of different meals with them. I also mainly use the fire and only have one pan so I try to eat things that are pre-made. I just went on a week and a half solo camping trip and some of my meals were:

- Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
- Pre-made Italian subs (tip - put dry meat like salami on the bread sides and put condiments in the middle so bread doesn't get soggy. Lasts about a week)
- Frozen homemade Mac and cheese with kielbasa
- Frozen fajitas (to use tortillas)
- Frozen Beef stew
- Frozen chili
- Eggs burritos with pre-chopped veggies (to use tortillas)
- Cheese for quesadillas (to use tortillas)
- Ready Rice packets with chicken (cook chicken first, add liquid and steam rice over fire
- Overnight oatmeal
- Cast iron pizza

Cinderella00 08-01-2021 05:46 PM

We love foil dinners! We use a big cabbage leaf between the foil and the rest of the meal. If that burned, no big deal.

MalloryJames 08-01-2021 05:16 PM

How do you get everything to come out fully cooked at the same time?
I make sure everything is cut/chopped to same size. Meat gets cut even smaller to make sure it is cooked
PEPteach 08-01-2021 05:08 PM

Iíve only made this on a grill but it says it can be made on a campfire. Itís delicious!

Tori58 08-01-2021 04:30 PM

I have a similar approach to camping meals. I usually take a marinated salad - also with a viniagrette but with broccoli, carrots, green beans, bell peppers, corn, red kidney beans, red onions. It keeps for a long time and just keeps getting better.

I take pudgie pie makers and tortillas for hot wraps both for breakfast (premake egg muffins to stick inside with some cheese) and for various kinds of hot wraps for supper: taco meat, sloppy joe meat, chili, tuna, etc.

Back when I could have more sugar I used to take apple pie filling or fresh apples and caramel with cinnamon bread for apple pudgie pies.

I usually don't want to spend that much time hanging around the camp cooking on a campfire or on a camp stove. If I'm going with people who I know are going to want to hang around the campsite all day, though, I will take a tripod and dutch oven and make wild rice hotdish.

lisa53 08-01-2021 04:29 PM

We did foil dinners in Girl Scouts. Usually turned out one ingredient would be burned and another would be I donít have good memories! How do you get everything to come out fully cooked at the same time?

We do banana boats in foil. Split a banana (skin on), and stuff with mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, almonds, and coconut. (Or whatever you like!). Wrap in foil. 5-10 minutes on the coals. Unwrap and eat with a spoon. Mmmmmmmm....

Linda/OH 08-01-2021 04:21 PM

We love walking tacos. You use the small bags of Doritos or snack chip of your choice. We always make the fixings prior (cut up onions, peppers, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.) and the taco meat prepared ahead too. Put everything in Ziploc baggies. So easy to assemble then. Put your choices right into the bag of chips.

We also do the foil dinners too.

MalloryJames 08-01-2021 04:12 PM

Do a gogle search for foil.pack dinners! We have a ton of favorite recipes. A kielbasa potatoes green beans one we even make at home. I do all the prep at home and then just assemble and put in the campfire.

lisa53 08-01-2021 04:06 PM

Having been camping several times this summer, I have been refining my meal plans. I have hit upon some really simple (at least for two people) breakfast and lunch ideas, and a few good dinners. We car camp, and usually can have a campfire, but we also have a propane camp stove and a jet boil.

I have found the more prep I can do before the trip, the less fuss I need to do at meal time. My prep includes:

-hardboiled eggs (for breakfasts and lunches)
-veggies (carrot and celery sticks, pepper strips, etc). We use these for snacks and lunches, and also if I am cooking and need celery, carrots, or peppers for the recipe I can easily turn them into dice.
-hummus for lunches, and crackers.
-hot dog rolls can also be used to make lunch sandwiches, like egg or tuna salad.
-cole slaw with a viniagrette dressing keeps better than lettuce.
-a batch of morning glory muffins, and cream cheese
-fruit: bananas, apples, cherries
-of course makings for smores and banana boats

So breakfast is usually a muffin with cream cheese, a hardboiled egg, coffee, and fruit.
Lunch is a sandwich or crackers with hummus, veggies, and fruit. Besides tuna or egg salad (made in camp), we have eaten sandwiches made with leftover chicken from dinner, or PB & J.

I havenít been very creative for dinner. We have had hot dogs or chicken sausages, hamburgers, chili, stew, chicken, pasta.

I would love to hear your favorite meals for camping! We will be going a couple more times before the season ends, usually 3-4 days.

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