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fish2go's Message:

Just curious. I have seen lots of Donor's Choice grants asking for flexible seating. Is this the latest fad? We used to have couches and easy chairs, but had to get rid of them because of bugs and lice.

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OccupationFoo 05-05-2019 04:02 PM

For the last four years, I have built up my supply of flexible seating. I was going to go back to desks next year with the exception of a couple of high tables with bar-stool height chairs, but I was encouraged by admin to stick with it.

The first year was a few yoga balls. The second year included stools and beach chairs. Those kids did really well with them with them.

Last year included a futon. Things were going well, but I had a lot of balls get popped. These kids were naughty. I rotated them around to the different seats and then started rotating choice each week. That took too much time out of the day.

This year included the high tables. I let them buy their seats with class money they earned. It worked well, but some just can't stop rolling on the balls while lying on them. That drives me nuts. Plus some who didn't buy/earn them keep trying to sneak them. Again, naughty ones. I think I'm letting a couple bad apples spoil my thoughts.

I do find the ADHD kids find new ways to be distracted be it bouncing too high or spinning around on the floor in a scoop chair or spinning on a swivel chair.

T.A.R.D.I.S 12-04-2018 07:30 PM

Iíve done it. I have four regular chairs, 9 wobble stools, two big comfy chairs, and lots of pillows and bean bags. The kids sit where they want. I love it and the kids love it. Iíve had other teachers, like the ELL and Sped teacher, tell me they see more engagement in my room.

I tried the yoga balls and hated them. The bouncing drove me nuts. I gave them to a teacher who liked them.

Itís not for everyone. My coworker tried it and it didnít work for her. She likes the order/cleanness of desks.

choppie70 11-21-2018 07:31 AM

I think it is a fad too. Really, you don't need fancy seats to give students choice.

All of my students have a space at a table and a regular chair. I do have a few wobble stools for wiggly students and a couple of cushions that kids can sit on when reading on the floor. I also let my kids sit on the floor with a clipboard if they are more focused that way.

I had a yoga ball for one of my kids at parents' request. He bounced on it all day long, even after daily modeling on how to sit on it. Then he decided to bounce on it with his scissors in his hands and poked a hole in it. I am not replacing it.

kahluablast 11-20-2018 08:42 PM

It is the latest fad. I have desks and chairs. I let kids work where they want to if there are open spots. I don't care if they sit on the floor or stand and work, and kids who do a lot of standing I try to place around the edge of the room. I am not spending a ton of money getting all the latest and greatest. I did buy 2 wobble chairs from Amazon for less than $80 for both. I don't see that making a huge difference either, but kids do like to sit on the chairs.

I had a yoga ball once for an adhd kid whose parents thought it might help. Didn't make a difference that I could tell and then someone popped it with a pencil.

I have to sit in a chair. So that is what they have. No one is harmed and they don't sit there for hours on end. I build in movement as I can.

fish2go 11-20-2018 06:23 PM

Just curious. I have seen lots of Donor's Choice grants asking for flexible seating. Is this the latest fad? We used to have couches and easy chairs, but had to get rid of them because of bugs and lice.

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