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TheGr8Catsby's Message:

The floor is tile. I'm wondering who does whole group at a carpet vs whole group at seats in 2nd. If I had a bigger room, I think it would be no question that there would be a carpet in my room for whole group. I'm just not so sure with this room.

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TheGr8Catsby 08-19-2019 04:52 PM

Two weeks into school, and I love my *the* carpet. I don't use it every day, but I use it often enough.

EyeSeeTwo 08-19-2019 04:41 PM

I am teaching TK to 4th. I use the nice large rug to do
Morning Meeting
Read aloud
Guest Speakers
Authors Chair
Choice Time
read with a Partner
Whole class direct instruction
End of Day check in and review
Music and Movement

MissN 04-28-2019 06:57 AM

I have a tile floor with 2 carpets. Iíve always had one smaller carpet, but with grants for flexible seating, I was able to get another bigger carpet this year. I love it. I have a big gathering place in between my tables facing the whiteboard. I do a lot of lesson introductions on the carpet and then send them to work at their tables. The smaller carpet is now a soft spot for my classroom library area. The kids definitely use both carpets all the time. I would hate not having a carpet.

WGReading 04-28-2019 06:06 AM

When I taught second grade, I used a whole group carpet. Some situations I used it:

* class meetings
* writing mini-lessons
* phonics/sound spelling lessons (we have a reading curriculum that continues to introduce new spellings through 2nd grade)
* developing science and social studies input charts
* choice area for independent reading or playing partner games
* read aloud class novel

Cat woman 04-28-2019 03:22 AM

I feel second graders benefit from having a carpet/ meeting area for whole group instruction, especially the reading and writing mini lessons and read aloud times. As well as when you need those heart to heart “discussions”. It helps signal to their brains and body a transition in instruction is occurring. They can be physically closer to their partners so when they need to turn and talk they can easily. When they stay in their seats there can be too many distractions. We used our carpet/meeting area a lot in second grade.

My room (the five or so years before I retired) was carpeted but I had my room arranged so that my meeting area was clearly delineated. When we got a new principal she insisted we all get a carpet with colored squares for our meeting area. I told her I didn’t need one but as I learned, she was headstrong! . I will admit, I did like having that carpet— and she never let me forget it

Congratulations on the move to second grade. It is a well kept secret that second grade is the best!

bookbadger 04-27-2019 05:51 PM

We have tile in some of our classrooms...lucky me...I have tile. So, I have a rug and we use it as a gathering spot. I like to have a place to break up the action because it is a small room, no way no how space enough for flexible seating options.

Early finishers sit there and silent read while others finish task. If I read to them I often use the rug.

I have thought about getting rid of it because the room is so small but I use it too much and I know I'd miss it.

beachmom68 04-27-2019 04:47 PM

I teach 1/2 and I use carpet for whole group lessons, read aloud, partner work etc. I have one with colored squaresso I can say "sit on the yellow square"😆

TheGr8Catsby 04-27-2019 07:28 AM

The floor is tile. I'm wondering who does whole group at a carpet vs whole group at seats in 2nd. If I had a bigger room, I think it would be no question that there would be a carpet in my room for whole group. I'm just not so sure with this room.

Keltikmom 04-27-2019 06:28 AM

I had one in second grade but only because I bought it when I taught kinder and kept it. Eventually it wore out and I got rid of it. Unless you have tile floors, you probably donít need one.

Second graders do need a large gathering spot (ďthe rug/carpetĒ) but you donít need a rug on top of the carpeting. Unless the carpeting is disgusting.

TheGr8Catsby 04-26-2019 07:18 PM

Long story short: moving to second grade next year and room is kind of small.

I had a carpet when I taught kindergarten that we used MULTIPLE times a day. I had a carpet when I taught third grade that we never used (for whole group instruction - kids would work on it, and I might read on it at the end of the day). A smallish carpet is being left in the room I'm moving to next year. I'm wondering if it's worth having a carpet for whole group, or if I should just use it for a soft spot somewhere else.

I think I would definitely use a carpet in a bigger classroom in second, but I don't know. Just throw ideas at me.

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