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BBRocks124's Message:

That sounds fun and I think I saw an example on Pinterest - I will look there for that!

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Teacherbee_4 07-01-2019 06:10 PM

The Book Whisperer is a book I would suggest you check out if you haven't already.

Other ideas:

*My students LOVE book trailers. I will frequently show a book trailer to the class to get them interested in a book.

*Read Aloud: Read aloud novels to your class. Many will be so interested, they want to read it on their own or read another book by that author.

*Encourage them towards series books...then if they like one book, they will probably like the rest in the series or at least want to read more so they can read the series.

*Book orders! Send them home! The kids love these!

BBRocks124 06-10-2019 03:40 PM

Thanks everyone! I love doing read alouds with chapter books so I usually have one going at most times. I love the exit slip idea for books.. I use these all the time in other areas.. book sharing is great too as these kids are super talkative and know each other very well. Thanks everyone!

joyousmoi 06-09-2019 10:13 PM

These are some really wonderful ideas!

Some I have tried and others I look forward to trying.

But one thing I have to advice you do is TALK ABOUT BOOKS YOU LOVE! When the children hear you talking about books, asking them about books and basically showing them how passionate you are about books (especially in small class sizes), it really helps!

Book read aloud and discussions, in class book clubs, regular book talks- where they can talk, wonder aloud about the books they're reading, all give children the chance to hear about new books and ignite the reading fire too!

Linda/OH 06-09-2019 02:44 AM

I think these kind of events in reading can be fun and motivating on occasion, especially at the beginning of the year, they are great!

Other ways to encourage reading and motivating reluctant readers is to budget time for sharing. Sometimes it's whole class , sometimes it's small group. Last 10 min of class. Give a purpose for the days reading first, such as character traits. Then the question would be : What 's your character like? Use character traits to describe him/her.

You can also use Exit Slips as a form of accountability.
Or a journal entry. Or a graphic organizer.

BBRocks124 06-08-2019 06:06 PM

That sounds fun and I think I saw an example on Pinterest - I will look there for that!

BBRocks124 06-08-2019 06:05 PM

I love all the event ideas!! I am all about making lessons because of student Interest and giving them choices (mainly all I did when I taught gifted) so these events will be a perfect addition! I love the flashlight idea and the bo picnisince we have a beautiful outside area we can use! Thanks!!

I think half my library is non fiction already - it is what I used to teach with a lot in fifth and found most non fiction so much more interesting than fiction (I'm also a mom of two boys which probably helps, lol). I probably need some help figuring out what fiction books to get though to add to my library!

Thanks again for all the suggestions!

Lakeside 06-08-2019 04:54 PM

I've seen "book Bingo" boards to send home over the summer. - They have different types of books to read, or different places to read, or other wacky things. The kids try to do five in a row.

Lakeside 06-08-2019 04:49 PM

Matching kids to books is the most important thing. Get to know what they're interested in, and help them find books they'll really like. (And don't ignore non-fiction. - It's sometimes just the hook for reluctant readers, especially boys!)

I find that allowing kids to find "a comfy spot" other than their desks also tends to increase the buy-in during reading time. (And I don't see how some of them are at all comfortable - they pick under desks and such - but I allow anywhere safe.)

Some more "event" type ideas:

book picnic day - Bring a beach towel and read outside on the school lawn. (This one also works inside with blanket forts.)

Flashlight Friday - Turn off the lights and read for a few minutes by flashlights/lanterns.

"blind date with a book" - I saw this in a library display, and you'd need to come up with a more age-appropriate title, but basically, you wrap the books in brown paper (like from grocery bags) and just put a few clues on the outside.

book commercials - I think I saw this idea on Pinterest?? - The kids write and perform a commercial for a book they read, "selling" it as a recommendation to their friends.

reading ribbons - Check the office supply store for old-fashioned adding machine tape. Give them each a long (but not too intimidating) strip, and they write the title of each book they finish. As they run out of space, tape another piece on. The rolls get thicker and thicker throughout the year, and they become amazed at how much they read!

SteelerFan 06-07-2019 07:11 PM

In the past my kiddos have enjoyed reading with someone - same book or different - see the Daily 5 for ideas. They also love reading silently. For reluctant readers, it might be an issue of finding interesting texts at their independent level. I would suggest figuring out where they are and offering several books at their levels.

BBRocks124 06-07-2019 07:39 AM

Hey guys,
I have taught for 11 years (but i took the past three years off with my little ones). This year I am going back to teach 4th grade (I have taught gifted and fifth previously). I will be working at a private school and will only have around 12 students. I have talked to them already and they are super excited about 4th. They are mostly a math / science loving group (which I adore) but the 3rd grade teacher said she had a hard time getting the students to read and be accountable for reading.
Does anyone have suggestions or things that they love to do with reading that gets kids excited? We don't do AR at the school, so that is out. I have read some cool things about Book Tasting Events and I am definitely going to do one of those this year, but I was looking for something more long term I guess to do as well. Suggestions??

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