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GraceKrispy's Message:

I'm so sorry that happened to you! I have not heard of this happening after already offering the job. I have only heard of it before ever being offered the job. I hope a different dream job comes through for you.

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mommy9298 08-20-2019 11:20 AM

Iím sorry this happened to you. It just happened to my best friend. She has two masters degrees. One district mentioned the two masters degrees have s higher salary than one degree. She wasnít hired. She did get a job but thought it wouldnít go through because when the superintendent saw the two masters degrees, he made a comment about the salary she would be getting. She thought it would fall through, but it didnít. Hang in there.

SubMan 08-20-2019 08:00 AM

I've had this happen several times.

Five years ago I interviewed with a rural school district that was looking to hire two Reading Specialists; one at their elementary building and the other at their middle school. On the interview team were the three principals and the superintendent. During the interview the superintendent said "Why should I hire you? I can hire three (new with BA degrees) teachers for two (experienced and masters) of you." He went on to say "I fill my positions and get parents off my back about class sizes." I didn't get either job but those who did were fresh out of school.

Another district, the one I live in, won't hire anyone at more than "Bachelor's, first step." In other words the least amount they can pay you. It doesn't matter if you have advanced degrees, additional credits, or years of experience. If you want to work in this district it's "Bachelor's, first step." I interviewed here for a Reading Specialist position at their primary school. They have no problem hiring three new (additional) central office administrators at princely sums after telling the support union they were trying to bankrupt the district during recent contract negotiations.

K12ENLTeacher 07-28-2019 09:54 PM

Unfortunately, it happens very often. I remember (a decade ago) I was interviewing for my very first teaching job. I was brand new and very excited! It was an ESL position. Three of us were called in: a veteran teacher (I think she had 18 years under her belt) and the two of us - the fresh blood. At the end the two of us, the newbies, were hired. I was a bit confused as I thought there was only one ESL position. What I learned later is the principal decided to hire the two of us rather than a veteran teacher. You see the P had exactly 90K left in her budget. That money was enough to cover the salaries of two fresh-out-of-college teachers rather than that of a one veteran teacher.

GraceKrispy 07-27-2019 05:52 PM

I'm so sorry that happened to you! I have not heard of this happening after already offering the job. I have only heard of it before ever being offered the job. I hope a different dream job comes through for you.

MmeC 07-27-2019 12:15 PM

Hi everyone,

I am so upset. Two weeks ago I was recommended for my dream teaching job by the department head with whom I interviewed. Since then, I have been waiting for HR to set up an appointment to go over my paperwork and meet with the Superintendent. I was told this was just a formality. In my past experience, it always has been a formality.

Today I was contacted again by the department head who was embarrassed and apologetic. He informed me that HR had decided that, while I was the best candidate for the job, I was too experienced (15 yrs), and therefore too expensive to hire. This was not posted as an entry-level position, by the way. He told me that this has never happened before in his experience, as if this would bring some kind of comfort to me? It would have been nice if they'd figured this out before they called my current administrator for a reference. Now on top of not getting the job, I feel like my present position is in jeopardy.

Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you for letting me vent, in any case.

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