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jov's Message:

Could it possibly be a short term position until the end of the year?

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Mewichigo 02-06-2020 09:22 PM

I actually decided not to interview as I got a offer from the other, non-educational job!

I didn't think it was fair to the school to treat the opportunity like a "second choice" and I didn't want them to get attached to me (which has happened in past interviews).

Lmc762 02-05-2020 05:13 PM

Did you get the position?

Mewichigo 01-24-2020 08:28 PM

I went ahead and refreshed my app for the district in December as another job opportunity was dragging me along. This is a district in which you don't directly apply for jobs or even look at job decriptions; you pass a phone interview and fill in a form/answer some questions and then admin contact you if an opportunity comes up.

I have interviewed with this district before but I can't remember when or what positions. It's a big district.

It could be a short term position but since I cannot look at a job description I have no idea. It is a position for multiple grade levels, so it is a bit shaky to me. "Those" kinds of positions strike me as "could be or will likely be cut next year."

Thanks for your insight!

jov 01-23-2020 09:44 AM

Could it possibly be a short term position until the end of the year?

cruxian 01-23-2020 08:03 AM

To answer your question, no, I don't think you're being silly.
I'd definitely be curious too since it sounds like you're not the typical candidate they'd go out of their way to ask to interview.
There could be a couple of things going on: one is there's something going on at the school that's weird or makes it hard to fill that position. Two, maybe they have to do a certain number of interview slots and maybe they asked you to interview so they'd have enough people to interview without seriously intending to hire you. (Happened to me.) Third, maybe there's nothing wrong! Maybe they're having a hard time filling the position and think you might be a good candidate. We have had to hire three teachers midyear and it was rough. Even though maybe not the ideal candidate, they're having to look for an experienced teacher to fill the need.
Do you know how they got your name? Had you interviewed there before or do you have friends who work there?

Mewichigo 01-16-2020 05:40 AM

So a STEMish position opened a decent bit from where I live and admin reached out to me. This school is a very desirable suburban school in a desirable socioeconomic area with a low poverty rate, involved PTA, and high test scores and I'm not quite sure why they contacted me. I haven't taught formally in a while (especially not STEM, I'm like 70% humanities) and don't seem like the “ideal” candidate. It seems like the school shouldn't have any issues filling positions with real science teachers, even if it is an “in-demand area” halfway through the year and there is a minor teacher shortage in my state.

I'm wondering if there is something fishy about the position, admin, or school environment. I did my research but nothing came up.

Or maybe I'm paranoid and the school admin just really like and want me.

I should note I have interviewed at premiere schools in the past, but in the typical Feb-May timeframe.

What do y'all think? Is there something afoot or am I just silly?

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