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owl98's Message:

I teach fourth grade and can assure you it is not too old. They will love it!

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rosieteaches 05-31-2020 05:40 AM

I did this daily in October and November with rocks and minerals. My fourth graders always loved this. I did it every year and the kids loved it. We changed curriculum this year so I didn't do it. I'm thinking it may be a good way to finish up the year with Distance Learning, and...

If I have to start with Distance Learning next year it may be a good way to kick-off September. Any ideas on how I can organize this in a Distance Learning classroom? I may do that during the second week of June, our last week.

Smiles, enjoy the end of the schoolyear, whatever it brings!

javateacher 05-22-2020 12:52 PM

OMG!!! Super excited...Loved the ideas. Done!!! I have only taught up to 2nd grade and am now moving up to 4th....YIKES!!!! I just wanted to change it up a bit and get some morning meetings going and some higher level older kid style show and share going. I love the memoir idea ...then get your writing on. We do block teaching and it was super important to me to have some quality time with my homeroom class.

Teacherbee_4 05-22-2020 05:41 AM

I did it as a reward when I taught 5th grade. The students could earn for Dojo points when I used Dojo points. It was a class incentive for a reward as well where each student got to bring in an item we did show and tell. I also did it for writing, when we were writing memoirs. We did pre-writing lessons on strategies for finding memoir topics and one was find an object and write about your memory of that object. The students each had to bring in an object, share orally about it, and then they practiced writing their story down. The students loved it!

In addition to using it in the ways I shared above, do you do a class meeting/community circle? This could be something you do there. Maybe each day allow a certain number of people to share, so students have assigned days. They can share during the meeting if they wanted. Having a schedule where not everyone shares the same day would help cut back on time.

owl98 05-22-2020 03:27 AM

I teach fourth grade and can assure you it is not too old. They will love it!

Gromit 05-21-2020 10:23 PM

Fifth graders still like it, so I suspect fourth would too.

I require proper speeches rather than standing up and winging it.

javateacher 05-21-2020 08:32 PM

Show or share - show and tell- sharing..etc... whatever you call it. Does anyone do this with 4th graders? I would love to have my 4th graders share, practice public speaking skills and others practice listening and asking good questions. I did this in 2nd grade and it was magical. We shared photos of our pets, family, collections, songs, stories, all kinds of goodies etc.. I did limit one item or type, you have approx 1 minute to share as much as you can about your special item and you can call on 2 people to ask a question.
I just don't know if 4th grade is too old???

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