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Lakeside's Message:

I agree with campy. That theme will be easy to change a bit for holidays, and you can throw in pops of color if you want. - Maybe one of those signposts to different places?

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
forkids2 07-23-2018 09:29 AM

I love the woodland theme and like others said, it would be easy to tie in with holidays/seasons. That would work out your color issue too - go with nature colors. They would be calming and not overwhelming in a small room. I think you could do a tree if it is a tree decal that is flat against the wall and not 3D.

luvtulearn 07-08-2018 08:05 AM

if you want to begin small you could do a color theme and not necessarily a specific content. Warm colors, vivid colors, burlap colors ( more texture orientated) primary colors ( works for seasons and holidays.)
That way in case you want to tie in your classroom environment with your units in your anthology or picture books it would be doable.

--different backgrounds could include felt, fabric, plastic table cloths etc. . .

--pop out borders are cute.

--When I taught pre-k I put up little canopies made out of science boards and painted them. That was actually one of the few times I did an actual theme. It was a Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme with red, white, and black.

here are some links. . .I hope I didn't steer you in the wrong direction!

nyteacher29 07-07-2018 03:41 AM

I agree with the other PP, especially the idea of having a class “mascot” and watching the animal change throughout the seasons. I would not worry about it not being colorful- if it is interactive the kids with remember. You can add in the color with the flower seats you have as well as pictures of animals.

Kindergarten was my favorite year as a student and I had the best teacher. He was a big nature guy and his theme, naturally, was nature. He did a unit on the Great Kapok Tree and I remember it so vividly. (I was the anteater and had so much fun making the costume with my dad)

This teacher shaped my life and my world, and I never got to tell him that. I give so much credit to kindergarten teachers. I wish you luck in your new year!

Lakeside 07-07-2018 03:31 AM

I agree with campy. That theme will be easy to change a bit for holidays, and you can throw in pops of color if you want. - Maybe one of those signposts to different places?

campy 07-06-2018 07:15 AM

but I like woodland, or mix of woodland and camping. You can change the scenery with the seasons Talk about the change and what is happening to the habitat) and incorporate animal studies (let them hibernate their class bear). You can also do read alouds like The Mitten. Have fun!! Good Luck.

bodes12 07-05-2018 07:52 PM

This will be my first year and I was hired to teach K! I've had a few ideas of themes swirling around my mind but I can't decide. The classroom is small - small enough that there's not room for permanent centers, and barely enough to fit enough tables and chairs for 25 kindergarteners and a large meeting rug.

Right now I have a leaf canopy from Ikea, two Ikea yellow chairs with flower seat pads, and that's pretty much it. I've been toying with the idea of woodland, garden, or a camping theme but I can't decide.

I really like the woodland theme with soft teals and grey but I'm worried it looks to much like nursery rather than a K class. I want my classroom to be inviting and fun and cheerful, but I also know that pastels and more muted colors will help the room look bigger and less crazy. I also originally really wanted to decorate with a paper tree somewhere but I'm worried that will make the room look cramped too.

Basically I'm torn between a bright and cheerful theme with rainbow colors and yellows and maybe tie in garden with that? Through my flower chairs and I'm not sure what else.

Or I could do a camping theme with greens and woods and maybe a paper tree or cardboard cutouts of trees. I like schoolgirl's Happy Camper theme a lot for this just modified for less space.

Or I could go for a woodland theme with more pastels and some bright colors like maybe yellow or teal, but then I worry that the classroom won't be that bright and cheerful.But it would be more calming, probably.

Also, is it weird that I'm thinking about how each theme will look during holidays? I know my school district goes all out for the holidays and I'd like to be able to tie my theme in which would be hard for the garden/rainbow theme. I like all the themes for different reasons but just can't decide because my room is so small and I don't want it to look cluttered.

What would your advice be? What are some tips to make a small room look bigger? How do I make my room more open and inviting rather than cluttered? Also, any pictures of these themes would be so appreciated.

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