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NJSubteacher's Message:

I just read, yet another article that mentioned how vital subs will be in the upcoming school year (at least for states and districts that decide to go back to in person learning). In fact this ariticle even mentions paying subs more to attract more of them. The school district featured in this article is Marietta (not sure where that is), but this is a good read.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
TheMercenary 07-06-2020 07:08 AM

oops - meant to say intermediate grades 3-5

TheMercenary 07-06-2020 07:08 AM

I only work in two of my district's buildings: middle school (6-8, but only 6 whenever possible), and intermediate (3-6). This has kept me busy full time. And yes, I'm surprised at the laxness of Michigan rules. K-5 no masks required (except for staff). No social distancing! All they said about that is no big assemblies. At this moment I am leaning toward waiting till January to go back.

bodhimom 07-05-2020 05:56 PM

I have told them I only want to work at the high school. I will do middle school, but ours is 4-8, and I don't want to get switched to elementary. I tried to work this out with them, but they wouldn't work with me, so I switched to just the h.s.

I get to know the teachers, students, and routines better, and they know I'm almost always available.

I don't even get offers for anything else, and that works best for me.

NJSubteacher 07-05-2020 05:51 PM

Wow, I cannot believe how loose guidelines are in Michigan. I really hope they tighten things up over there when time gets closer.

I guess you could call me a "building sub" for my main district's HS. On my FRONTLINE account, most of my jobs are for the HS (I think the district programs this intentionally). Even when I leave the HS each day, the secretary asks me if I am working the next day and if I tell her I am, but in a different school, she immediately calls the sub coordinator to switch me most of the time. I would say 90% of my jobs are in the HS, so that makes me a somewhat building sub.

TheMercenary 06-30-2020 06:40 PM

It is a no win situation, for sure. If I go back (in Sept. here in Michigan) I risk bringing the bug home to my high risk husband. If I don't go back, I risk losing some or all of my "personal client" teachers who always request me.
Our state guidelines came out today. No mention of remote learning, staggered schedules, etc. The recommendation is that the kids will all be in school full time. All adults, and all kids grades 6-12, must wear masks. Grades K-5: no masks required.
I have a hard time picturing how all this will work.

northcalsub 06-30-2020 03:50 PM

is that it seems from what I have read it can react very differently for individuals. It has symptoms that occur in one person but not another. I talked to a friend yesterday whose cousin and wife, over 65, have been on again on again with the virus for close to 3 months. They seem to get well and then get sick or have symptoms, none of which sounded pleasant. I am at the point where I want to avoid it, short of staying inside 24/7. I will say I wear a mask when I go out and I try to go out on a short trip everyday. I also spend alot of time outdoors at home. Vitamin D3 and I may start zinc. I just don't know if being around kids at this point will be good for me if I can stay on UI,until it runs out I will. To add my husband is very worried about getting the illness. So I'm up in the air about August for sure.

Sweetsunset 06-30-2020 11:33 AM

keep this Substitute Educational Platform free from politics?
Many come here to receive and provide support, share ideas, assistance in anything related to substitutes inside the classroom. Let's keep in mind the reason for this sub platform and keep it from going south. There is a political platform elsewhere on PT for that purpose. I'm saying this respectfully, Can we plz continue to keep this substitute platform free from politics? Peace.

jakeh 06-30-2020 10:56 AM

I hope all get jobs this Aug/Sep. Spoke with my Sub Supervisor at the District this AM and she said everything is going as planned August 10th. We'll see.

SubMan 06-30-2020 06:12 AM

The plans for the district in this school sound really crappy.
Yes, because they aren't telling other subs about the plans. Many subs will be caught unaware of the changes and be left scrabbling for work once school resumes.

Last year one of the two districts quietly created building sub positions for the the subs that were covering partial year absences. If a sub was covering an absence for a second semester leave they were made a building sub for the first semester.
SubMan 06-30-2020 05:55 AM

I hear about"building subs" on here a lot.
Building subs go to one building and they generally fill in when an absence doesn't have a sub or the teacher will be out in the middle of the day and no sub will take a 10 to 2 half day assignment.
Fractured 06-30-2020 05:52 AM

Itís fine, I am just really frustrated with UI right now. I donít consider it fear, but yeah UI doesnít pay if you have work available.

I donít think these numbers are skewed. Death rates lag a bit behind whatís being reported. Even if there are thousands of faulty tests, the numbers in AZ, Tx and Fl are surging right now at a rapid pace. The Az governor( a big time Trump supporter and who pushed to open up businesses early in Az) just pushed back the starting dates for AZ schools as they were set to open in late July.

I donít think there is any other scenario except for the virus to keep spreading. This is what health experts said would happen if we opened too early. We also do not contact trace as well as other countries, so that is another problem. If we did another lockdown, I could see school starting in person, but that wonít happen.

NJSubteacher 06-30-2020 05:34 AM

Sorry, not trying to give you an attitude. It is just that many people seem to think they can just get a free ride without working for it, and using COVID fear as an excuse. I am just saying that excuse will wear thin with UI sooner rather than later. You should be getting UI, I would continue fighting for it until you go back to work.

I hope you are wrong about schools in the Fall. It is all guess work now, but no one knows for sure if this virus will keep growing or not. The fact remains that very few kids get it AND the death rate continues to drop even with all the so called new cases. There has also been reports in FL that they received faulty test kits giving inaccurate results to thousands. Only time will tell. But the fact remains, death rates seemed to have already peaked everywhere a couple months ago and been falling significantly ever since.

Fractured 06-30-2020 05:18 AM

Iím not even getting the ui I should be getting now, so donít come at me with that attitude. I donít appreciate it at all. I resent it, in fact. I never said that I would expect it anyway.

In theory there will be work, but if schools are shutting down every time someone gets sick, or they have to deep clean, how much work do you really think there is going to be? The Cdc has said that we now have no way to contain this virus, so the numbers are just going to keep going up. I donít think schools in most states will be opening in person. It will just be worse two months from now. They can write as many articles as they want, that doesnít mean anything as all of this is fluid.

NJSubteacher 06-30-2020 04:37 AM

Fractured, you must be kidding. There will definitely be a lot of work for subs. Every article I read about the need for subs next school year backs that fact up. Just read the article I posted above as one of many examples. There will be a lot of schools doing staggered schedules, meaning a much greater demand for subs to cover those teachers who have to work virtually on certain days (for those teachers who have multiple classes). Now, if your state doesn't require masks for children, then you have every right not to return. But, dont expect unemployment to keep giving you free money if there is work being offered to you.

Here in NJ, the guidelines say that if any individual who comes to school is suspected or tests positive for COVID, they will be required to stay home for 14 days and the health dept will be notified as well. No mention of closing an entire school if a few cases are detected. The goal is to trace and isolate those individuals. They only plan to close if there is a widespread outbreak in a particular district.

Fractured 06-30-2020 12:21 AM

Building subs are just subs who work in the same school every day pretty much. They get all the good jobs and get treated like real teachers because they know everyone. Iíve met a few that work at high schools where normal jobs usually never open up. I think some schools have official ones, but itís usually just a name only thing.

The plans for the district in this school sound really crappy.

I imagine they are going to make subs contract trace by self reporting where they work or tracking us through Aesop.

I am just wondering if the whole school will shut down and how long for if there is a positive case. Or if itís a large school will they just test students who were exposed and quarantine them? Iíve said it before, but I donít think there will be work for us. If they arenít making kids wear masks, I donít even really want to go.

bodhimom 06-29-2020 09:47 PM

I hear about"building subs" on here a lot.

What is that? I'm guessing that maybe it's when the sub shows up every day to be assigned a job in their "building" when they get there?

It doesn't apply to me because that would only work in big schools (I assume), that need many subs, every day, but I'm curious, anyway.

SubMan 06-29-2020 08:34 PM

I just found out yesterday, purely by happenstance, that my two best districts have joined forces to share subs and are looking at hiring building subs for all of their buildings and using day to day subs as a last resort.

Districts around me have been crying poor for the last two months about how revenues are way down due to people not working.

Should be interesting come the fall.

Subtastic 06-29-2020 06:58 PM

Ours just went up to 125 a day

Sweetsunset 06-29-2020 07:49 AM

Our school district has mailed out a survey for school staff, parents/guardians regarding the opening of its schools. As usual, they forgot to forward the survey to substitute staff lol. Our county's Covid cases and deaths have been rising again so yes, parents and teachers are concerned.

jakeh 06-28-2020 04:27 PM

The State of Georgia


"So far, there are no plans to alter the school calendar, he said, addressing the Cobb school board on Thursday morning. But Ragsdale said plans are “subject to change,” based on health officials’ guidance."

"Students and staff will be strongly encouraged to wear masks, but will not be required to do so, except in cases where health officials have required it — for example for food service staff. Social distancing will be enforced “whenever possible,” the district says."

Health Officials are now the controlling factor in our lives. Where I live the OES is a "scare" org, but, of course, this is a serious virus and not to be played with...

NJSubteacher 06-28-2020 03:47 PM

I just read, yet another article that mentioned how vital subs will be in the upcoming school year (at least for states and districts that decide to go back to in person learning). In fact this ariticle even mentions paying subs more to attract more of them. The school district featured in this article is Marietta (not sure where that is), but this is a good read.

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