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RealisticPreK's Message:

Iím bookmarking this way. My pre-K kids learned 11 sight words thru songs but that does take a while. These ideas are useful!!


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RealisticPreK 01-25-2020 04:38 PM

Iím bookmarking this way. My pre-K kids learned 11 sight words thru songs but that does take a while. These ideas are useful!!


Sbkangas5 09-04-2019 02:14 PM

I also want to add that I love Miss Molly's sight word songs on youtube. She doesn't have them all, but they are super mellow and I love putting them on while my kids are doing their sight word journals or when resting.

Sprite 09-01-2019 06:36 AM

Thank you sooooo much!

iteachk2010 08-31-2019 09:00 PM

I use Jan Richardson's method for teaching sight words in small group.

I write the word on a dry erase board. I tell what the word is as I slide my finger underneath. I use the word in an oral sentence. I have students use it in an oral sentence, too. (This is difficult for some children at the beginning of the year. Some say the same sentence I model.) I point to each letter in the word and have them name the letters and say the word again.

Next, we do Missing Letter activity. Students look at the word, say the word, and then close their eyes. I erase a letter. Students open eyes and tell me which letter is missing. I fill in the missing letter. (If students make an error, correct it. You can show the word on a card and have them match the letters to determine which letter is missing.) Repeat this activity 2-3 times with other letters.

After that, we do Mix and Fix. I give each student the set of letters needed to make the word. (I use foam letters for this, but you could use magnetic letters, letter tiles, even letter cards.) I show the word. Students put the letters in the correct order to build the word. They slide their finger underneath and say the word. I flip over dry erase board so they can't see the word. Students pick up the letters in their hands and shake them several times before spilling them out on the table. They build the word. If a student makes a mistake, I show him/her the word and have the student match the letters. After building the word, the student slides his/her finger underneath the word and says the word. Repeat this activity 2-3 times.

Then we do table writing. Students use their pointer finger to "write" the word on the table. We spell the letters as we write the word. Then we say the word. Repeat 2-3 times.

Last, students write the word on the dry erase board. Have child make corrections if needed. I model letter formation. Repeat 2-3 times.

For whole group, I try to do something similar. I introduce the word by writing it on the teaching easel. I tell the word and use it in a sentence and have volunteers use the word in a sentence. We exercise the sight word as we name the letters and say the word. (i.e. tall letters-we reach both arms up in the air, short letters-we put hands on hips as we hop, drop down letters-we lunge forward/knee down to floor) You can clap above, in front, and down at knees. We do Missing Letter. I have students use their fingers to write the word on the carpet. We look for the target word in our morning message and in books we read.

We also sing sight word songs. i.e. the t, h, e (Tune: 3 Blind Mice) I attached some other familiar song tunes you can use to help learn sight words.

Jan Richardson and Jack Hartman teamed up to create sight word videos using her method. You can find those on you-tube. There are other sight word videos on you-tube. I like that I can have my students watch a sight word video by assigning it in Google Classroom.

Students can build the word using Unifix letter cubes, magnetic letters... After they build the word, they can take a photo and upload it to Seesaw and record themselves reading the word or using it in an oral sentence for accountability. You could even have them read little sight word books.

Students like to play games like Race to the Top and board games where they have to read the words correctly to be able to move to the next spot.
You could make students do word searches. Have one word they are looking for that they color or dot with a marker. (Visual discrimination is important.)

Sbkangas5 08-31-2019 10:19 AM

My favorite thing to do is sight word sentence work. I do it in 4 steps.

  1. Each child dictates a sentence with one or two, etc. sight words. I give them a sentence frame. This week we did "I can..." We do this whole group over the course of a few days and they help me spell words, I talk about spaces, capitals, etc.
  2. The kids come up and lead the group in reading "their" sentence. Again, over the course of a few days.
  3. I cut the sentences up. Each child gets their sentence and they have to put it back together and then they illustrate it.
  4. I make a class book. They love reading them!
What I love about this is that it reinforces reading and spelling the words, as well as all of those wonderful things like sounding out, talking about sentence mechanics, sentence structure, drawing pictures that go with your sentence, etc. At the end of the year I take apart the class books and each child has their own book of sight word sentences that they get to keep.
Sprite 08-31-2019 06:46 AM

What different activities do you do to teach sight words? One of my biggest issues with sight words is that many of the activities just have students trace, write, stamp etc. the words but that isn't helping them READ and know the words.

Any ideas?

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