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BadKitty's Message:

One year I taught "advanced Pre-K" and we would combine with Kindergarten for part of the day because they were on a similar page academically.

I'd wait and see how your TK student is first, assess him, and then decide what to do with him. He might be just as smart and be able to sit still for a long time too, you never know. On the first day, have him do what your kinders do.
And then go from there

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
Minnie716 02-08-2020 08:10 AM

Thank you everyone for your advice! Sevenplus, it definitely sounds like you and I are in the same boat! I will also have my students show him how to certain things. I think they would love to be the ďbig kidsĒ and help him adjust to our class!

Thank you, LaFish! I hope he adjusts well. Just being at school all day may be hard for him. But, I will have include him with the rest of the students as much as possible. I will definitely modify our journal time. During our centers, I will give him a lot of motor skill activities instead of CVC word and sight word activities. If he doesnít know any letters or numbers, Iíll start doing a letter and a number a week. I will try to set aside a little bit of time to work with him on these. However, my main concern is getting my kindergartners ready for first grade. So, if I had to choose between working with my struggling kinders or working with my new TK student, I would choose my kindergartners. Like I mentioned before, he will be with me again next year lol. And, like some of you said, he may surprise me and catch on quickly to what we are doing!

LaFish 02-08-2020 05:28 AM

Isn't it interesting how different districts handles issues? I read that some districts do not require teachers to turn in weekly lesson plans and others do not. I also read that some districts pay $$ for unused sick days and some do not. But I digress...

Our district used to have classes for those that were "too young" for first grade in a pre-first grade class. It was not required but offered to parents. Many parents recognized the benefit of this class. At one time there were 4 pre-first grade classes. Another teacher friend had a class that were in a transitional first grade class. All of these classes were there to help those students in a developmental appropriate setting.

Currently, our district dissolved those pre-first grade classes. And many of my friends are teaching classes mixed with TK students and kindergarten students. I did too for a short time. I happily retired.

I would do the same as TeacherPk6 stated. I would try to include the student in many of the activities as possible. Yes, having him sit on the floor/rug as the other students do and adjusting activities for his level. For example, I had a listening center. After students listened to the story, they had to write a sentence and draw events about the story. Your TK student may have to draw/scribble a picture of the story and maybe act it out with puppets. I am sure that you will find that he may learn many appropriate behavior and other things just from being in the class with good role models. Who knows? Maybe he may gain lots and go on to first. If not, he sounds like he is in good hands with you. And I think he will be blessed to have you next year.

sevenplus 02-07-2020 06:15 PM

Well, we don't have TK, but I just got a student from another country who just turned 5 this fall who has never been in school before.

So he's in my regular K class but meets the same criteria as your TK student.

He is lost - has no concept of walking in a line, for example. Everything about our classroom is literally foreign to him.

I've only had him 5 days. I have him mostly participate with the class with modification (for example when we're writing I have him just draw). I'm relying on students to show him things sometimes (such as how to scan QR codes on our tablets) but he doesn't take direction well.

I have 4 months to get him ready for 1st grade but I have no issue recommending retention if we don't make great strides.

BadKitty 02-07-2020 04:10 PM

One year I taught "advanced Pre-K" and we would combine with Kindergarten for part of the day because they were on a similar page academically.

I'd wait and see how your TK student is first, assess him, and then decide what to do with him. He might be just as smart and be able to sit still for a long time too, you never know. On the first day, have him do what your kinders do.
And then go from there

Minnie716 02-07-2020 02:55 PM

TK means transitional K. It is for children whose birthdays fall between September and December. So, if a students turns 5 during those months, they are now considered too young for actual kindergarten. These students qualify for TK. Every district has to offer it for kids who turn 5 during these months.

I have spoken to a friend of mine who teachers a TK class. But, she has a WHOLE class of just TK. I have only kindergarten with a little guy coming in the middle of the year with no school experience so I'm a little nervous.

Teacher PK6- Thank you for the ideas! That's what I was thinking of doing. I just hope he will do these activities semi-quietly. Especially when I am testing my kinders. The nice thing is that I will likely have him again next year and we can start fresh at the beginning of the year!

LaFish 02-07-2020 06:37 AM

I must be out of the loop, since I retired in 2019. I am not sure what TK means.
You teach in a small rural school. Is there an instructional coach for the district? Does the principal or supervisor for the district offer special insight?

TeacherPK6 02-07-2020 03:51 AM

I don't have much advice from the academics/activities standpoint (never had a TK student). For the general routines though I would try giving him a buddy or two from students who enjoy "helping" to show him the routines (put your lunchbox here, follow me over here, etc) for the first few days.

When you're working with the whole class reading (especially the assessments) maybe he could have some exploratory "station" tub? Simple things like blocks/legos, fine motor building activities, etc. from things you already have in your classroom.
I would include him as much as possible in whatever your K students are already doing. It'll make it easier on you, and he might rise to the occasion in some aspects! For example, the rest of your students might be writing more, but he could at least draw a picture related to the same topic and add the emergent level writing (lines, scribbles, random letters, wherever he may be on the writing spectrum).

Minnie716 02-06-2020 05:37 PM

Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here. I am a kindergarten teacher at a small, rural school. I love my class and the school! I found out that I will be getting a TK student on Tuesday. This student has no previous school experience. He has never been in a classroom. He will be my only TK students. The students I have now are reading, writing, adding, subtracting, etc. They can sit still for longer period of time now that we are in the second half of the year. They know how to behave and act in the classroom (for the most part lol). This student will be my first TK student. I do not have an aide. Iím not sure how to include him on our schedule. It is all day so I know this little guy will have a hard time being at school all day. I do not expect him to do what my kinders are doing. When my kindergartners are doing their activities and centers, Iím not sure what I should have my TK student do.

Has anyone had TK and K together? Any ideas of activities I can give him? Also, should he sit on the rug with the rest of the class when I am reaching our reading curriculum? What about when my students are taking their reading and math assessment? What are some things I could have him do?

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