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eliza4one's Message:

Looking forward to:

*Starting a new unit with my class
*January almost being over
*Today-full day to do what I want.

Not looking forward to:


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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
jazzer 01-24-2021 07:00 PM

Looking forward to
Getting a new tv on Tuesday. Our 17 year old one broke on New Year's Eve.
The expected snowstorm Monday night into Tuesday night. We are still remote for one more week, but it will be nice to see the snow and not have to drive in it.
getting the first dose of the vaccine on Saturday.

Not looking forward to
Having to go into the building on Thursday. Teachers are required and will spend the whole day setting up their classrooms. I am an assistant and don't have a classroom. I suppose I can help teachers set up but I don't think that will take all day.
Having to teach remotely at school on Friday on my small school laptop when I could be more effective at home doing it on my big desktop, freeing my laptop and IPad for extra support. I might be able to do that at home since we will be fully remote one last day on Friday.

BioAdoptMom3 01-24-2021 06:00 PM

Looking forward to...

*Riding my bike tomorrow - Wednesday since it will be warmer
*Wearing a new outfit tomorrow
*Finishing my book
*Going to the library
*Left over pizza tomorrow night and Tuesday (no cooking for DH or me)
*Cold weather the end of the week and weekend

Not looking forward to...

*Getting up early everyday
*Church Council meeting Tuesday evening
*Proofing the minutes of above meeting
*A bunch of hoopla at work on Friday


luvtulearn 01-24-2021 01:20 PM

looking ahead to
--rejoining my institute classes after being enrolled in the wrong set of classes for the last 2 weeks. . .ugh
--escaping the snow on Wed. hopefully and heading to the city.
--zooming with new people
--lighting my freshly cleaned fireplace and studying by the fire

not looking forward to
--more snow
--shoveling more snow
--driving and hopefully not sliding in more snow.
--very probable power outage due to more wind and snow. maybe total of 3ft. by Sat.

hoppalong 01-24-2021 11:42 AM

Looking Forward To:
*planning day tomorrow
*teaching in-person
*Zoom book/movie club sponsored by my local public library to discuss The Great Gatsby
*going to the library to check out books
*increasing length of daylight

Not Looking Forward To:
*adjusting to having DS back at college (the first week or two that he's gone are always a bit rough)

Charlotte 01-24-2021 09:46 AM

Looking forward to:
*getting my vaccine (got it this morning)
*hanging out with DH and watching football today
*lasagna for dinner tonight
*starting the book I downloaded this morning
*getting my hair cut tomorrow
*our housekeeper coming tomorrow

Not looking forward to:
*cleaning up my house AGAIN (how does it get so messy with only two people living here??)
*parent phone call I have to make this week
*getting the stuff I ordered from QVC this morning (it's free shipping day!)

amiga13 01-24-2021 07:43 AM

Looking Forward To:
*zoom book group with author Lisa See
*zoom Power of Poetry
*better food choices
*walking in winter

Not Looking Forward to:
*people with less need/eligibility getting the vaccine

PEPteach 01-24-2021 07:29 AM

Looking Forward To:
-seeing some of my students
-a possible snow day? (except it just means I'll teach from home, but still exciting)
-possibly walking with a friend in the snow next weekend
-hopefully hearing more about when I can get the vaccine - phase 1b starts tomorrow here!
-getting my eating back on track

Not Looking Forward to:
-managing hybrid learning and doing all the work it requires...feeling defeated!
-going out in a snow storm if we don't have a snow day
-getting my eating back on track

NJ Teacher 01-24-2021 07:23 AM

Looking Forward To
Getting my new contacts and hopefully new glasses.
Finishing the book I am reading.
Setting up my new printer.
The days continuing to get longer.

Not Looking Forward To
We are supposed to get snow this week twice. Not a fan.

eliza4one 01-24-2021 07:19 AM

Looking forward to:

*Starting a new unit with my class
*January almost being over
*Today-full day to do what I want.

Not looking forward to:


Teacherbee_4 01-24-2021 07:15 AM

What are you looking forward to this week? What are you not looking forward to this week?

Looking Forward To:
-being done with my period
-Some of the lessons and activities I have planned for this week
-Spending time with my class
-Niece's virtual birthday party next weekend
-The weekend

Not Looking Forward to:
-finishing up Report cards, sending them home, and any aftermath that may happen
-Snow and cold
-Not being able to see my niece in person on her birthday
-Cleaning my apartment

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