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♥theColts's Message:

one half day and two full days
Thank you for the great ideas!

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bamateach 08-08-2006 09:33 PM

We will be in school 2 days this week. Here's what I am planning.
* Read Wemberly Worried and do a writing activity about what we are worried about.
* Self Portraits and name tags
* I use their name tage in several graphing type activities before putting them on display. We just use the floor and I tell them how to group them. Ex: 1 syllable names, 2 syllable, etc.
* Read Chyrsanthemum and make a name glyph. It is a flower. Name in center. 1 petal for each letter in their name. Use popsicle sticks 1 for each syllable in name, leaves 1 for each vowel. (idea form mailbox I think)
* Read Don''t Eat the tEACHER and discuss rules.
* Lots of procedure abd rule role playing.
Good question. Hope to get some ideas.

♥theColts 08-08-2006 11:02 AM

one half day and two full days
Thank you for the great ideas!

KcK 08-08-2006 10:48 AM

Two and half days or two half days? We start with two half days then come back the next week for full days. In those two days I:

*go over rules and consequences - I take pictures of the kids following the rules and fufilling the consequences (they love to role play breaking the rule) and then have them make the posters and add the pics.
*Getting to Know You Glyph necklace- this actually takes a bit
*Nametags- I make nameplates for our hallway board- I write their name in cursive on a sentence strip and then go over it with black marker. The kids use crayons to color pretty hard (for bright colors) all over the strip in whatever pattern they want. Then we go over their name with puffy paint. They make really cool nameplates to display their work in the hall.
*Open House Craft- our open house is the week after school starts, so I use those 2 days to make a craft for open house.
*Library- We organize all the books in our library. This does take some time.
*Procedures - we go over some of the procedures and classroom jobs that I have for my helpers of the week
*Centers - I split the class up into groups and give each groupd a center to explore for about 20 minutes. Then each group tells the rest of the class about the things in that center.
*LOTS of team building activities and we practice our morning meeting format on the 2nd day. I also do an introductory guess the covered word about Mrs. K lesson.
I usually overplan and then end up spilling over into the next week... but better to overplan then underplan they always say!

♥theColts 08-08-2006 09:50 AM

What other kind of things do you do the 1st few days? We'll be in school with the kids 2 1/2 days next week. Therefore, we won't really get into curriculum (except some outloud reading) until the next full week. Can you share some of your ideas? Thanks, as always!

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