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Chandra's Message:

Thanks for all the GREAT ideas. I'm a K3 teacher and would love even more ideas should you have any.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
Chanet 10-31-2011 09:24 AM

Please could you email me that clip art to

Thank you so much

carsonteacher 08-21-2009 01:47 PM

I'd love to see the bee notebook, but I can't open it...what do I do?

cstm99 07-20-2009 11:08 AM

Thank you so much for your ideas! I loved the binder cover also. I am switching my theme this year to bees and I appreciate your help! Please e-mail me any more ideas, print outs, etc. Thanks!

Chandra 05-28-2009 09:46 AM

Thanks for all the GREAT ideas. I'm a K3 teacher and would love even more ideas should you have any.

Jadles 01-16-2009 01:15 AM

Would you mind emailing me your bee theme projects.

YOGGI 07-30-2007 12:41 PM

cpbirch please email me the clip art bee with inventory sections at

Risa 07-10-2007 07:18 PM

I just came across this page that goes on and on with ideas for a BEE theme! I'm sure you'll agree this is an incredible resource!

This site is amazing!! Look through all of it if you have young students!
The Virtual Vine

LaVerne 07-09-2007 12:45 PM

I went to a workshop and someone read us this book...I ordered it from barnes and noble. It has a great message about believing in yourself as well as great pictures of bees. Short version...the bee doesn't think it can fly, even tho it is, just because someone told him he couldn't. Very positive read and I think Kindergarteners would get the message.

Buzzy the Bumblebee by Denise Brennan-Nelson

ISBN 1-58536-166-6


kbbteacher 07-09-2007 05:53 AM

Thanks so much for the information! I really appreciate it!

ConnieWI 07-07-2007 03:39 PM

Bee Theme:

Bulletin Boards:
Instead of using the word “BE,” use a picture of a “bee” like in a rebus story.
--Behavior/manners: Bee the Best You Can Bee, To Bee or Not to Be
--Make a list of behaviors like Bee polite. Bee responsible. Bee on time. You get the idea! - “Garden of Good Manners” (CTP 1120), “Take a Peek at…” (CTP 1774), calendar days (CTP 0994), cut-outs (CTP 4647), border (CTP 0434) - “Big Sunflower” (CD-1751), calendar numbers (CD-5439), border (CD-4001) and (CD-1425), mini cut-outs (CD-120015), cut-outs (CD-5513) and (CD-5569), decoration (CD-4112), “Buzzy Bear Job Assignment” (DJ-610014), “Bees” (DJ-620010), stickers (CD-5244) and (CD-2902)

Go to - pages 58 to about 72 to get cute patterns.

cpbirch 07-07-2007 10:20 AM

Here's what I have so far:

Here are some ideas I found:

Door- make a large hive and have bees with kiddos names on them. First Grade is the place to BEE or Birch’s Beehive

Rules: I go by the golden rule and then we generate some of our own. I write them up on a golden hive. We also color and cut out a bee and glue the rules on the body and they take him home.

Helper of the Day is Queen/King Bee- I may make a sticker on the computer that says “I am the Queen Bee today.

Teams: I organize our desks in groups (change monthly). and they come up with a team name. I am thinking of calling the teams hives and having the Red Sox hive, etc.

End of the day clean up- buzzing bees. put on music and have them buzz around the room cleaning up.

Homework notebook: BEE Book (Bring Everything Everyday)

Hi, I did a bee board the year before last and used the same heading you did except for second. I thought I would mention some ideas I used though too, I drew a huge hive and stapled the top and most of the sides down, then stuffed it with other paper (paper scraps, towels, etc) to make it stand off the board. Then for the bees so they were 3D I bent paper clips and taped one side to bees that I had copied, colored and labeled with each students name. I then stuck the other straight end of the paper clip into the board and the bee look like it was flying. :-)

Information Board with the headline "What's Buzzing in ___ grade?"
A grapevine wreath with wooden bees
glued on it and the message "Bee Your Best!"
A large attendance hive with a small velrco square for each student to attach their own bee to when they arrive in the morning.
A Jobs Bulletin Board: "Worker Bees" with individual beehives labelled with jobs and the students names on bees
A classroom newsletter "News from the Hive"
A sheet to record homework for absent students that
says "While you've BEEn gone..." with clip-art bees
A puzzling morning question called the "Bee Stinger"
A showcase for students' best work "Bee-utiful Work!"
Display quotes around the room replacing the word "be" with "BEE" and adding some appropriate bee clip-art.
Reward coupons called "Bumblebee Bucks"
Student of the Week called "Queen Bee or King Bee"
Add a bumble photograph to your computer desktop.
Make bee or beehive nametags for student desks.
Decorate the outside of the classroom door like a large hive with a big banner... 4th grade "A hive of activity!"
Make a large honeycomb area to set a class goal for books read. Gradually fill in honeycombs as students read books.
I also plan to hand-out bumblebee shaped cookies at open-house or on the first day with the message, "I'm so glad you are going to BEE in my class"
I'm also developing a bee-themed (large clip-art bee and questions in various sections )interest inventory for the first day. If you'd like a copy, I'd be happy to e-mail it to you.
Besides making bees my classroom theme, I'm also planning to develop a thematic unit. I'm hoping to study bees with my students and learn more about them. I'm going to try to get a bee-keeper to come and talk to the kids some time this year.

I am also trying to attach a cover for my Bee Notebooks that I think I got in this group. Hope it goes through!

kbbteacher 07-06-2007 11:50 AM

For some reason, I am unable to access archived threads, etc. I am looking for any cute ideas for a bee theme...bulletin boards, projects, ANYTHING! Thanks so much.

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