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rana712's Message:

I wait for the month of the holiday before I start thinking about it. Okay- I think about it, but I don't act! To everything it's own season. But.... that being said, this year I may bend (don't tell). I am hosting a celebration for my team the first week of December, will be away over Thanksgiving AND have fairly significant back pain that precludes me from doing too much at any one time. So, I have started pulling stuff out of the basement.

I will not watch any movies until Dec. 1st however, nor will I listen to holiday music! I like the anticipation!

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
whiteturtle 11-17-2019 05:19 AM

I love Christmas and could celebrate all year long. We usually put the tree up at Thanksgiving. The decorations make me feel happy and peaceful. Love it!

hikinghiker 11-16-2019 09:31 PM

Traditionally my family decorates during thanksgiving break. Mostly because that's when we were all home since there's an age gap between me and my siblings and that's when we had school/college/work off.

I live in a house alone now and it's my first time living alone, so I've already put my tree up. I love it! I'm also the type though who likes to take my tree down immediately after Christmas Day, so this lets me leave it up longer.

Sam5 11-16-2019 05:50 PM

I usually put up the outside lights and Christmas tree on Thanksgiving weekend. I just put the rest up when I get time.

We now RV full time. Our family is celebrating both Thanksgiving and Christmas over Thanksgiving because that is when we will all get together so my decorations will go up next week.

EllaKate 11-16-2019 03:08 PM

We usually put our tree up TG weekend and will decorate outside then also.

I usually don't watch the Christmas movies but maybe this year I will. I will usually buy a "Christmas romance" book at Target every year.

My B/D is January 6 (Epiphany) but our tree usually comes down on NYD.

This year I bought a Christmas bedspread. We just moved so lots of stuff in boxes in the garage.

Cat woman 11-16-2019 03:00 PM

I begin listening to Christmas music in early November but donít put up any decorations until after Thanksgiving. Decorations come down on New Years Day.

This year we have had quite a bit of snow already so it seems Christmasy.

Ima Teacher 11-16-2019 12:21 PM

I don't like Christmas music, and I don't like Christmas movies. I do like decorating for Christmas. It's the only seasonal decorating I do.

Usually I decorate in early November. Sometimes I wait until closer to Thanksgiving. A few times I've been extra busy and don't even bother. We have had our decorations up since last weekend.

Everything comes down Christmas day.

SusanTeach 11-16-2019 11:40 AM

I don't decorate until Thanksgiving, but I do start watching Christmas movies after Halloween. I've seen a few Hallmark Christmas movies and it really is getting me in gear!

Lilbitkm 11-16-2019 11:35 AM

I normally always wait until after Thanksgiving.

However, I leave next Saturday to go out of town for a week. I want it up when I get back so I put all of my Christmas up today! It’s extremely early for me. But, I am already loving having it up!

I take everything down the Sunday before I go back to school after break so normally around January 6th.

I don’t do Halloween decorations, just Fall. They went up the last week in September and I was ready to switch over.

Shelby3 11-16-2019 11:14 AM

Way too early for Christmas movies and decorating but shopping can occur whenever you have some inspiration ...or extra money!

techgrad 11-16-2019 11:00 AM

This year with Thanksgiving so late, I want to decorate early. BUT I am moving the week of Thanksgiving. So I will move in and put everything up right away. I usually take all Christmas down the weekend before I return to school. Sometimes I wait. I just love the joy and happiness of Christmas time!!

MKat 11-16-2019 10:45 AM

I'm with Lisa53. It always really disappoints me when "Christmas" disappears on December 26th. To me, it has just started. Why the hurry? You get the same amount of celebration from now until the 26th vs. Advent and the twelve days of Christmas, which is what I celebrate. (about 6 weeks) It's weird to me that people effectively changed the date of the celebration from the traditional.

I admit that I've started watching Christmas movies already. Now that the Christmas season is now effectively from All Saints Day (The day after Halloween) to Epiphany (January 6th) I get 9 1/2 weeks of Christmas!

happygal 11-16-2019 10:45 AM

I used voice to text. Lots of editing could ne be done.

happygal 11-16-2019 10:42 AM

This year I'm in the spirit Wellhead of the standard Spirit time.

I've been getting the house cleared up ready for Christmas. I have quite coming to clean the couch maybe some chairs.

This year will be getting a very large fresh tree probably 14 ft tall or more. Probably a noble fir. I plan to make cinnamon rolls from scratch and cook some sausage and pack some orange juice and champagne and fresh fruit. We will go up to what is called the Apple Hill area of El Dorado County California and have a brunch Outdoors at one of the many picnic tables available. And then take a hike and choose our tree cut it down and bring it home. I'm very excited.

Lately my life is just like a Hallmark holiday movie. That has been my aim. Probably 12 years. Most of the summer I've been saving boxes and throwing them in my basement and I said I will be doing some wrapping. I know to do things ahead of time will make me enjoy everything more because I won't be in a rush. Hopefully I'll be starting a new job so I definitely want to get gifts ordered and wrapped in hidden away and then placed under the tree.

My father will be 99 in February. I am his primary caregiver and have been living in his home which was my home for the past year. It's been going well. This will be perhaps, maybe, his last Christmas and I'd like to do it up with great celebration. We have a big family and I hope that lots of family will come. We are English and that means most of my siblings will not visit until Boxing Day. Boxing day is the 26th of December.

I think that I think that to get the tree too soon can be dangerous as far as the tree drying out. I don't know. I do know that there's less than 40 days till Christmas.

Haley23 11-16-2019 10:18 AM

I would put stuff up early, but I'm out of town for the entire week of Thanksgiving, so it seems silly to put it up and then leave. Especially since I'm leaving my cat here with it, so it's not like put it all up and come back to it all done/ready. He gets bored and messes with it when I'm gone. Some years Thanksgiving is earlier and then you get to enjoy the decorations for longer- like last year when Thanksgiving was this coming week. I like those years better. Since I also go out of town the weekend before Christmas, I only get to enjoy my tree/decorations for about 3 weeks. I come back around New Years and at that time it seems time to take it down- it's just no longer as festive once the holiday has already passed. I debated wearing a Christmas sweater to work yesterday, but the fact that it was almost 70 degrees put me off that thought!

GreenBunny 11-16-2019 10:18 AM

I put the outside lights up on Dec 1 and they come down whenever the neighbours take theirs down, usually around Jan 5. I would leave them longer but Man likes to be like the neighbours.

I start decorating the house on Dec 1 and usually finish by about the 10th. We haven't had a tree for about 6 years so I put the tree decorations collected over time on the mantle, the windows, and some of the houseplants. Undecorating Day is Jan 2.

I (sort of) understand why the stores put their Christmas decorations up so early but the music--OMG, the music (where is the snarling emoticon?!). I wish they wouldn't start playing it until at least Dec 1. If they could intersperse real music in between, it might make it better but a steady stream of drippy Christmas music makes my teeth hurt.

@lisa53, I like the idea of bringing Mary and Joseph across the room. I've done that with the 3 kings but not M&J. And then having the baby suddenly appear is brilliant! I don't have angels in my creche but I do have shepherds. Maybe they'll mill around the room too. I've been toying with putting a string of lights into a ball to hang above the manger. Now, I'll have time to figure out how to that. Thanks for the idea!

crazy4catz 11-16-2019 09:55 AM

It is way too early for me. DH might put the lights up but we donít turn them on until after Thanksgiving. We usually do the inside decorating after the kids go back to San Diego. Weíll start after they leave on Sunday.

MissTrace 11-16-2019 09:50 AM

We travel to spend Thanksgiving with family. I used to pull out the decorations when we got home from our Thanksgiving trip. A few years ago I knew that weekend was going to be busy, so I pulled everything out and decorated before we left. I loved coming home to an already decorated house and being able to relax before going back to work. It has become our tradition.

MAsped 11-16-2019 09:43 AM

I personally say, let's enjoy each and every holiday fully. All of November is about TG. Then, all of December is about Christmas. If decorations ar put up the very day after TG and taken down on December 31st, that's a good month and another week total of them being up.

lisa53 11-16-2019 09:24 AM

I try to stay with the actual old-fashioned Advent (preparation time) and Christmas (from Christmas Eve till Epiphany) schedule.

I do festive winter decorations (outdoor lights, wreath, festive tablecloth, snowman decorations) and an Advent wreath starting the first Sunday of Advent. I also put up the creche, but Mary and Joseph are across the room, making their journey (I move them closer each week), and angels and baby appear on Christmas Eve...and the wise men start to make their journey on Christmas and arrive on Epiphany.

I usually put the tree up and decorate it on the last Sunday of Advent...although tradition says it should be done on Christmas Eve. Maybe this year I will do that....

I like having some boundaries and limits on when to decorate, and I like those limits to be rooted in the traditions of the holiday. Advent and Christmastide precede the marketing ploys that make us think Christmas starts before Halloween...or right after Thanksgiving...or ends on New Years...

Sometimes I feel a bit out of step with the world, especially when every other home is in its full Christmas glory in November.....but I am still celebrating January 6, when every one elseís tree has long since dropped its needles and is on the trash pile...

choppie70 11-16-2019 09:19 AM

We always go the Sunday after Thanksgiving and get out tree, so we decorate then.

It became a tradition when my parents bought their first house and we moved in the day after Thanksgiving.

I do have some things out, like some of my red plaid couch pillows and some red and green placemats, but the real "Christmasy" stuff gets put on after Thanksgiving.

I am not a huge fan of Hallmark Christmas movies, so that is not even a though!

justdc5 11-16-2019 09:08 AM

I already have 4 trees up and decorated. I do this for so I can enjoy them at a very difficult time for me personally. I saw if the spirit hits, go with it.

UVAgrl928 11-16-2019 08:57 AM

Bah humbug over here lol... last year I did put up a tree (first time in a few years- it didnít get taken down till St.Patrickís Day).

1956BD 11-16-2019 08:55 AM

I waited for all things Christmas except shopping for gifts till after Thanksgiving. But this year I am watching Hallmark Christmas movies already. After ten years of Hallmark making Xmas films I need more time to view them all, or as many as I can. Plus I am retired, so I have plenty of time to entertain myself.

I put up my tree each year the day after Thanksgiving. I take it down before New Year's Day. I am sticking will this tradition as long as I am physically able.

I prefer to listen to Christmas carols after Thanksgiving as well. After three weeks (give or take a little) of Xmas music I get tired of it and want to hear something else.

rana712 11-16-2019 07:30 AM

I wait for the month of the holiday before I start thinking about it. Okay- I think about it, but I don't act! To everything it's own season. But.... that being said, this year I may bend (don't tell). I am hosting a celebration for my team the first week of December, will be away over Thanksgiving AND have fairly significant back pain that precludes me from doing too much at any one time. So, I have started pulling stuff out of the basement.

I will not watch any movies until Dec. 1st however, nor will I listen to holiday music! I like the anticipation!

Learn Today 11-16-2019 07:19 AM

We put things up the weekend after Thanksgiving. Hubby would have a fit if I tried to do it sooner

KatieViolet 11-16-2019 07:14 AM

We used to do our Christmas decorating on the day after Thanksgiving, but it got too busy. Now we do it a weekend or so ahead of Thanksgiving and I love it! Thanksgiving seems much more festive and we get to enjoy the decorations a little longer. I always think the house looks itís prettiest at Christmastime!

arsabl 11-16-2019 07:13 AM

I do whatever I feel like. I already have my wreath on the door.

Iím thinking about putting up my tiny Christmas tree soon, but I canít do it until my son gets it down from the garage shelf. I canít safely climb ladders right now. Plus, I most likely will have a total knee replacement revision surgery soon and I wonít be doing anything. Looking at my tiny tree will warm my heart.

Itís been a rough 2019 for my family and me. We need a little Christmas!

anonymouse 11-16-2019 07:08 AM

I LOVE Christmas movies, I would watch them all year long. Hallmark started showing Christmas movies BEFORE Halloween. Someone told me the other day that she already has her tree up. Do you get into the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving or do you wait for December? I usually put up my Christmas village and other decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving but I get a "real" tree, so that goes up the second weekend in December and stays up until the Epiphany.

What do you do?

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