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readerabbit's Message:

Can you tell me more about response to intervention. I know there are always new catch phrases/programs? Some programs come through some fizzzle. But I have not heard of this yet. So I want to know what is going on when things are introduced.

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Susan/IN 04-07-2007 05:16 AM

to RTI in my understanding is that the pull out time for Title/Spec. Ed is NOT during the 90 minute block. That will be a big factor for our teachers to grasp - me too! We've always tried to pull out during that block so the children aren't missing math or science. Scheduling will have to be more creative. We may be going into the rooms more and pulling out less, and some things are going to have to give.

Feel free to email me a private email through proteacher if you have any questions. I'm no expert, but we all learn from each other!


readerabbit 04-06-2007 06:42 PM

thanks ! susan for the explanation. I will check more into it. I do a 30 minute intervention program already for reading funded by Title.
The big key word around us is dibbles. But my program has been going on for 15 years before the big reading accountabilty politics so that is why I was intrigued about it. In college you learn about the pendulum of learning. During my time it has swung back and forth several times. It has swung so much recently sometimes I wonder if there will ever be a steady rhythm again.
Thanks and Happy Easter

Susan/IN 04-06-2007 04:37 PM

I'll see if I can at least get you started thinking about RTI. We have only had an introductory session in our school, although I heard some talk about it at our regional Title I meetings a few weeks ago.

When Congress reauthorized IDEA, they changed the law about identifying children with specific learning disabilities. (If you want to know more, try googling Wright's Law - I think). RTI springs from the 3 tier program which begins in Gen. Ed and ends in spec. ed. From what I can gather in the little bit I've been introduced to, the face of spec. ed. is going to really change. Right now, I think most schools, when dealing with a child who is having a lot of problems, refer the student for testing for spec. ed. The three tier model has staff working continuously on meeting, revising teaching, and implementing a variety of interventions. From what my principal has explained to me, we won't be referring children until all avenues have been exhausted. When a school can prove that many interventions have been tried and still the child is having difficulty, then a child should be referred.

The 3 tier model (this is mainly for language arts) begins with 90 minutes of whole class instruction. This could, and should, include a whole class lesson, literacy work stations and small group instruction, then coming back together for whole class. Those children who are still struggling will get an additional 30 minutes of instruction (perhaps additional work with an IA, Title I, peer tutoring, etc). The key is that it is in ADDITION to the 90 minutes of instruction in language arts with the classroom teacher. If a child is still struggling and not making adequate progress, then they move to tier 3 which is an additional 30 minutes. These children would in all likelihood be your spec. ed. children, or perhaps children awaiting testing. Your pupil assistance team meanwhile, continues to come together to discuss interventions being tried, and constantly modifying instruction. So a child in tier 3 should be getting 150 minutes instruction in language arts.

As I said, this is still fairly new to me. Some states have not yet mandated these changes, although it is my understanding it will be coming to all states.

I hope this helps. Try googling "response to intervention" and 3 tier program for more information.


readerabbit 04-06-2007 12:29 PM

Can you tell me more about response to intervention. I know there are always new catch phrases/programs? Some programs come through some fizzzle. But I have not heard of this yet. So I want to know what is going on when things are introduced.

Susan/IN 04-01-2007 05:53 AM

I went to a state Title I meeting a few weeks ago with my principal. Someone asked about paying for literacy coaches out of Title I and it was stated that Title could pay for that. But they may have been talking about a school wide program rather than targeted assisted. A rule of thumb is to remember that Title I is EXTRA; so if it's something for the whole school, then it's something that shouldn't be paid for out of Title I (at least that's what I understood them to say). Our district is discussing the possibility of literacy coaches; it could be that if we as a district don't hire literacy coaches, then as a Title I targeted assisted school, we might be able to hire a literacy coach for the primary grades. I just listen to the talk and try to keep in touch with what is going on. If you are interested in going back into Title I then you might want to talk with the Title I director before you make that decision. You might also talk with your principal. Does he/she make the classroom assignments? Perhaps the teachers think that with your background in Title I you are the best suited for the lower children. It could be that the principal, if going on teacher recommendations, doesn't realize how overloaded your classroom is.

I think you're right in saying that fewer children are going to be tested for special ed., especially with the push for RTI (Response to Intervention). Our district is planning on going to a 3 tier model and RTI will be very important. Title I will probably fall into Tier 2 or Tier 3. With the changes in spec. ed, Title I will also be affected. Good luck in your decisions.

MrsM 04-01-2007 05:14 AM

You didn't say how long you have been in the classroom. In my school, literacy coach is being added through the district budget, not Title I. The only thing that will change for me is having an additional person observe in my room, maybe some in-services to attend. Her job will be to ensure that all teachers are teaching reading in the most effective ways as shown by research, and so she will observe and coach the teachers. I will still be doing pull-out, small groups, 30 minutes every day. You can find the post below that has the states listed for Title I guidelines, and if I didn't find your state, let me know what it is and I will start looking.

Amy NC 03-31-2007 05:08 AM

I was a Title I teacher and transferred into the classroom. I have been okay in the classroom. I get many needy students. I am frustrated by that. I see the neighboring rooms who get 1 academically challenged child and I have at least 4-5 each year.

There is a chance to go back to Title I. I see some changes with the early intervention. (In our district serving K ) Classes have been pull out. I am hearing rumors of less testing for LD. That leads me to think I will continue to get the needy population. I find helping these kids to be very difficult because by the time they make it to me their ability to read the text is not there. Their fluency rate is 1 year below level at least in my room.

How much has changed in Title I ? I have read the posting and see information about reading coaches. Are there new rules? Do they want pull out or push in? Do you service more kids but for shorter time periods? What is going on?

Thoughts welcomed.

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