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Lilacs's Message:

You can sign an evaluation, but comment about not being in agreement. Perhaps a signed letter with your concerns about specific things. I would not allow any comments that were not documented or supported with evidence. Best of luck.

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Lilacs 02-17-2018 10:07 AM

You can sign an evaluation, but comment about not being in agreement. Perhaps a signed letter with your concerns about specific things. I would not allow any comments that were not documented or supported with evidence. Best of luck.

234567 02-15-2018 08:44 PM

No, I'm in Arizona. No union. Right to work state. I'm almost afraid to write a rebuttal. I'm afraid I will be under the microscope even more. On the other hand, it's all B.s. We had a pd today. It was funny because 3 of the things I was docked for on my evaluation came up in discussion today. No one knew this of course, but my counter in yesterday's conservation was validated today in my favor. Not sure if P caught it, but I sure did! Thanks all for your input.

MKat 02-15-2018 10:23 AM

I'm sorry you are going through this. It sounds like you are a scapegoat for unhappy people.

elspeech 02-15-2018 06:02 AM

No real input, just something that really stood out to me that I would want him to clarify. You got docked for having students around your desk, so you couldn't see the entire class at a glance, but it is OK to have students go unsupervised into the gym for drinks or gym toys where they are completely out of sight? With students around your desk you may not be able to see a particular student for 1 second until you stand up or move, but by letting the go into the gym they are out of your sight for several minutes.

kahluablast 02-15-2018 05:44 AM

No additional advice, but I do sympathize. Do you have rules written down for P and for PE teacher? We got a new p 3 years ago and still feeling the growing pains. She never "knew the rules" and obviously didn't bother to read the handbook that is printed and sent home every year. The first year (and often in the 2nd year) the handbook went with me to meeting with the p. She would tell kids they could bring in balls (handbook specifically says no). She told them they could bring toys (pointed out in handbook where it says no). I just kept bringing it back to show her. She said she was going to change it, but I have to sign every year that I read it and those things have not changed. I have forced her to stay true to it. You can't be waffly on the rules. It causes confusion and conflict in the staff. Rules are made for reasons. I suggest that if you have written guidelines on the things that have been enforced in the past you bring them out. If it isn't written, then the P and the PE teacher can change it, but it still needs to be communicated to staff in an effective manner so that everyone knows the rules. I don't go to PE with my class, so I don't know what the PE teacher tells them. How would I?

As for things in your class..that is some nit picky stuff. Some of it goes against the grain of common sense. I would not like my p dictating to me that I couldn't ask for questions, or have kids work to find mistakes. I think I would be finding some research to back myself up and sharing it with p. I don't think I would happily sign something like that either.

Good luck to you.

CatLady2B 02-15-2018 05:02 AM

If you have a Union, you need to contact them for direction. The very least you can do is write a rebuttal to your Evaluation, stating the facts.

bookbadger 02-15-2018 04:40 AM

Wow. Staying under the radar sounds like a good idea. Lots of what you vented about seems your principal is nitpicky and unrealistic and really NOT about the kids' true learning . Do you have the support of a union?

234567 02-14-2018 08:17 PM

Hello all. Bummed and upset today. I'm logged out for obvious reasons. I've been a teacher for 18 years, and teach 5th grade. I was marked down for a few things that I find totally unfair. Just venting here!

We had a BoxTop contest 2nd quarter. My class was in the lead by a lot. The new P changed the due date THREE times for contest to end. I heard from a credible source that a parent bought 1,000 BoxTops on Ebay. I posted to facebook for family and friends to please send in BoxTops, and that we were in lead, but someone had bought them to send in. (I DO NOT list where I work on my profile. Everything I can keep private is private.) A few friends posted that it wasn't fair to buy BoxTops, and what was it teaching students to buy something to win a school contest. I said I agreed, and that it wasn't fair. Someone screen shot it and sent it to my P. I was called onto the carpet over saying I didn't think it was fair. OK, maybe I shouldn't have posted a comment, but again, only family and some friends know where I actually work. This was held again me during my evaluation.

Another thing, we got a new PE teacher who is well known in our area. She's actually doesn't have a teaching degree, but owns a fitness place and works in community. (Might be working on degree. Not sure.) First quarter she came out to talk to me about students going into the gym for a drink of water. I told her that in all my years we have never allowed kids in the gym to get a drink. It's always been the rules. She didn't like it and went to talk to our new P. (He was HS Principal for about 16 years and was moved to our school this year, not by his choice. He also used to be a PE teacher.) He allowed her to bring a 5 gal. jug and cups in. We have to allow the students to go get a drink on recess when they ask, even though we don't have eyes on them.

About a month ago, I was lucky enough to be on duty again when she came to me again upset. We've never been allowed to send kids to the gym for recess equipment. We have a huge cart on the playground for recess use. She was telling students they could come and get equipment in the gym. I was always sending them back to put it away because it's always been school rules that students can't use PE equipment. She walked over to me angrily, and it got my dander up, but we weren't yelling. I told her again that the rules have always been that students can't go to the gym. She said, "Wooooowwww, so don't let the most responsible students use it!" I just looked at her. It's not my choice. Again, school rules. She went to talk to the P about the situation. (Lucky me.) The next morning, the P gets a call from a parent that I was yelling at the PE teacher in front of students. Not true. The PE teacher and I were away from kids, though they might have witnessed the tone of the situation. The parent also said that her kid doesn't want to come to school because she feels like she's being picked on. The parent didn't want me to know, but I quickly figured it out, because they didn't the same thing at conference time regarding the PE teacher. The only thing I could think of was that I this student had become friends with another girl in class, and I was constantly telling the to go back to their own seats, and not be at each others desk. I also made her get back in number order in line when she tried to run up to the other girl when walking. She started crying because I made her get back in line. Anyway, The P came to talk to me about this, and I told him what happened with the PE teacher. In the end, I got docked on my evaluation for this.

Another thing was that my whole grade level is a peanut free zone. Normally, if we have an item a student isn't sure of, we have them ask peanut allergy person, and they will say yay or nay. Her mom doesn't even want students to eat items that may have been made in a factory where peanuts may be present. So we've always been careful. The last couple of weeks, I've let a few students go outside to eat the snack and go wash their hands in restroom. I also had a can of unopened peanuts in view of student. Students went home and told mom that I let kids eat pb&J in class, and that I have peanuts in class. No one eats pb&j in class, and my peanuts are unopened. If I eat them it's after school with the door open, then everything is wiped down. Student's mom call P say that students are eating PB&J in class, and that I have a container of peanuts near my desk. (Granted. I should have hid these, but on the other hand I'm a grown adult who is responsible, and we are always careful in my class. I tell him situation. I get docked for letting a couple of students eat their snack outside.

He was in my class for math lesson. (equivalent fractions) He docked me because I asked if there were any questions a couple of times. He said if I taught it properly, then I wouldn't have to ask if there were any questions. (Two students asked a question. One about converting fractions, and one about converting a fraction to a decimal. I got docked for this.

He came in my door yesterday to drop off a note. About 4 students were around my desk. We were working on a fraction word problem. We had come up with a couple of ways to work out the problem. He told me that students should never be at my desk asking for help because I can't see whole class at a glance. I got docked for this.

This year I've had 6 of my lower math students/lazy students bring me their math problem set (Saxon-30 problems) to me after every 5 questions so that I can make sure they are on track, and if they need help. (All teacher on my grade level do this.) Normally, if they missed it due to adding/subtracting wrong or multiplying wrong, I'll send them back to their desk to try again. If they don't get it the second time, I will show them where they went wrong. Other times, I will tell them to use their math book Glossary or index to guide them to find an answer instead of just giving the answer to them. My P said I should know exactly where they went wrong and that they shouldn't have to try it a second time. I should help them the first time. I got docked for this. He told me that I need to circulate the whole hour and fifteen minutes among my students as they work to see if they need help.

I told him that I'd like my eval changed to state that I DO NOT let students eat pb&J in my class or other peanut items. He said he'd change it. I haven't signed eval yet. I calmly explained each item he brought up. It didn't matter. I'd also told him that I felt like I'd been thrown under the bus 2X with the PE teacher for following the rules. My grade level teachers would have told her the same thing. (The PE teacher's child is in 5th, so the rules might have her upset due to this. grade level teacher said that the PE teacher doesn't want to be told no.)

He's made it clear that he's there for the students and that's who he's looking out for. It just gets old. I've always gone way above and beyond with communication and help with students and parents. I'm very organized, a great multi-tasker, and parents never question anything we are doing in the classroom. My room is neat and organized, and I expect rules to be followed. I've told the P before that I hold them to high standards. He told me they are just kids, and that even high school kids forget homework and their backpacks. (basically, forgive them, or back off) So tired of this! By the way, the new P is hardly ever in the classroom. To formal and informal evals a year, and drops in here or there to drop of something or quickly talk to the kids.

But, I'm in the hot seat. It's the first year the P and I have worked together. I'm on the radar, but plan on flying under the radar as much as possible from now on. Sorry, I realize this is becoming a book.

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