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Teach1st2011's Message:

That's great news! Good luck on the interview!!

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dreamin2teach 07-11-2013 07:52 AM

A lot is going on this summer. I did get an interview on the 3rd, but by the 6th, I got another rejection letter. I'm going to keep trying. Maybe I need to bone up more on things, I don't know. I do know I had surgery pre-op the same day as the interview out of state & I was just getting over part of that Roto Virus.Really think this (interview) was bad timing but I couldn't ask for it to be re-scheduled. I'm really disappointed,to say the least. Trying not to dwell on it.
My knee scope surgery was fine; I 'm ambulatory; I just now am allergic to yet another paid med as I became very ill Saturday from it. Last summer, I was able to take it.
On another note, we are taking care of a stray kitten that hid in our yard, early last week. He's in our bathroom & we really couldn't afford to spend money on him but we couldn't turn our back on him. He has an URI, plus Conjunctivitis. We got him 2 meds, had someone give him his 1st shots, & had him wormed & gave him a flea pill.The vet said he was 8 weeks old, at least; but he looks 6. He was bony. I gave him a warm bath once. He was so dirty. We've had 3 calls about him but no one does more than ask. Huge cat population problem here! He has kitten chow, water, toys, and 2 litter boxes and clean, towels laid down for him to sleep on. He's being kept away from our other cats. We were to get another cat soon. This one will make us 4 & then 5. No more! I told my husband to put up a fence in the backyard. But we do love cats. All are spayed & one shares a home w/someone else (& is indoor/outdoor) but our others stay inside.

Teach1st2011 07-05-2013 11:25 AM

That's great news! Good luck on the interview!!

dreamin2teach 07-04-2013 05:56 AM

Happy 4th of July everyone & I really appreciate the replies! Tues. afternoon I received I hurried call for an interview, asking me if I was still interested in an Intervention position I applied for a year ago! I remembered & they didn't say that! I had pre-op stuff scheduled the same day as interview. Very, very busy day. Job is for middle school & it's 38 minutes away. They are to make a decision very soon. I am praying and so is my husband. I will say that it's good they took my resume off the Educational Service District's site from last year! And yes, I know, as I've been seeing & hearing more & more, teaching is very political.
Surgery is Friday & we have a stray, male, very young tiger kitten that appeared in our yard a few days ago-very little & has an eye infection & quite bony.We are keeping him separate from our 2 Siamese (& 1 white cat) in our bathroom w/water, food & litter boxes. We gave him food & a flea pill. I gave him a warm bath w/just water, too & he was so good. I dried him off really well & tried to blow-dry him but it was too loud for him; he was scared; so no go w/that. Also, he's motherless, it seems. He is going to get shots early next week. We are trying to take care of him the best & most economical way we can.( I just got my last subbing check & will be down for 6 weeks or ? after this stupid knee surgery.) This will make 5 after we get our new Siamese! Our lives are never boring! My hubby needs to put a fence up. We do have severe cat problems where we live. Shelter only takes dogs. Outraged! Another organization helps w/cats. She has 50 kittens ahead of this one. No spay & neuter program; either now! Downright shame! It's very sad. Ours are all spayed. One shares a home w/someone else & the others stay inside.

NJSubteacher 06-29-2013 09:25 PM

I have been subbing for 7 years and still cant get a full-time job. I basically already gave up. Next year will be my 8th year. Don't be discouraged, I found that it's all about dirty politics and not even worth it anymore.

123rabbit 06-29-2013 09:07 PM

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Sending positive thoughts for a job this fall.

dreamin2teach 06-28-2013 03:26 PM

Today the dreaded letter came for me. I had a bad feeling as soon as I saw it. There were 2 jobs ED Interventionists & I didn't even get to go forward to interview process. I think the only reason I got the letter is due to me sending a thank-you note for reviewing my resume & cover letter because I also left a verbal message. I'm still gonna apply for more jobs but it's very disheartening. Last sub paycheck came today. Hubby is taking me out to dinner. I guess to cheer me up. I'm so tired of just subbing & not using my degree. Etc. Even one of cats is trying to cheer me up. Life goes on. Surgery on the 5th for my torn ligament on my knee.

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