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Ima Teacher's Message:

Iím thinking we wonít get subs most times because we all have a partner teacher who teaches on our off days. Iím thinking the partner teacher will teach if we are absent.

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Aillya 08-08-2020 03:16 AM

It's going to be reeeeeeal interesting if the hybrid learning setup with a partner-teacher style designed to squeeze out subs goes into place, but districts still pretend we're employed under them and call us once a month with one-day job offers to stop us from collecting unemployment pay while we find a different job.

mrsd5 08-02-2020 06:44 PM

I went on it, finally, in June. It took that long to get through to someone. Contacted my state rep and finally got benefits. Right now, I havenít signed up to sub, but my benefits will go down to $120 or less a week now that the COVID funds are ending. Iím 65, and high risk. I will be watching my local granddaughters during their home learning days, so 2 or 3 days a week. Donít want to sub on their school days. Too much risk. Ugh!

NJSubteacher 08-01-2020 09:38 AM

Any school district that has any type of in person learning will be desperate for subs. After doing a google news search, this has been confirmed. Districts nationwide fear they are not going to have enough subs willing to work in schools and cover for teachers who do not want to return. Therefore, demand for subs most likely will be very high.

However, for long-term subs, it will be very difficult because I am sure they will be expected to work remotely too (which I do not even have the technology or space in my tiny apartment to do). I pray that my school districts do return as hybrid (as planned right now). It would be half days only, but full day's pay for me. I much rather do that than work in some grocery store.

CC96 08-01-2020 09:14 AM

I honestly canít imagine subs really being able to step in and teach online.

Ima Teacher 08-01-2020 07:26 AM

Iím thinking we wonít get subs most times because we all have a partner teacher who teaches on our off days. Iím thinking the partner teacher will teach if we are absent.

kahluablast 08-01-2020 06:52 AM

Our area is supposed to return to a Hybrid in Sept. We are starting remote. The mandated guidelines say if teachers are sick they will have a sub. I am not sure what sub plans would look like in remote teaching...For Hybrid there will definitely be a need for the in-class students. So, here we will need subs, so I don't think subs will be able to get unemployment.

Definitely a strange and somewhat unfair situation for many. Most of our subs at my remote school are retired teachers and I BET that they are not returning (the state did some unfair things last year that limited the number of days they could sub to very little.). THerefore, I bet EA and/or specials teachers will get pulled to sub this year more than we actually get a person to do it.

knelson13 08-01-2020 06:45 AM

Our district has opted for hybrid learning this fall. Half the class will be in the room M/T and the other half Th/F. Each group would do some type of distance learning the other 3 days a week. Has anyone heard if and how subs would be used in this situation? My goal is not to collect unemployment. My goal is to earn money and stay healthy. These two things don't always seem to go hand in hand. I'm 60 so not elderly but also not a spring chicken. My guess is no, but do you think Unemployment would even be available in this situation? I want to get back to school but I just don't feel comfortable being exposed to different groups of people on a daily basis.

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