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eeza's Message:

What?! I hope she didn't throw a fit because that is totally unreasonable.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
newbie17 05-18-2019 09:02 PM

I got a referral in early May and our last day is the 24th. I told the gen ed teacher the meeting would have to happen in the summer and she said she was fine that. Apparently it's happening a lot in my district this year and my sped supervisor is surprised that none of us are willing to come in unless we're paid for the day or given an additional flex day for the upcoming year. I'm surprised she expects any of us to work for free!!

Another teacher go a referral last week. Our last day is the 24th! She held the referral conference and I'm helping do the subject area testing just so we can get stuff done with one week left. It's absolutely crazy.

Haley23 05-07-2019 06:54 PM

Yes, I am my own case manager. The teacher is upset, but no, no one's going to make me evaluate this kid. I casually mentioned this scenario in front of the P the other day and she burst out laughing.

We have a 60 day timeline for evaluations, and that does not include doing MTSS. The kid would have to have at least two documented meetings before we even decided to refer in the first place. One does not simply "schedule an initial IEP." We have monthly MTSS meetings and our team kind of let everyone know that the last meeting kids may be referred from for this year was the one at the beginning of April.

readandweep 05-07-2019 01:14 PM

That is ridiculous.

I had a principal that used to try this kind of stuff. Our school psych was older and experienced and also the one who had to take the lead on initial referrals.

In our state you have x number of days to meet after a kid has been officially referred. None of the non-teacher service providers was wiling to meet during the summer. If they were honest, neither were the teachers.

School psych, backed up by school social worker, gave Principal Buffoon a deadline to get the initial referrals in (like 25 days before school was out).

Hayley, you are your own case manager, aren't you?

Posts like this make me grateful that there has always been a person whose only job was being a case manager at the places I have worked.

eeza 05-07-2019 08:57 AM

What?! I hope she didn't throw a fit because that is totally unreasonable.

Haley23 05-06-2019 07:15 PM

She means refer him for testing (with NO MTSS documentation, just this poor DIBELS score) and get him on an IEP in the 11.5 days. So not only does she want to bypass the entire referral process, she wants the child tested and to have a completed IEP in 11.5 days. We get 60 days to complete evaluations in my state. And she acted like this was a completely normal request.

eeza 05-06-2019 07:07 PM

Does she mean to test him and to hold the meeting with only 11.5 days left? Or does she mean just the meeting? Both seem nutty, but the first one is just insane.

Haley23 05-06-2019 07:01 PM

We have 11.5 student days left. I had a teacher ask me if there was any way we could schedule an initial IEP for one of her students . Besides the incredible ridiculousness of that, she has not brought this student up to an MTSS meeting. I've never even heard of him. Apparently he did poorly on EOY DIBELS testing. Then when I told her that yes, it was certainly too late, she went and bugged my SLP and OT teammates about it. She is not a new teacher nor is she new to our building. What is wrong with people?? I have reached the point in the year where I find everyone annoying without nonsense like this!

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