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2teach2's Message:

Thank you! I really appreciate you all taking the time to reply. It's good (or sad!) to know that I'm not alone in this situation. Mhugs, I like the idea of the communication. Let's all hang in there!

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Mrs. Bee 10-22-2020 02:05 PM

Our parents have a choice, either virtual or in-person. I teach remotely because of health reasons. I truly believe half of my kids (I have 31 3rd graders) are keeping their kids out for convenience (easier than finding sitters for part-time, or they thought it was going to be like March when we were all thrown into this) but I'd say that only about 10 of the children have parents who give any support at all. I'm emailing, and calling and no responses. It's sad they've given up on their children when I haven't.

Loveslabs 10-22-2020 04:45 AM

You are not alone! Yesterday I asked a child to repeat their question because I wanted to make sure I was understanding the question. The child screamed, “Never mind!” Then the child went and stood in the corner like they were being punished. We could all see the child standing there!

The parent finally entered the room and asked the child what was happening. The child said I told him to go stand in the corner. The parent started to yell at me for this. Before I could say a word another parent spoke up and defended me. What craziness we are dealing with this year!!!

My advice is to just get through the next few days. Some of our students our back part time and it is wonderful because they are so excited to be at school. We have had zero behavior problems so far.

SDT 10-21-2020 08:11 AM

I just had another thought. Can you offer some type of incentive for any student who completes X number of assignments before back to school? It would have to be something safe in the current situation, so maybe something like a free pass for homework? Anyway, just a thought

2teach2 10-21-2020 06:20 AM

Thank you! I really appreciate you all taking the time to reply. It's good (or sad!) to know that I'm not alone in this situation. Mhugs, I like the idea of the communication. Let's all hang in there!

Youthcantknow 10-21-2020 04:01 AM

Now that my students and their parents know we'll be going back in less than a month they are acting the same way. It's so frustrating! I've tried emails directly to parents about some issues (a kid who lays down during class, another who outright slept through a lesson) but I'm not seeing change. I'm also emailing parents to ask if Johnny is going to join us for our lesson when they're late. You know people won't be happy when someday we go back to normal life and their kids are scoring low on every standardized test. They won't take responsibility now and they won't take it then. I wish I had advice for you but nothing I'm doing is working here, either.

SDT 10-21-2020 01:58 AM

This happened to us just before we came back face-to-face. Everyone is so tired of virtual learning! It was worse than the last week of school every year. Everybody knew it counted, but they just couldn’t seem to make themselves care. They were all focused on the first day back.

Mhugs had good advice for you. If you can inject some novelty or fun into your last virtual lessons, that might help. Frankly, I just couldn’t. Like everyone else, I had hit survival mode. I literally said to parents and students, “ Come on guys. We just have to get through a couple of more days. Just hang in there a little bit longer!” My class is a very different kind of class, but I know the regular Ed teachers try to give short assignments and just asked the kids to give them something they could grade. We all acknowledged how difficult it was for the kids.

I’m just holding out hope that we don’t have to go remote again. I actually think teaching virtually could be a lot of fun with families who choose that and who are well-suited for that. Virtual teaching in our current situation has been a complete nightmare!

I hope your 13 days pass quickly!

mhugs 10-21-2020 01:48 AM

All I can offer is (((hugs))). Distance Learning is such a new concept to our culture. Many homes do not have organization or any type of self-discipline so the children 'flop' around.

Maybe send out one last e-mail communication These last 13 days of distance learning DO count for grades. Students are expected to be on time and focused during learning time. Work needs to be turned in. I look forward to DATE when we will be together in the classroom at school name. (if they will be their teacher)

Then just go into survival mode.

klarabelle 10-20-2020 07:57 PM

Okay, I'm not teaching now but I read this and thought what consequences I would give for this behavior. Me, I would grade their work and call the parents. I would let students know that being late is not acceptable and that it will reflect on their report cards, then I would write a note on the reports.

2teach2 10-20-2020 07:45 PM

We are still doing Distance Learning for another 13 days. Yes, I'm counting. This week has pretty much sucked so far. It seems as though parents are no longer monitoring their children, and the children don't give a s&^t what I say to them. I have had students playing with toys, eating, brushing their hair, randomly getting up and leaving, asking to use the restroom right after break, openly playing on their cell phones, holding full conversations with another person in their home while I'm trying to talk to them. And hardly any work is getting turned in. And what is turned in is done in the wrong workbook. Students are showing up late in the morning, late after break; I have to text parents for group time. What in the heck is going on?
Anybody else having difficulties? If you have any advice, I'm open!

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