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sonjateacher's Message:

Great idea about buying the supplies for two kids and re-stocking yours! Brilliant!

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
Coopsgrammy 07-16-2012 06:58 PM

I am also able to purchase materials in bulk. I teach at a Parochial school and each student pays an additional supply fee with their tuition. I provide pencil boxes, pencils, glue sticks, erasers and crayons. I label all supplies with names and place them on the desks for the first day of school. This is especially helpful working in a very diverse class with many refugee and lower income families, giving everyone the same supplies. Student do bring clorox wipes, kleenex, ziploc bags, and a ream of card stock or paper on the first day. I enlist an adult volunteer to sit in the back of the room and collect these supplies throughout the morning by calling students up one at a time an checking off what supplies are brought. We then send reminders to parents about any forgotten supplies. Parents also have the option of dropping supplies off in the office the week before school starts.

matty02 07-16-2012 04:05 PM

I ask the grocery store for paper grocery bags and label them with names. I put a few extra out for those kids that register last minute. When kids come in I have them find their name and put their supplies in. If they are community supplies I put them away and if they are individual supplies I label them later on. I also ask a parent if they will stay and help out with putting things away. I was once the parent asked to stay so now I always try to snag a parent or two.

colleague 07-16-2012 06:58 AM

because I purchase almost all of the supplies myself. I get good quality pencils and scissors, all the same colored and sized duo-tangs. The only things each student brings is a box of kleenex, a photo of them self and an extra pair of shoes. I have everything ahead of time too so I can put my student teachers (that come for the first few PED days to volunteer) to work writing names on everything. It has worked well for years and I usually get a good deal shopping in bulk, parents save money and I get points on my staples card which earns me money back. At the end of the year all the left over supplies go home with the students.

Munchkins 07-15-2012 05:58 PM

I have a laundry basket, and when they first come in, I send them to their table (labeled with nametags.) Then I have them empty their backpack at their table, and I collect all community supplies. Then they put their empty backpack into their cubby, and their folder (if they brought one) in their mailbox. We sign up for lunch, and begin our day. I do not keep track of who brings in what, since many students can't afford the supplies. I just say thank you to whoever brings in supplies.

abcgail123 07-15-2012 05:40 PM

I know this might not be the most organized, but it seems to work better than anything else I've tried. I have 2 storage boxes, one for boys and one for girls. On the first day, I give each student a large ziplock bag with their name written on it. After students take out the supplies they need to keep in their zipper pouch that goes in their binder, they put the remaining supplies in their ziplock bag. They put the ziplock bag in the appropriate box and it is there when they need to replenish their zipper pouch. Last year was the first time I tried this and it worked very well. The students didn't have to ask where such and such was, they just went to the boy or girl box, found their bag, and got out what was needed. I always send home a letter at the beginning of the 2nd semester asking parents to replenish supplies for their child's bag.
I might add that I teach 5th grade, so my students are independent enough to go to the supply boxes themselves. That might make a difference for the younger students.

soccerfan13 07-15-2012 05:26 PM

Sonjateacher I laughed when you said "parents don't believe me that they need 3 glue sticks a year" I put 15 on my list! We go through some glue....I thought I was extreme until I got my son's kindergarten list and they want 20!

sonjateacher 07-14-2012 08:21 PM

Great idea about buying the supplies for two kids and re-stocking yours! Brilliant!

scarf_and_mit 07-14-2012 07:14 PM

In the past, I've had kids take everything out of their backpacks and pile it on their tables. Then, I bring around a bin or box for each table's supplies (one for crayons, one for markers, one for pencils, etc.), and the kids just dump whatever they have in there. Any extra things, I ask the kids to come a table at a time and drop into a box.

I think this year, I'm going to have a box for each non-individual supply and call kids a group at a time to drop a supply at a time into a labeled box.

And since I'll have kids with desks and individual supplies, I think I'll have them put some of their things in their pencil boxes by themselves on the first day and then let them put their extras for later in the year into a labeled gallon baggie or something.

maps 07-14-2012 05:22 PM

seems to be the problem of some kids not bringing everything in. First, when school supplies are on sale I buy the supplies for 2 children (when or if the kids bring the supplies in I restock mine. So I haven't had to buy supplies for several years. . Second, we brought this situation to our principal and then to PTA and the PTA now has stocked the supplies we use in a storage area in the office. The pTA paid for some and they got donations from local businesses for the rest including backpacks. So when we have a student who dosen't bring supplies we go down and get what is needed. If the student brings it in later we give it back to the PTA supplies storage. This has helped tremendously. Maybe your PTA could help you with this.

sonjateacher 07-14-2012 02:29 PM

The most frustrating part of supply collection for me is that I have never had an entire class bring everything they are required to. I swear the parents don't believe me when I say they need 3 glue sticks for the year. They just want to "wait and see" and buy more if needed. Seriously frustrating because then I have to keep track of who didn't bring what and get those parents to replenish.

I think this year I'm going to hound them more so that everyone starts off the year with equal amounts of supplies.

In the past I've just done similar to the "dump it all into a bag" method. Then I have to go through and do a checklist. It takes hours.

I would love to get some better ideas as well.

oprahj 07-14-2012 12:27 PM

We do not have a meet and greet night prior to the first day I put their name on a brown paper grocery bag and have them dump all supplies in. Many students come without their supplies labeled and because I am collecting supplies alone and amidst all the chaos of entering room on 1st day, I have found this to be the most effiecent. After students leave, I go through each paper bag and label everything with sharpie and then place all like items (ie, all glue sticks go together, etc) into one labeled paper bag. My students are highly mobile so when someone transfers all I have to do is go to the bag holding all of the crayons and find the box with their name on it. We have a generic supply list and I do not use everything they bring, so this makes it easy for me to later on in the year send home with the proper student. Like a lot of teachers, I have preference on what supplies I like to use and end up not using many of the items.

LakeTeacher 07-14-2012 12:03 PM

We usually have a Meet the Teacher time the day before school starts, so I ask the kids to bring their supplies when they come in the letter I send them before school starts. Then I have a little sheet on their desk that has directions on where to put things. There are labeled containers on my reading table to show where each supply goes. It works out well, because the parents can help the kids and I am mostly free to walk around and meet kids and parents.
When everyone has left I begin the arduous task of putting the supplies away. Then when school starts there aren't a lot of things laying around. I leave the empty containers out for the kids who either didn't come to meet me, or those who didn't bring their supplies.
Hope this helps!

maps 07-14-2012 11:26 AM

we have supply drop off and when the children come with their parents I welcome them and then hand the parent a letter ( there is also a large poster in the front of the room) with simple directions where they will put the supplies. I then label (with picture and words) the shelf, table. box, desk, or locker where the supply will go. Sometimes I put them away later that day but if I have several children who don't come I leave them until the next day. It has worked very well. It is interesting to watch parent and child interaction. The sheet of directions also tells the parents that when they are all done to see me to say goodbye so I can give their child a surprise.
Before we had supply drop off day it was a fun activity for the first day of school and not so boring collecting the supplies. You just put pictures on the direction sheet and pictures on the place where you want the item all around the room and then when done they come to me to get a surprise.

yesteach 07-14-2012 11:23 AM

I put labels in my room where I want each item stored (tissues, construction paper, etc.). With younger kids I read the labels to them and have one student go put their supplies there while I read and explain, then after that, I just call a group at a time to go and put their supplies in the labeled locations.

Ladybug03 07-14-2012 11:20 AM

We have a "meet and greet" the Friday before school starts and parents drop off supplies then. I know some schools have students bring everything the 1st day.

What I do...basically, students put everything in their cubbies and then I go through them later on. I have containers in my classroom that hold certain supplies. As I am going through supplies, I can just put them in the appropriate container. It saves me time. Ex: glue, crayons, pencils, etc...

kamper 07-14-2012 10:34 AM

How do you collect supplies on the first day of school? I've been teaching for over 20 years, and I still haven't figured out the most organized way to do it!

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