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mrsd5's Message:

I was evaluated while dealing with a boy hiding under his desk. Itís kind of difficult to tach a child who is crouching under a desk and wonít come out. He actually complimented me on how I handled the situation. Inside, I was fighting murderous urges.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
Summerwillcom 03-30-2019 10:08 AM

I really think P's usually have their minds made up on evals before they ever even come in for them.
Don't let some moron's eval define you though. You know what you do a million times better than the P.
Being valued and belonging are both important to me too. I hope you find that next year.

Emily26 03-28-2019 07:13 PM

I think you're being too hard on yourself. Part of being a good teacher is monitoring and adjusting to student behavior and needs. It doesn't seem outrageous to me that you would be pulling a little friend who is having a hard time to work one-on-one with his teacher. Go in with a positive attitude, explain the situation as needed, and feel confident that you did the right thing for your students, no matter the result of your "observation".

And remember that 99% of administrators would DIE if they had to manage your class for more than 9 minutes

ElizabethJoy 03-28-2019 06:41 PM

I know it doesnít always happen but the evaluator should not be evaluating whether all children are cooperating etc, but how you responded when they didnít.
Yes, this.

My boss came in for an observation once, in my second year. I had a tough group that year, and after having a total angel class the year before, I thought I was going to bomb. I had been used to running my class like a well oiled machine! That second class sure humbled me

But the feedback my boss gave was 'You're handling the defiant kids so well!' I was surprised, because I had felt like only half my class was on task while she was watching. I truly am thankful she was so understanding. Hopefully whoever was observing you 'gets it'.
mrsd5 03-28-2019 04:45 PM

I was evaluated while dealing with a boy hiding under his desk. Itís kind of difficult to tach a child who is crouching under a desk and wonít come out. He actually complimented me on how I handled the situation. Inside, I was fighting murderous urges.

NJ Teacher 03-28-2019 02:16 PM

I hate the pressure and stress that we have often come to feel as educators despite working as hard as we can. I retired in June, and part of my decision was based on the stress from all the work and feeling that the administration in my building did not value me or appreciate me. True tenure was eliminated in my state, and you need to be rated either effective or highly effective, otherwise you are placed on an improvement plan and if you don't get a better rating the following year, you are gone regardless of your experience or what your prior ratings were. We used to have one observation where we were encouraged to risk-take, try something new, and stretch ourselves. Now, it s all about the standards and how the principal interprets them. One observation is announced and one is unannounced. Not sure which is worse, since the announced is longer and has a mandatory questionnaire to fill out that becomes a good part of your observation. And if an observation doesn't go well, the weight placed on it now compared to past years is high and could affect our score at your summative conference. I never came close to being rated partially effective, but I worried about it a lot since I was not one of my principals "pals" and she largely ignored me. I never felt valued or that I was doing a good job. I am also single, and worried about what the loss of my job could do to me financially.

Remember though, that an observation is only a snapshot of what happened at a given time. This was unannounced, and students don't always cooperate. You had a planned activity, I'm sure the majority of children enjoyed it, and that kid could have been having a bad day. I would be prepared to answer what you do to move forward with that student and help him feel like a valued participant in the learning community. If you have asked for help with him before and did not get it, I would say that. And even though the year is soon ending, I would ask for suggestions from the principal as what to with this child. Centers are great, but when you are alone, without a co-teacher or aide to help, some children just can't handle it. And I would be prepared to write a written rebuttal if you feel you were evaluated unfairly. I did that with my last one, even though I shouldn't have cared since I was retiring anyway. I felt better expressing myself. Just make sure you do it politely and professionally f you do, especially since you are moving on.

New job opportunities always seem scary. Hopefully, you have hit rock bottom with this district, and will move on to additional challenges and meet them Education today is rough, no matter where it is. The requirements asked of us and our students are often pushing the limits of what we should be asked to do. That's just the reality. But the good thing is, your observation is over! Try to relax, pour a glass of wine or another drink you enjoy, and toast the coming end of the year and your moving on. Good luck to you!

rusty 03-28-2019 12:28 PM

You may have done better than you think. Go in for the review with a positive attitude and don't volunteer any apologies or excuses.....just listen. Since you're leaving anyway, you don't really have to defend yourself. I'm hoping you get back some self confidence and I hope your new school will be a much better experience for you. Try to finish out the year by concentrating on the kids and try not to beat yourself up over one observation.

Zia 03-28-2019 10:57 AM

I don't think having a defiant kid would negatively affect your observation. How you handled the kid's behavior is what the observation should reflect. Any admin worth his/her salt knows defiant kids happen.

I had the P call the police on a kiddo during my observation. I got super high scores on that because of how I managed the kid and the rest of the class during the crisis.

Don't stress until you have a solid reason to stress! Hang in there.

MAsped 03-28-2019 07:46 AM

I'm sorry this happened. Yeah, what a time to be working with the defiant kid!

How many yrs have you been teaching?
How long have you been at this specific school?

Good luck at your new place next year?

travelingfar 03-28-2019 03:21 AM

I'm sorry you're going through this. I'm sending positive thoughts your way and hope that your evaluation turns out better than you think it will. One defiant student should not ruin an entire evaluation.

Donít worry 03-28-2019 02:15 AM

I know it doesn’t always happen but the evaluator should not be evaluating whether all children are cooperating etc, but how you responded when they didn’t.
If you made several attempts to get this child to cooperate, while at the same time managing the rest of the class, it should be fine.

If the no. Cooperating child comes up in the conversation, ask what he/ she advises you do to get the child to cooperate.

Testyteach 03-28-2019 12:55 AM

I'm feeling so low about my ability to teach and manage kids. My last observation was yesterday and I know I bombed. It was unannounced and I had a defiant kid working with me at my math center that wouldn't cooperate. I have ruminated over this all yesterday and last night, and am scared as to what my evaluation is going to come back saying. I hate this feeling, and now I get to wait for the feedback to come back that seems to take forever. I can't wait for this year to be over, but yet I'm scared of what next year holds at a new district, grade, and school. I am hoping that I'm making a good decision for myself by giving it one more try someplace else. I miss feeling like I belong, am valued, and am doing a good job. I guess only time will tell.

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