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Dacota's Message:

Cabernet and Teabreak, thank you both so much for your replies and sharing your insight and knowledge with me. You've helped a lot...thanks so much.

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Dacota 01-29-2017 05:24 PM

Thank you everyone...I really appreciate your insights and you taking time to answer and to help clarify this for me.

Right now, my concern is a Kindergartner that I have been working with since the middle of September. He is a really bright young man with a great work ethic and a desire to learn. He recently qualified for SpEd services based on the descripancy between his ability level and his difficulties in learning. With lots of help from home, the classroom teacher, and receiving Title services 30 minutes for math and 30 minutes for reading each day, he has started to make some excellent progress. When he begins tomorrow in the Resource Room, he will go from being in a Title group of 2 students working on the same concept to being in a group of 3 students, each at a different grade level and working on different concepts.

I KNOW he will receive outstanding instruction from his Resource teacher, but I just wonder if being in a group of only 2 focused on the same concepts was an added benefit to him. Does that make any sense? I just feel given his age, his intelligence, and his desire to learn that giving him all the extra help we can right now could really make a difference for him. Since he would not be keeping any other classmate from getting the help he/she needs, I keep thinking that offering him Title services in addition to his Resource Room services might be what we should be doing...?

The other concern to consider, of course, is the amount of time he would be out of his regular classroom. And if we do go down that path, then it should be an option for all students, right, which may in the future deprive a student of Title services....? We are a Targeted Assistance Title Program in a rural school. We have one class per grade level, averaging 24 students per grade.

Thanks, again, so much for all your help...hope your week ahead is a great one for each of you!

luvtulearn 01-29-2017 02:39 PM

To my knowledge their is no law, but I was directed that during rti or pull out I work with the students that have not been identified yet. ( except speech and students on 504 plans) We also have an enormous population that is considered at risk (two or more standard deviations below grade level) and I am already stretched very thin. There is one circumstance that does warrant my services and that is when I go into the 4th grade classroom that houses the tier 2 and 3 students for intervention. The resource teacher is unable to pull 2 behavior students with the other 4th graders during this time slot. I have created a file on these 2 students and will do a fluency and sight word test on them but I will not do a
running record or any other type of extensive assessment because there are currently 28 students in that tier classroom with 2 teachers so time is of the essence.

P.S. At all the other elementary sites in our district, however, the Title one teacher works with the resource teacher and all of their aides. They pull students out and work together depending on need and grade level.

Haley23 01-25-2017 08:44 PM

There's no law, but all of the schools I've worked in haven't allowed it. Since so many kids were high needs, they wanted to save the title services for kids who weren't getting anything else rather than allowing students with IEPs to "double dip." I wish my students could get title (I'm a sped teacher). It's frustrating to me because of course my students are in title services when they go through the RtI process to get identified for sped in the first place. In many situations, the student's title group is smaller, more matched to their needs, has less behavior issues, and/or meets for more time than the sped group they move into when they get an IEP. Title has more flexibility since they're only teaching reading and they're allowed to say no to new students. I'm sure my students would be much more successful if we could actually add on more services in sped rather than simply replacing title services with sped services when kids get identified. That said, I do understand the argument from title/gen ed teachers to not allow students to "double dip" when we do have so many high needs students. Over 50% of our population is significantly below grade level, so it doesn't seem fair to have some kids getting both while so many kids can't get anything since we're all stretched so thin.

Dacota 01-25-2017 07:22 PM

Cabernet and Teabreak, thank you both so much for your replies and sharing your insight and knowledge with me. You've helped a lot...thanks so much.

cabernet 01-25-2017 06:20 AM

I've noticed this varies by schools.

The following is from this government website, note A and 3

Section 1115 Targeted Assistance Schools
Scroll up to get school wide

(A) IN GENERAL- Children who are economically disadvantaged, children with disabilities, migrant children or limited English proficient children, are eligible for services under this part on the same basis as other children selected to receive services under this part.
(B) HEAD START, EVEN START, OR EARLY READING FIRST CHILDREN- A child who, at any time in the 2 years preceding the year for which the determination is made, participated in a Head Start, Even Start, or Early Reading First program, or in preschool services under this title, is eligible for services under this part.
(C) PART C CHILDREN- A child who, at any time in the 2 years preceding the year for which the determination is made, received services under part C is eligible for services under this part.
(D) NEGLECTED OR DELINQUENT CHILDREN- A child in a local institution for neglected or delinquent children and youth or attending a community day program for such children is eligible for services under this part.
(E) HOMELESS CHILDREN- A child who is homeless and attending any school served by the local educational agency is eligible for services under this part.
(3) SPECIAL RULE- Funds received under this part may not be used to provide services that are otherwise required by law to be made available to children described in paragraph (2) but may be used to coordinate or supplement such services.

teabreak 01-24-2017 07:32 PM

I have never heard that a student on and IEP can't receive Title I services. Anytime a student with an issue with learning can double dip there shouldn't be a problem unless it interferes with the IEP.

As a case manager and SPED teacher, I have quite a few students that receive both IEP services and other services offered to their peers. How would a school that receives Title I money and special ed money turn any student away? That seems strange to me.

There is no law out there that prevents a student on an IEP from also receiving services granted by Title I.

Title I and IDEA are revenue streams for public schools. These funds do not follow individual children.

Title I provides federal funds to improve the education of disadvantaged children. IDEA provides federal funds to help schools and school districts educate children with disabilities. Some disadvantaged children who attend Title I schools have disabilities and receive special education services under IDEA. - See more at:
Does this help you any?
Dacota 01-24-2017 05:28 PM

As a classroom teacher, I was always told by our Title I teachers/director that a student on an IEP was not eligible for Title I services...they called it double-dipping. Now, as a Title I teacher myself looking to learn all that I can, I read somewhere that federal law does not prevent a student from receiving both SpEd services and Title I services at the same time.

Is there anyone who knows for sure what the law is regarding Title I students who also qualify for SpEd services? Thanks for any information you can share with me.

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