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hockey6882's Message:

Our school does a student of the week and I allow that student to bring things in each day to share. Every student gets a week and then it's done. If something special comes up, like the girl who was a flower girl in a wedding, then they can share too.

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ICrazyTeach 07-30-2013 07:08 PM

We have a morning meeting with a daily greeting, share, activity and message. Show and Tell is the share part 2 or 3 days a week. Kids can pretty much bring whatever they want. The schedule goes out in the montly newsletter. If a student doesn't bring anything to share we still have him/her tell us something they want us to know. We get about 3 rounds done during the year.
It addresses speaking and listening standards.

grammyteaches 07-28-2013 11:17 AM

I do it - I don't call it show and tell - it is a share day as I want the kids to get away from bringing "stuff" in and work on oral language. About October I assign each child a day and send a letter home explaining it all - so 3 or 4 kids share each day before snack - If they forget, they share the next week - OR they come up and tell a story or share an experience, which really is my goal -
I start by letting them bring in toys, at first, and then I ask for no toys - and next work toward family themes and then about me. At the end of the year - the theme is nature related - the kids love it and take a couple questions or comments at the end of their share -

MalibuBarbie 07-25-2013 08:57 AM

So regular show and tell gets pretty boring. After we've gone through it three times (Oct, Nov, Dec), we take the first week or two back after the holiday break and kids can bring in "Something New"--typically a gift from the holidays. I don't have a schedule but I keep track on my clipboard who has had a chance (and don't let them try to slide in another!). I take their picture with their new thing and this is added to their scrapbook. They fill in the blank: This is ________________. I got it from __________.

After that, I show the kids my estimation jar and the Mystery Can. Last year the kids were VERY into the Mystery Can. You can only do one kid a day so it usually takes us from that second or third week in January until our Mid winter break in Feb. (Perfect!) The Can is like a coffee can. I have a little book in it (that I make) with a page for kids to write three clues with their family at home. The item has to fit inside the can. They LOVE going behind a shelf in the room and pulling the book out--so we can't see inside the can. Stealth!

I hold the book and help with clues as needed. Oh, they start by shaking the can to see if anyone can guess what it is. So they take one guess after shaking it and after each clue. Sometimes they want to take three guesses after the final clue. I'm fine with that. If no one guesses it, we were STUMPED! On the back of the clue page is a spot to write what the object was and who guessed it or "we were stumped".

The estimation jar is a small clear peanut butter jar. I have a tiny laminated card inside that says keep the number of objects under ___ (depending on the time of year we're doing it). I also put a little slip of paper inside for them to write the number of objects that are in the jar. The jar gets passed around the circle and I write kid's guesses on my clipboard. Then we count the objects. Often, kids put some kind of cereal or candy so that everyone gets a couple after we counted them.

I have one more very much more involved activity we do near the end of the year called "Teach the Class". Each child has a day to teach us something they know how to do (make choc milk, soccer skills, fold a paper airplane or boat, origami, somersault, etc, etc.). They teach us, we might get an opportunity to try the same and then we write about it. "This is ______ ________. He likes to (something they'd like us to remember about him). _______ taught us how to _______. It was (awesome/fantastic, etc.). The kids end up with a wonderful book of all the things their classmates taught them.

Usually after the Mystery Can (Feb/March), the kids are dying for regular show and tell again. We do that then go into Teach the Class then finish out with regular show and tell again.

MalibuBarbie 07-25-2013 08:43 AM

My S&T is structured very much like Bennyjake's but I don't have bags. Each month (usually starting in OCtober) we make a calendar. I staple an 8.5 x 11 calendar to the bottom of an 18x12 inch piece of construction paper. We use the top half for the project. I always have the projects tied to a a pumpkin poem in October. The kids make grass, a pumpkin, stem, face, vine, moon, etc. and glue on a little copy of the poem. We'll go through and highlight words we know or have been working on in the poem. The poem is in a pocket chart in our classroom--one we work on all month.

The calendar at the bottom has one child written in per day--but I'll double up some days so that everyone has a chance during the month. The kids highlight their name on the calendar so they can refer to it at home and remember/plan/prepare for their day. I LOVE how some kids REALLY refer to it--they'll tell us exactly who has S&T before their day and they know who's turn it is tomorrow...

Show and Tell worked GREAT for us right after lunch and recess last year. The kids knew to come in and sit in a circle and were quick to do so because they LOVED show and tell. The S&T kid sits in a chair next to my rocking chair and explains what they brought in (no rules--other than, not alive and only ONE thing!). After they talk about it, they would say, "I'm ready to pass" and they would hand it to the person next to them to pass it around the circle. While it's being passed, the child called on kids who have questions or compliments. When the thing makes it way all the way around, questions are done. Some kids field a LOT of questions while others don't. This is a GREAT time for me to model questioning.

The kids learned quick that they are to only "take a look and a pass". They aren't to turn it on or play with it, although all my little rule followers were quick to remind each other...look and a pass! Look and a pass!

Oral language is SOOOO important! This turns into a wonderful routine and can take no more than 15 minutes--as some days I had two or three kids with S&T. Those who forgot (those bags sound like a GREAT idea!) were always welcome to bring it the next day, or the next or the next.....whenever they finally remembered! I would NEVER deny them the opportunity for this chance to speak to the whole group.

Texas ice-mom 07-24-2013 07:50 PM

That's how I do it also. I send three bags home with three different students. They bring in what they like . it works great and usually everyone gets the bags during the week.

coppsma 07-24-2013 04:18 PM

I don't do show n tell anymore either. What I do is a Discovery Bag. I give a box, bag, or backpack with a great color scheme or design to 2 or 3 children a week (small, private school class). With a large class I would probably do 3 days, 3 kids. last year I just used a canvas bag I bought at the craft store and decorated it with stencils and fabric paint and added a velcro closure. A letter goes home to the parents with the bag each time. They help the children select the item and think of three hints to practice.

I really think this is good for beginning public speaking. It is also good for the guesser to practice reasoning skills. The guessers raise their hands to guess what it might be after each hint. A child may only be selected if they are sitting quietly and nicely raising their hand. I had problems with the same friends being chosen to guess each time (if you don't pick me I won't play with you, invite you to my party, tell everyone not to be your friend...)so I chose the first guesser .

My rules:
1. The item must fit in the bag
2. If it does not relate to the assigned topic it does not get shown (this is the parent's responsibility and it is stated so in the letter)
3. It is not to come out of the cubbies before or after Discovery Bag time, otherwise you will miss your next turn.
4.Once the child has brought the item it cannot be brought again
5. if the children do not guess it in three hints the Discover Bag student gets to pick a prize from the supply of junk I keep (usually sticker pages, tattoos, rings from birthday cupcakes...) since they did such a good job picking out an item and giving the hints and keeping it a secret.

Also, I help the guessers reason through the hints at the beginning of the year. For example, if a child brings a blue teddy bear and the hints are it is blue, it is cuddly, it sleeps with me, we will reason that it cannot be Clifford the big red dog because he is not blue, it is not Mater from "Cars" because he is brown, it is not a necklace because that is not cuddly.

If they get out of hand with it or I get tired of it, I will stop doing it after Christmas or spring break.

VivianCP 07-24-2013 01:21 PM

I appreciate the question & your responses. I have shied away from show & tell because it became too time consuming & boring. But now I may have to rethink that!

hockey, that's how my grade level partner does it & I have been entertaining doing the same.

bennyjake, that sounds easy & not time consuming. Thanks for your detailed response! I might have to go on the hunt for some bags.

bennyjake 07-24-2013 12:41 PM

I understand where you are coming from. Here's what works for me. I have cheap totes $1 from Dollar Tree that I write show and tell on them with fabric paint and then attach a card with the day of the week on each bag. On Friday I hand out the bags for next week. (I have an extra in case one gets left home, but rarely need it.) I just go down my class list. So one child goes each day. I have the directions on the back of the day tag. Basically saying it must fit in the bag, not living. I spend perhaps 5 min each day for show and tell. The person gets their bag and shares what they brought. ( I let them bring what the want, I don't tie it to a theme, letter sound. This way they get to bring what they want and we get to know a little bit about each other.) They must speak in complete sentences and so everyone can hear. What they brought and why they brought it. Then the class may raise hand and show and tell child calls on one child and they may ask them a question about what they brought. This has become a great way to teach them how to ask questions which require more than a yes or no answer and how to ask questions for discovering details. This process falls into the CCSS under speaking and listening. They LOVE to bring something from home to share and this is how I get the bags back, I guess??? I do explain the whole process in my Newsletter at the beginning of the year. I don't start show and tell until about 4 weeks into school. We have our state fair in our town so show and tell starts the first Monday after the fair, around the middle of Sept. Not sure why I chose this date, but it works for me not to start right off the bat with show and tell. It's fun to see those who struggle with speaking in front of their class, while others thrive on it. Awesome to see the progress those shy ones make by the end of the year. Hope this helps.

hockey6882 07-24-2013 12:15 PM

Our school does a student of the week and I allow that student to bring things in each day to share. Every student gets a week and then it's done. If something special comes up, like the girl who was a flower girl in a wedding, then they can share too.

Miss Binney 07-24-2013 12:10 PM

In the past I have assigned a theme each week and have assigned students days to bring items. So, I only have 4 or 5 kids who need to do it each day so it doesn't drag out forever. But... I'm so over show and tell. It seems like there are always challenges - kids bringing toys that are sort of (real stretch!) related to the assigned topic, kids forgetting to bring it on their day, kids who never bring it, etc.

How do you do show and tell? Do you do it every week? Any fun ideas so that it has value in the classroom?

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