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twin2's Message:

In time you will make it home, whether you change those things or not.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
cemsnowy4 10-24-2019 03:08 PM

I agree with the others. If it is written in your paperwork then you should get it.

ZipLine 10-24-2019 03:25 AM

I agree to fight for anything that is in writing. They can’t deny it was the agreement between you. If the brick was to be red but is brown, on that alone they should make a price adjustment. Maybe that will pay for some of the flooring cost.

Time to pull out “that teacher voice.”

mommy9298 10-24-2019 03:01 AM

I would fight the things you want and agreed to. Do not settle. If itís in writing, you can fight it.

msd2 10-24-2019 03:00 AM

What was written in the contract? If it was in the contract, fight it tooth and nail until you get what was written. If it was not written in the contract, learn from your mistake. If it is not in writing, it was not really said.

Sorry you are so disappointed.

Did they show you the brick and tell you that any lot can have that brick color or was the color of the brick determined by which lot you picked as in many neighborhoods where the builder determines the color of the houses based on the lot and if you select a different lot, you get the color of the house that is planned for that lot?

Shelby3 10-23-2019 07:46 PM

I would be very upset.
DH was in construction for years and the stories he brought home about competitors and sub contractors were sometimes hard to believe. The corners cut, the loop hole in contracts, etc. Buyer beware!
Sounds like you've got a long punch list of things that need to be fixed.

2teach2 10-23-2019 07:19 PM

I agree with the others who say that you should fight for what you were promised. Usually there is a walk-through before you sign your final papers, and you can put down the items you want fixed/changed. Maybe you could find out from other buyers in your subdivision if they were also duped. If so, I would throw around threats of a class action suit. When we moved into our subdivision 16 years ago, there were a lot of problems and some homeowners filed a lawsuit. We told the builder that if they fixed everything to our satisfaction, we wouldn't join the class action suit.

teachnkids 10-23-2019 06:56 PM

Rec & brown ate different colors. I'd get what I paid for

Realtor screwed up on carpet...she needs to fix it or give you money to fix it.

I'd fight for the other stuff.

I learned a lot building our house and settling. Won't EVER do that again. I'm not closing until I have it fixed or in writing when it will be fixed and not at my cost?

Zia 10-23-2019 06:42 PM

The color of the brick is what I'd lose my marbles over.

techgrad 10-23-2019 06:31 PM

No. I havenít closed yet. I will be fighting for the door. It really bugs me.
I knew about the carpet because the original plan was to close and the next day rip it out. Now it looks like I will have to live with the carpet for a while and forever in the bedrooms.

We will see. I still have about 3 weeks until I close.

emgirl 10-23-2019 06:22 PM

Into a brand new build last year I would fight for everything.
Have you closed yet? There were things they promised us and we fought them until it was fixed!

Zia 10-23-2019 06:08 PM

Maybe I'm a PITA, but I would fight all that. Get what you were promised/paid for. I wouldn't just accept it.

twin2 10-23-2019 06:02 PM

In time you will make it home, whether you change those things or not.

anna 10-23-2019 05:27 PM

I would be disappointed too.

techgrad 10-23-2019 05:04 PM

While I am so grateful and excited to be moving into a brand new build house, my hopes and wants have seemed to be shot down. Iím feeling disappointed with the whole thing. Things that make me feel that way:
1. Brick is wrong color. The duped me and it is not red. i asked for red, said it would be red, and itís brown.
2. The cost to replace all the carpet in the house is going to be too expensive to hire someone to do it. Misquoted by my realtor the price.
3. Will have to live with not so great carpet in bedrooms. It came with the lowest package that I picked.
4. Front door will not have any decor/glass to it. Said it came with the package I picked, even though I was told all packages have an ďupgradedĒ door.
5. Wonít be able to replace flooring until after Christmas when the plan was to do it before I move in after closing.

I guess I just was excited to be finally getting exactly what I wanted, but now Iím not. Ugh. I will get over it and I will be able to have a great home.

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