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disneynut's Message:

....I wouldn't spend $1,000 on my child's prom. I think it's crazy but to each his own!

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
Elemteach22 03-17-2015 05:52 PM

Really, the biggest expense was transportation. We live in a small town and the prom was always in a city so, for safety, parents always rented limos and split the cost. So, the total cost per student for clothing, transportation, prom tickets, hair, nails, pre prom meal, and after prom meal or party did cost close to 1000.00.

ReeB83 03-17-2015 05:37 PM

2001 seems like "The Olden Days"

Between hand me downs, kitchen beauticians and my friend's parents' car, my senior prom was something like $100--money I earned working at McDonald's

My step mom, on the other hand, rented a Lamborghini for little brother's prom.


mommy9298 03-15-2015 06:15 AM

The districts that I live and teach in have scaled down the prom. A few years ago it was not unheard of for a couple to spend well over $1,000. Both districts now have buses to take the kids to and from the prom which cut out the cost of limos. The tickets do cost $150-200 per couple, but that includes the bus. Of course the expense is more for girls:dress, hair, make up, and mani/pedi. It sounds like a lot, but is the reality in some areas.

Elemteach22 03-14-2015 11:46 PM

My kids are grown; however, we spent close to that on prom 15 years ago-for a son and daughter. There was not much difference in the amount we paid for each.

eliza4one 03-14-2015 05:17 PM

Glad my kids are grown...

damn materialistic society we live in! Geesh.

But like Gromit said, we all spend money on our priorities. To each his own.

Gromit 03-14-2015 04:09 PM

I'd never pay $1000 for prom, but I'm sure there are people who say "I'd never pay $1000 for dog training!" and yet I do that every year.

We all have different financial priorities. If they can afford it, there's nothing wrong with it. And even if they can't afford it, it's their business.

I might if I heard someone talk about spending $1000 on prom, but it wouldn't bother me.

Tawaki 03-14-2015 03:46 PM

If it is the senior prom, I know the guy picks up the tickets ($150), flowers (nothing less than around $40 here), people split the limo, tux? The boys do not wear suits.

For a girl, who is not an outlier, I don't think you could do it cheaper than $300. It is a pretty formal affair here.

I could hood rat the dress, shoes, hair etc for under $300, but for the average "I want to be like my friends" not a chance and still have her talking to you afterwards.

I know proms range from in the gym to expensive, formal venues (ours is), so if yours is punch and a DJ...count your blessings! Lol..

disneynut 03-14-2015 03:23 PM

....I wouldn't spend $1,000 on my child's prom. I think it's crazy but to each his own!

Tawaki 03-14-2015 11:43 AM

It is fueling the economy. ..

For the people with money where I live, dresses started at $500. Include hair, mani/pedi, make up. So...depending on where you get done up, it could get close to a grand. Include flowers, a photographer for pictures, and a limo for a few couples, and snacks afterwards.

I think the HS prom tickets are $150/couple around here.

I only figured the cost for the girl.

There is a girl I know that her dad flies her and girl relatives to Chicago to shop at the American Girl store probably 3 to 4 times a year on the weekends. Or the person who would fly his gardener and my dad to Holland to purchase tulip bulbs for his spring garden over looking the dining room. I think it was $50K worth of bulbs at the time (1990s).

Having had to provide services to people with that kind of cash, rest assured, we got our cut and didn't give it away.

So when your head goes boom at a 5K prom experience or the 100K wedding, remember someone is making a buck providing services. People with means have no clue how the "battle cattle" live anyway. We aren't a blip on their radar, so I refuse to use neurons thinking about them.

One last story, my dad and I were helping a painter. Our job was to paint color swatches on the wall so the wife could evaluate what color the room should be. This morphed into a month, and the owner asked the husband what should we do since his wife couldn't make a decision. It was dragging on too long.

The husband told us, he didn't care if we painted swatches until after Christmas (this was September). The project kept his wife off his a**, and that was a good thing.

We got paid an good hourly rate, and that job lasted until March of the following year. Both the wife and husband were thrilled with our work and the finished project.


WcoastTeach7 03-14-2015 09:33 AM

You must not live here in the west. A grand would only begin to cover the attire!

TheTrunch 03-14-2015 07:29 AM

Why are you letting that bother you so much? Maybe because that goes against some of your ideas of what is important in life. Maybe that is offensive to you because there are so many homeless people and people in need.

OR maybe because you didn't have that much money to spend and are feeling jealousy. Or maybe you resent that particular type of student who has it all and who you think is being shallow.

But we never know what is going to happen. This may be the only good thing to happen to this student. She may get in a traffic accident and be disfigured. So I think it is best to just wish people well when they have success. Life is full of ups and downs.

ReeseTeacher 03-13-2015 05:49 PM

I spent about 150 bucks on my prom. Including my dress, hair and ticket. UGH

I don't get it either.

0-0-0-0-0 03-13-2015 03:58 AM

Spring has sprung here in our town. (Meaning the temps are in the 40s.)
Yesterday, I heard a student say "I overheard my parents talking. My dad said that he's willing to drop a grand on the Prom and my mom agreed that was Ok but to not tell me just yet."
Why am I letting that bother me so much?

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