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seenthelight's Message:

You adore your P? Stay where you are. Trust me a nasty P can make your life miserable, and there’s no point in risking it by going to a different school.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
klarabelle 02-14-2020 06:46 PM

I transferred out of a school because I was upset with the P. Well, it was the worst thing I ever did. I went from the fat into the frying pan and did not like my new P. I found out too late how good my first P was. Yep, the grass always seems greener but sometmes there is a snake hiding.

I think I would talk with your P about changing positions next year or looking for some type of project that may be available to you.

Munchkins 02-14-2020 01:49 PM

A good P that you adore is worth staying for. A bad P will make your work life awful. Remember, I moved 700 miles to work for the world’s best P again, and I have no regrets!

cruxian 02-14-2020 09:17 AM

A great admin is worth staying and I wouldn't think twice about your admin holding it against you or speaking to other. Your admin clearly wants you to stay, which is great---you're valued.
Positives of staying at your school: you like your admin and your admin likes you. You know the unwritten codes of the building and are a known presence at your school. If you do well with the kids, then parents known and probably talk positively about you.
You could possibly move to a different grade, try something new, take the lead in a new subject to spice things up.
Negatives of staying: you've been there 17 years. That can be repetitive and it's easy to coast in those circumstances. I get the sense you're feeling that, a bit. Your colleagues aren't friendly and that can be isolating
Positives of moving: change so you don't stagnate. Possibly new colleagues that will include you and fulfill that part of your teaching life. Variety.
Negatives: There's no guarantee that you'll make new friends at your new school. I moved to a new school this year, have two good friends who work there and....I barely see them. It's great having them there and I've made new friends but still. There's no guarantee and I've had the opposite situation of going someplace new and it not working out socially.
What if the newness stresses you out?

NJ Teacher 02-14-2020 04:39 AM

I agree a good principal is priceless. Could you ask for a grade level switch in your present school for a new challenge?

There is no guarantee of collegiality in the other school, unless you already have good friends there. However, I can’t see where a simple transfer request would cause administration to lose an excellent teacher by getting rid of them. You would have to build your reputation with a new set of parents, which sometimes is not easy these days.

In the end, weigh the pros and cons and do what is right for you.

seenthelight 02-13-2020 09:52 PM

You adore your P? Stay where you are. Trust me a nasty P can make your life miserable, and there’s no point in risking it by going to a different school.

Persephone 02-13-2020 07:58 PM

Looking to switch schools IN my current district.
Teacher is retiring at another school.
Just wanting a Fresh Start.

Hubby says NO. Switching schools will bite me in the ass and administrators will use it to get rid of me.

Have NOT put in a formal request.
Just told Principal that it might be nice to have a Fresh Start.
(This came after a nasty parent email that broke my heart.)

Principal told me:
This is your home. You won't like it over there. Running away won't solve anything.

Have NOT had anything too terrible at this school.
ADORE my Principal.
Doing an Awesome Job.
LOVE my students.

It's just me and how I feel.
Just wanting so much more.
Don't know how to satisfy that.

Always feeling lonely.
NOT included at work, no matter how friendly I try to be.
Colleagues are often disrespectful.

Sent Principal a positive email to try and cancel out my passing transfer fancy.

Wondering if he said anything to other Admins.

Just "grass is always greener."

Working at same job for 17 years.

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