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Sara324's Message:

My class is going to read the book Frindle in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any ideas for activities or lessons that you have done with this book?

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slappy123 04-02-2007 11:15 AM

make a new word for seperate words. each child chooses a word,makes up a new word for it, and learns other synonyms. then "publish" a class thesaurus and donate it to the school or class library. Title it like:
(rm #)'s thrilling thesaurus!
or (rm #)'s smashing synonyms!

love5th 01-10-2007 07:00 PM

I did this when I was student teaching and I teach a different grade level now, but I will try my best to remember the details. We were working on summarizing at the time, so I also wanted to incorporate that. I put the class into three groups and every time we read three chapter each group would summarize one of them. They had to take notes over what to summarize from their chapter. They would meet and have one class period to write the summary and draw the illustration as a group. These were put on a 16X20 piece of white paper. Once we had read through all of the chapters we had a contest for someone to create the cover (students voted on their favorite ones other student had drawn up) and then I bound all the piece of construction paper together to make a large book. Also, at the very end each student got to create their own word. They had to pick a word they wanted to rename. Once they did this and came up with the "new" name they had to write it down with the definition of the "old" word from the dictionary. They had to do the part of speech as well. For example, one student replaced the word blanket with the word zoozooba. So on their paper they wrote "zoozooba(n): an object used to cover something for warmth" I made up a sheet with the vow from the end of the book for them to insert their words. I can't remember it all but the general idea was something like " I will no longer say _______ I will now say _________" and they filled in their words. There was a place for them to draw a picture on the sheet. I made a sign that said something like "Frindle by ____( I can't think of the author): Will our new words catch on? with their pictures and vows hanging up underneath it in the hall. Then as one last final touch I took all their new words and definitions and typed them in alphabetical order and inserted some clip art here and there and made our own class dictionary. After each word I put who it was created by. We then put the large summary book, our class dictionary, and a pen with the word "frindle" on it in a large bag. Each student got to take home the "frindle packet" to share with their families. Their family had to sign a sheet saying they read through the book with their child and the student had to bring it back the next day for someone else to take home. I couldn't believe how creative my students were with this or how much they and their parents enjoyed it. I hope this helps (sorry it is so long) Let me know if you need anything else explained better

Sara324 01-09-2007 03:25 PM

My class is going to read the book Frindle in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any ideas for activities or lessons that you have done with this book?

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