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sevenplus's Message:

I'm not a fan of Dojo points. But maybe you can add more categories once you see what areas in which they need reinforcement?

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EduSpire 08-30-2020 05:01 AM

Growth mindset indicators are critical during DL, especially since you arenít with the students to support them. Working through tech troubles, supporting another student with tech issues, completing and submitting work online, asking a question on Google Classroom/Dojo, those sort of things.

I use ClassCraft (5th grade) and the upper kiddos really enjoy it. I used Dojo when in primary. Good luck!

2teach2 08-26-2020 08:08 PM

I agree with the previous poster. Watch to see what you need to reinforce with your students. At this point, I need to add a category for 'not laying on a couch during virtual class'!

sevenplus 08-14-2020 02:43 PM

I'm not a fan of Dojo points. But maybe you can add more categories once you see what areas in which they need reinforcement?

Teacherbee_4 08-14-2020 01:36 PM

What about something for work completion? A point for finishing the work or losing a point for late/unfinished work (obviously within reason...if they are sick, have a family emergency, no wi-fi for the day, etc. you can be flexible.) I also give point for "High Quality Work". If a student turns in an assignment that I can tell they put forth a ton of effort, went above and beyond, worked really hard on it, etc., I gave them a dojo point. I also give points for doing extras, such as IXL/those types of sites.

mrteacherguy 08-14-2020 01:06 PM

I've never really used Class Dojo, but my fifth graders seem really excited about it (apparently some of their prior teachers have used it).

I'm trying to get ideas as to what + and - points I should have in place during Distance Learning. So far for positives, I have that their camera is on (one of our expectations) and participation. For negatives, I have camera is off, no response when called on, and inappropriate use of chat.

I'm looking for other ideas that you guys might have for + and - points for online. A lot of the things I would normally give or take points for in class don't apply as easily online.

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