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busybeing's Message:

Thanks everyone... I hate this is happening to all of you but I'm glad we're not alone...

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busybeing 04-13-2020 06:09 PM

Thanks everyone... I hate this is happening to all of you but I'm glad we're not alone...

GreyhoundGirl 04-11-2020 02:55 PM

I have never experienced an inequity in pay. In all the districts I've worked at Sped teachers and gen ed teachers are all in the same union and under the same contract so we are all on the same pay scale. If you're not, I'd be finding someplace else to work ASAP.

newbie17 04-10-2020 08:29 PM

I see 39 kids a day for my resource math class (departmentalized, I don't have that many on my caseload) and there is no way I can meet minutes for all of them. Due to confidentiality I can't have them all together so I'd have to do 1:1 sessions. If I were to provide the minutes for all my kids each day I'd be working constantly. Meeting minutes of just 6 of my kids alone would take up around 7 hours a day. Throw in the other 33 at around 30 minutes a day and that's another 16.5 hours...soooo 23.5 hours a day? Plus annual reviews, plus faculty meetings, plus contacting parents, plus communicating with gen ed, plus lesson planning? Not exactly what I'd call a reasonable expectation. I do hope all districts realize what mine has...we will do our best, but we will not be meeting minutes.

Christi508 04-08-2020 02:18 AM

Do they not realize this is CRISIS schooling? I am doing the best I can and my parents are happy but I have two checklists with 60 boxes that are supposed to be filled out daily for each of my 13 students. There is no way I can provide the minutes they were getting when we were in school BECAUSE WE ARE NOT IN SCHOOL!

WalkDontRun 04-02-2020 01:59 PM

Ridiculous expectations! We are being told to do our best to make contact with parents and students. There are no set expectations for support we are to provide so resource teachers are doing a variety of things—google classrooms, teacher websites, supporting students within their gen ed google classrooms, a few zoom meetings, though not many are doing that, sending work via e-mail and snail mail. We are on Spring Break next week so we will see if they ramp up the expectations after that!

It seems that no matter what sped teachers are doing there is very little engagement from students.

Haley23 04-01-2020 11:10 PM

I have definitely been frustrated with the inequity of the situation. Luckily, I've learned over the years to speak up for myself and I have a supportive P who actually thinks about things like equity of workload (this is the only P out of 4 I've worked for who has shown any amount of concern for this).

My sped director's expectations are ridiculous. District said repeatedly that online teaching did not mean sitting in front of your computer all day. Sped director wanted us to do live zoom teaching in accordance with our service minutes. Umm, that would require being in front of a computer all day. And it sounds like a nightmare- trying to coordinate different families logging on for their group at the same time every day, dealing with tech issues, background noise, etc. Classroom teachers have to do a 20-30 minute live community circle every day (which we now also have to attend). After arguing back and forth with the sped director finally my P put her foot down and said we're not doing that.

Still, I have to provide "specialized instruction" for all of my IEP goals. I finally got sped director to budge on the minutes being similar percentage wise to what gen ed is providing. Since the "school day" is now only about 3 hours long, it doesn't make sense that kids would have the same IEP minutes as they did with a 7 hour school day. I tried to make it as easy on myself as possible. Although I had multiple groups in each grade level, for right now I am doing one reading lesson and one math lesson daily and giving it to every student I have in the grade level. Once I see who is consistently logging on and doing the work, I may differentiate more.

I have 3 grade levels, so this is still 6 lessons per day. The classroom teachers are required to do a reading, math, and science OR social studies lesson daily. However, they can split it among the team. Most teams are having one person plan each subject, so really, they are only responsible for one lesson per day. I don't have anyone to split the work with.

We also have to continue doing all of our IEP paperwork and meetings. Documentation is even more ridiculous now due to the online setting and not being able to get signatures. I also have to document what I provide for students daily and if they do the work. Sped director also wanted us to continue progress monitoring IEP goals. 80% of my reading goals are based in DIBELS since during regular school we're required to give that weekly anyway. There is no way to do that online unless I can manage to get all 25 of my students to sign up for a zoom meeting with me and actually show up at the appropriate time.

Sped director seemed to think this was a totally reasonable expectation to do every single week. She thought she was "compromising" by then saying okay, do half of the caseload every week so you get biweekly data. BTW, no expectation that anyone else in the school continue to do DIBELS /any progress monitoring, and end of year benchmark testing has already been cancelled. I worked it out with P that we will try to set this up ONE time at the end of the year to get accurate data for IEP progress reports. For the rest of the time I will keep some "progress notes" based on what the kids send back to me but not do face to face testing.

As for the person that texted you and asked you to provide work, I would flat out say no. It's very likely this person has no idea the amount of work you're doing. I would explain what you have to do and say that you don't have time for extras. They may even be assuming that non-classroom teachers aren't doing any teaching right now .

I have been SO busy this week. The past several days I have not even stopped to eat anything until 8-9 PM at night. Part of the issue is that I also wasn't familiar with any of the tech platforms we're using- they didn't make sense in my pull out setting before. I would never pull a kid out and stick them on a computer. I had to learn all of the platforms/apps since I have multiple grade levels. I'm hoping now that I have the hang of using everything that it will get easier. I certainly can't keep up this amount of work for the next 2 months.

busybeing 03-31-2020 05:12 PM

I'm just going to caveat this by saying I came from the corporate world before I worked in SPED. It BLOWS MY MIND the inequity in pay between special education and general education teachers, given our considerable increased workload... so that's where I'm starting from...

That being kept in mind.... in our district, us SPED teachers are expected to deliver at a minimum, weekly, specialized designed instruction geared to meet each individual student's objectives. In my state, we don't just have goals, we have at least 4-5 objectives per goal. These objectives are the criteria by which each student is judged to have met their particular goal.

After getting this directive in a meeting this afternoon, I've spent the bulk of tonight (3 HOURS) working on content for week one for just ONE child (I 12 on my caseload). Yes, there are great resources out there, but again I am tasked with directly tying activities to their

Meanwhile, I was under the impression our general ed colleagues were following the same guidelines in providing "moving forward instruction" that was geared toward particular groups and segments of students. I got a text tonight from a grade level general ed colleague asking me to provide content every other week for her ClassDojo so that we can "all take turns" providing enrichment content. I teach a sub separate class within that grade level. What the serious...

Is anyone else pissed the f*ck off by the inequity in all of this??? Has anyone's unions stepped up? Ours said they would and then crickets...

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