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SusaninNJ's Message:

I have always hated Halloween. Not into it as a kid and never enjoyed the day as a teacher. I appreciate the religious significance though. The remembrance of the dead is meaningful for me and will be especially so this year with my Dadís death a few weeks ago.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
Haley23 10-24-2019 08:23 PM

In previous years I've enjoyed our Halloween celebration/parade at school. We have very "rigorous" expectations at our school and almost never do anything that's "fun," so it's cool to see the kids actually get to do something like this. Last year they moved the parade to first thing in the morning . I guess the idea was that kids come to school ready in costumes rather than having to deal with changing into them, parents wanting to come in and do makeup, etc.

I was legitimately sick last year on Halloween and missed it so IDK how it went- we'll see this year. I get the costume issue, but it seems like the rest of the day is going to be a waste. Normally I'd do a regular day before the parade, but now I'm feeling like I have to plan something special/fun all day or it's going to be hell trying to get them to do anything.

Our calendar people did have on stroke of brilliance this year- the day after Halloween is a PD day. So we won't have to deal with kids on Friday.

I haven't decided what to do about trick or treating. I never got trick or treaters in my apartment. I'm in a townhouse now in more of a "neighborhood" and I have seen a few kids around. It's honestly just going to depend on how I'm feeling as it gets closer- if I want to be a grinch and just leave my porch light off/ignore it or buy some candy and see how it goes.

TeaPro 10-24-2019 07:33 PM

I'm over it. I like seeing my grandkids in their costumes, but Halloween is an exhausting day at school. We don't have a party- not everyone celebrates Halloween and we want to be inclusive- but the kids are so hyped up! I think I'll just turn out the lights and ignore the doorbell this year.

BioAdoptMom3 10-24-2019 05:19 PM

I am 100% with you! I have not liked it since my late teens! Something I don't get is all the over the top decorating. A lot of people now do more for Halloween than they do for Christmas! That of course is their choice and right, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around it.


FancyFish 10-24-2019 03:52 PM

I really donít care for Halloweíen in any fashion - as a teacher, parent, or just me! I tolerate it but Iím happy to see it pass.

mommy9298 10-24-2019 02:16 PM

I never liked Halloween. When I was young, a neighborhood child was hit by a car and I have disliked it ever since. I did trick or treating with my own kids, but they always knew I was not a fan. 31 years of being a teacher has not changed my mind. I do enjoy the costumes but I could do without the craziness. I do decorate for fall, but only pumpkins.
Funny thing is both my boys love Halloween.

anonymouse 10-24-2019 02:11 PM

Like a pp said, I don't like how gory it has gotten. I don't mind the pumpkins and the cute decorations but it seems like every other house in my town has a grave yard on their front lawn and zombies coming out of coffins and really over the top gory decorations.

ICrazyTeach 10-24-2019 02:07 PM

I don't like the horror stuff, but I love the cute costumes, CANDY, and a couple of old specials (Garfield and Great Pumpkin).

Jackie 10-24-2019 01:30 PM

Sorry but I absolutely love it! I also enjoy being at work that day. I like to dress up and love that my school promotes teachers dressing up. Dh and I decorate our house too for the holiday. It's fun. I don't give out candy because we are too busy taking our DS trick or treating but before he was born I thoroughly enjoyed answering the door and giving out candy.

SusaninNJ 10-24-2019 12:34 PM

I have always hated Halloween. Not into it as a kid and never enjoyed the day as a teacher. I appreciate the religious significance though. The remembrance of the dead is meaningful for me and will be especially so this year with my Dadís death a few weeks ago.

dutchgirl 10-24-2019 08:32 AM

I can do without it. Kids are bonkers at school - and with middle schoolers being more bonkers than normal . . .

We live where houses are spread far apart and there are no streetlights, so thankfully our Halloween nights are quiet. I don't even buy candy anymore because no one comes to our house!

juliet4 10-24-2019 07:51 AM

Not my favorite holiday. We do not get many kids. Years ago we did. We buy some candy and some peanut free. We turn lights off by 8. Usually they are done by then...

hand 10-24-2019 06:55 AM

Iím retired now, but I like how my former school did Halloween. It was a half day of school. Teachers had PD in the afternoon. Students came to school in costume. We ran a shortened schedule so every teacher still had plan time. The parade started at 10:45, outside if the weather were nice, inside in bad weather. The room parents ( 4 of them) ran the parties. All rooms in the same grade level did the same activities. The activities were done in rotating centers. Teachers only supervised. The parties ended at 11:45 and students were dismissed at 11:50. The admin ordered pizzas for the teachers for lunch.
We get a lot of trick or treaters at home and I still enjoy passing out candy,

Keltikmom 10-24-2019 06:45 AM

I, too, was one of the weirdo teachers that loved Halloween. I loved the build up of kidsí excitement over their costumes and listening to them discuss all things scary.

I would dress up, weíd do Halloween related educational games and have a party after lunch.

At home, in years past, I would turn my small garage into a haunted room, light up decorations inside and out. Nothing gruesome, just a titch scary.
Iíve scaled back on the house decorations and no longer do the garage. We donít get many trick or treaters anymore and it makes me sad.

anna 10-24-2019 06:15 AM

I love Halloween and when allowed to celebrate at school ,loved it as a teacher. I get that some teachers don't like it though. I got to limit and choose how to celebrate in my classroom. Parents did not run the show. We all worked together to make it fun for the kids.
I read a mom and grandma page on Facebook and some are posting questions and recipes for handing out jello shots and other treats for parents on Halloween night. We usually have some fun that night around here .I loved the holiday as a child too.

Tori58 10-24-2019 05:59 AM

I love Halloween but I agree that it's not a fun day for teachers. In my previous school, we didn't even try to have a normal school day: we'd do all-school units in the morning (a rotation of multi-age activities), show a movie in the early afternoon and finish up with the Halloween parade (indoors) and parties.

Now I teach in a Catholic school and they deal with Halloween in a very intelligent way, in my opinion. They host a city-wide Halloween party with games and activities the evening before Halloween. All students are supposed to take a turn helping with this. Then, on actual Halloween, they'll take all the students to their camp facility where they'll have "Fall Fest": Mass in the chapel followed by a variety of indoor and outdoor activities (arts/crafts projects, nature study, archery, games, a bonfire cook-out, etc.) These are generally not Halloween-themed. By the time they get to All Saints Day, they're pretty worn out so, after a special Mass on that day, it's a pretty laid-back day for kids who are caught up on their work and an opportunity for kids who have missing work to get it caught up before the end of the quarter.


October is my "get through the day" month.
Me too. I lost my mom on Sept. 30, my first cousin (who was more like a sister) on Oct. 21, my daughter (at the age of 34) on Oct. 23 and my uncle, (who was my primary surrogate father-figure) on Oct. 31. All Saints Day is a highly emotional day for me and I have a sigh of relief when I get past it.
Cassyree 10-24-2019 05:32 AM

Retired. Taught middle school and still loved Halloween. I have so many wonderful memories of my childhood Halloweens. I loved the costumes and wandering our neighborhood at night. Such freedom!! Iíve always done a little decorating at home and in my classroom and planned lessons that were a little ghostly or creepy but entirely defensible if the anti-Halloween Inquisition fanatics were out and about. Iím so glad my grandkids live in neighborhoods that make Halloween fun.

Zia 10-24-2019 04:40 AM

I'm the minority. I teach K and love seeing how excited the kids are about their costumes. It's a magical time to be little and full of imagination and reminds me of when my kids were like that. When my son was 3, he was Spiderman. He wore that costume every blessed day until he outgrew it.

And I actually like having parents in for the parade and party...I get so many props from them afterward! They're all, "I have no idea how you do this every day!"

arsabl 10-24-2019 04:33 AM

I also do not care for Halloween. As a child, I enjoyed the costume creation and trick or treating for UNICEF.

Halloween has become a frighteningly scary holiday with blood, guts, and images of the dead. All these images creep me out. Plus, Halloween was the last time I spent any moments with my late husband and son (he was one). The next day my husband died. October is my "get through the day" month.

I usually come home on Halloween and go to bed, but people still come to my dark door. It should be interesting this year since I have the Ring doorbell.

mhugs 10-24-2019 04:32 AM

I taught in Independent Christian Schools. There was a broad spectrum of attitudes about Halloween and we had to some times referee the tensions. We did not dress up or have parties, but lots of the students did at home and were so excited. Teachers went ballistic if there were treats in lunch boxes.
When grandson was little we'd pass out the treats at their house so they could take him out together. As our neighborhood became young families again we began staying home and passing out treats. We have around 50 kids that brave the climb up our steep hill.

Cat woman 10-24-2019 04:31 AM

When I was teaching I didnít like Halloween Day at school because of how hyper the kids were. I did have some great books I shared and fun activities I did leading up to the day, but the actual thank you.

I donít mind the trick or treaters except in our town it is three hours long and the last hour it is already pretty dark out, so we usually turn the lights out the last half hour. The majority of kids still say thank you. We get around 300 trick or treaters(many from neighboring communities, I think) so I buy bags of what is called Childís Play (tootsie rolls, tootsie pops, Dots, etc.) It is the most economical.

I have a few outside decorations I put out, but only during trick or treat hours.

amiga13 10-24-2019 04:26 AM

Like many of you, I loved Halloween for my own kids—costumes were so much fun—but really disliked it as a teacher.

Now I’m retired and like it again. I even have a few decorations in my house. Unfortunately, neighbors can’t get into our gated condo, so we don’t have trick-or-treaters. Last year I put a decorated bucket of candy and inexpensive toys in the lobby for everyone in the building (only 18 units, we have 4 kids) and it was a huge hit. People like candy.

This year I’ll be putting out candy and making orange treat bags for the kids. Thanks to PT recommendations, I got a multipack of glow stuff for the kids.

This year I’m looking forward to Halloween.

kahluablast 10-24-2019 04:13 AM

I thought all teachers hate Halloween. Since I started teaching and my kids past the age, I usually go somewhere else on Halloween so my house is dark. Last year dh and I sat in the dark house watching tv.

Worse than Halloween is the day after Halloween. And a Friday this year at that. I just can't wait.

ZipLine 10-24-2019 04:10 AM

Was thankful my school district here in a Texas did nothing Halloween related. It was just another day at school. No costumes, no decorations, nothing! We had 2 parties per year- in December the day we left for winter break and an end-of-the-year party held outside. Those were plenty!

Since we live in the country and are fenced/gated, we do not have trick or treaters. For several years the HOA organized a Halloween party for neighborhood kids at our little firehouse or had a hayride through the neighborhood with stops at some homes. The hayride would meander through the neighborhood and some of the residents would wait at their gates for the kids and distribute them candy. It was fun. Now parents take kids to a larger neighborhood several miles away where houses are close together and they can walk door to door.

1956BD 10-24-2019 04:04 AM

When my kids were little it was fun. Then it was still fun when my niece and nephew were young a few years later. Then it stayed fun giving out candy in the neighborhood for a few more years.

Then the kids in our area decided to not say thank you. They also decide to express their dislike for the kind of candy I was handing out. Then the teens started smashing pumpkins in my yard and throwing raw eggs at our house. That is when I turned off my porch light and stopped handing out candy at home.

Then I retired and we moved 70 miles away. The first year on Halloween we did Trunk or Treat at church. That was fun but it rained and they decided to move the whole thing indoors. Everyone in town came and instead of volunteering three hours it became five as they would not tell people we were done for the night. Too much for us, so we have not volunteered to do that again.

The next year we gave out candy in the neighborhood. Our neighborhood is mostly older retired folk so kids are mostly driven in to trick or treat. I was surprised to find adults dressed up and trick or treating as well as children and most did not say thank you.

So we are done with Halloween. This will be our second year to not participate in any way in our new small town living situation. Disappointing but true.

You are not alone.

PPCDTeacher 10-24-2019 04:03 AM

i do not like it either, we dont celebrate it at our house. i do halloween stuff in the classroom because its fun for the kids, but they are always so hyped up, and then the day after trick or treat they all have stomach aches and theres lots of crying and whining .

all41 10-24-2019 03:54 AM

I am with you. The kids are super hyped up on Halloween, then they are tired and crabby the day after. The students are already starting to amp up in school and I have had more behavior issues this week than I have had all year, next week will be more. I can not wait for this next week to be over.

We live in a very rural location and do not get trick or treaters at our home so at least I have that. I plan to relax in my quiet home after a long day of school Halloween activities.

travelingfar 10-24-2019 03:28 AM

Twenty five years of teaching has soured me on Halloween. I'm glad to be retired and not dealing with it all. Students were hyper, the costume parade was exhausting, and parties often involved difficult, high maintenance room parents.

We get a fair amount of trick or treaters, and very few say thank you when treats are given out. They are cute in their costumes, but that's about it. DH and I usually turn out the front porch lights and go out to dinner that evening.

I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but is anyone else uninterested in the holiday?

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