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Song of Joy's Message:

Do you think he shows signs of being on the autism spectrum? I would put in a request for evaluation as soon as you can justify one.

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bodes12 08-15-2018 07:01 PM

Thank you for your replies so far. Today was so much worse in terms of behavior, though with a few highs. He sat at carpet in the morning and did great and got to be my helper for a big. That lasted about 30 minutes then it was a quick decline. I ended up having to send him to the principal twice, once for taking his backpack and swinging it around, and the second time for hitting kids with his lunchbox. It wasn't a reaction, it was a premeditated walking to the lunch cart, taking his box, and walking a kid across the chest with it. The principals talk didn't seem to matter much to him.

We also ended the last 30 minutes with pretty okay behavior. Both times I made sure to heavily praise him.

As for aides, all four kinder classrooms share one aide. The other classes have told me I can take her when needed, but sometimes she's giving assessments and cant come quickly without hurting another kids learning.

I emailed parents and asked for advice and suggestions, so we'll see what they say. I also have admin support, though I feel awful because she came in to observe and my class was a little noisy while they were cutting scraps of paper, and I heard her go to one of my shy boys and ask him directly, "is it too loud in here for you?" I didn't mind the volume since they can control it at other times like play dough.

But my behavior management for my other kids is going down the drain since I'm so focused on my one challenge. I need to give them more attention but I cant.

Tawaki 08-15-2018 05:52 AM

I would find out if this kid has been in any structure setting.

There is a huge difference between I've been in day care since I was six weeks old to I've never been in a group setting, never been told to do something I don't want by a person who isn't my parent.

It could be cultural. My BIL's wife culture lets kids explore. Americans would consider it feral. I remember being in a huge Chicago hotel, asking where Biff is. Biff is 4. Biff is not in the reception room. Noone knows where Biff is. Mom and Dad are not worried. I have a heart attack and look for Biff.

Biff is splashing his hands in a fountain WAY away from the reception, talking to a security guard.

In mom's culture, kids that young walk to the store ALONE. The hammer doesn't drop until they hit middle school.

There could be lots of reasons why he's acting like that besides being a PITA.

I would have the aide work with him, and model, model, model what is expected. And document. Alot.

I had a young 4 year old Kindie who didn't understand what rewards even were. It meant nothing to him. Figure out what is his price (reward). The above Kindie loved Silly Putty time. Stickers meant nothing.

ETA: You may have to get this basic with him.

*Jiff, you are in school. At school we sit.
*Jiff you are in school. At school we have carpet time.
*Jiff you are in school. At school hands at your side

I swore my Kindie would forget where he was at, and what he should do. He wasn't disabled, just a boy and really young for his age.

Song of Joy 08-15-2018 05:43 AM

Do you think he shows signs of being on the autism spectrum? I would put in a request for evaluation as soon as you can justify one.

campy 08-15-2018 05:33 AM

to document everything you have tried. They need it to make any adjustments to his education.

MissESL 08-15-2018 04:40 AM

Or maybe he just doesn’t know? Has he been to pre-k or a head start or anything that mimics school?

Also remember it’s day 2. You haven’t really tried everything for long enough yet. Keep at it, stay consistent, and really pour it on.

I agree with the PP. Assign your side to focus the majority of her attention on this student. Have her take him for walks, sit near him on the carpet (maybe his own “special” carpet patch would help?), and remind/redirect him. She can try working on the activities everyone else is doing 1:1, and slowly fade it out. Lots of praise and reward here, too. It sounds more like basic immaturity so hopefully time and some behavioral interventions will help. Best of luck! :-)

Youthcantknow 08-15-2018 03:46 AM

I think there's a few possibilities here: Either he's got an undiagnosed learning issue and you'll be the person who gets that ball rolling this year, or he hasn't been parented well at all, or he's just one of those kids who pushes boundaries. If he was in my class, I would ask the aide to focus most of her attention on him for now. It's unfair that the rest of the kids (and you) won't benefit from her help, but at least you'll have a somewhat more functional classroom. It's a temporary solution, though, as you obviously can't go the entire year with her focused on one child, but the rest of kids need protection and you need some relief.

I would also have a meeting with the child's parents/guardians asap. You need to see how they react with him and whether they will be a useful ally or rather useless. Do they correct him when he misbehaves during your meeting or do they let him get away with it? Do they have any idea for effective incentives? Has he ever been evaluated before/kicked out of preschool/youngest in his family/difficult situation at home right now/etc.? Has he had his hearing tested?

Do you have a guidance counselor available in your school? Get that person involved if he/she exists. Alert your principal to the fact that he leaves places, just in case he becomes a runner.

He may never have been in any kind of group activity in his life and might be completely overwhelmed. I would keep going about your day, giving directions, repeating rules or expectations, and relying on your aide. I think K teachers have an incredibly challenging job; not only are your students really little, you guys are often the first people to meet them in a school setting. Every other grade benefits from carefully considered class lists while you get a much more random grouping. Best of luck to you this year as you try to settle this guy into K.

bodes12 08-14-2018 04:23 PM

Today was the second day of school for kinder, and I have one student who I have no idea how to manage. In general my class is pretty good with a few students pushing limits, but nothing overly destructive, just the usual talking and needing reminders to listen. I have one student though who...I don't even know.

To start, he doesn't listen. He will not come to carpet, will climb under tables, go to his backpack and pull out drawing sheets (won't draw when I ask though), go to the reading corner and lie down, sit behind kids and push them, throw his nametape around (no name tag now) and cut in front of line with force. If I try to correct him, he will not listen. Like genuinely will not acknowledge me or following any directions, except for occasionally making and annoying kinda whiny sound. If I try to hold his hand to direct him somewhere, he'll go then immediately leave. If I try to get him to stay somewhere, he will physically fight to remove himself and I have to let go because I can't really grab him.

He listened a total of twice today (in the morning and only for a short amount of time), and the rest of the time I was forced to just let him for the most part since I have 23 other new kinders and he won't listen or cooperate. I had my aide pull him out to talk and he recited her the rules and showed he understood, but he doesn't want to listen.

Today while he was wandering around he went to a computer and I called him to carpet and he started laughing. I'm hesitant to give any more instructions because he won't listen. He did fine in PE, though when I picked him up from Spanish the other day he was crying.

I've tried consequences (giving every student at carpet a sticker) and rewards (letting him pet our class pet or offering stickers for compliance-refused both). He won't even do a gonoodle.

I'm at my wits end and it's only been two days. I'm going absolutely crazy, and I need to know how to change his behavior quick because I can not have a student hurting other students at carpet and distracting from their learning at every single opportunity.

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