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Hpylife's Message:

Munchkin--wow,that's amazing! None of our preschools offer that..well, they offer benefits--but they are minimal and barely cover anything. Thanks!

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Hpylife 01-13-2019 02:26 PM

destination2--We do have some preschool positions in our public school district,,,however not every public elem. school has preschool here so the positions are few and far between. Only our Title 1 schools get preschool positions. There are approx 5 preschool teacher positions in our county. The very rarely open up.

Also, I currently am not certified to teach in the public school for preschool....I have a degree /certification in elem ed,,but for grades Prek and K, I don't have the certification for. I taught in private school and have my 90hr childcare cert plus some additional prek classes. However, private schools tend to not offer up decent benefits where I's the one drawback that is keeping me from quitting my current position. The benefits that I have currently covered in my position equate to approx 12-16k per year for my family. That's huge!! I was considering getting my masters in early childhood--but I really don't want to put the $$ into it if I can't get a job teaching it. I have been watching positions in my public school and there have only been 2 open pre k positions in the past 6 years!!

I just love pre k,,specifically around age 4, early 5....I love the hands on learning, I love how everything is so exciting for them. I love that I can still do "crafts" but make them have an educational twist, I love that I can set up outside learning centers for them and instill that love of nature with them. Just so much more freedom than with a public school. When I did teach at the private preschool, I taught my class how to be self sufficient as much as possible, so we learned how to do things like, washing hands, tying shoes, putting on and off , it all of those things the students handled--as much as possible all the things that make teaching little ones difficult, I would teach them how to do. When I am in grades 1-3 I feel more stressed, more anxious and just don't enjoy it as much as the younger kiddos.

For me it seems like more work (and more stress) teaching grades 1-3 ...more testing, more teaching to the standards. With preschool you really follow the student (child) and adapt your lessons to what interests them. I just love how the students guide what you teach. I also like the freedom to be able to let the students play (with structure). Play is how young children learn and I love crafting an environment that encourages that. I also would like to get away from rigid deadlines, observations, constant meetings and pd's that tend to be too much and too overwhelming..things just seemed more relaxed (at least to me) when I taught younger students.

I"m sure those that love teaching older students would think the opposite of what I've said, but for me that's how I see things. I just feel more in my zone when I have a group of 4yr olds to teach.

ok,,so that was a bit of a ramble for me! Not sure if that was good advice or not,,but from my view this is how I feel about preschool.

destination2 01-12-2019 12:38 PM

Hello Hpylife:

In my state (Michigan) and public school district pre-school teachers do receive health benefits. So I would suggest you check local school districts and find out if they offer health benefits.

I have been teaching elementary school for over 20 years and currently working on my Masters in preschool. What are the benefits of teaching preschool? What do you like about it? It seems like a lot of work compared to teaching 3rd grade because they are so young. On the other-hand I wouldn't have to worry about state testing etc.

Any advice.

Thank you

Hpylife 12-24-2018 04:12 PM

Munchkin--wow,that's amazing! None of our preschools offer that..well, they offer benefits--but they are minimal and barely cover anything. Thanks!

Hpylife 12-24-2018 04:11 PM

thanks ! Enjoy your grandbabies!!

Munchkins 12-24-2018 11:07 AM

We have preschool classes in my district, and the teachers get the same salary and benefits as any other grade. Good luck finding a public school preschool!

ThankaTchr 12-24-2018 09:04 AM

may have benefits. Look around your area. I am retired (my last 5 years were grade 2) but I started out in preschool and loved it. They are more needy but I totally believe in the "First 5" years of life. (Now a grandma I am pouring all my 'beliefs' into my own kids!!) Good luck!

Hpylife 11-23-2018 09:18 PM

Hi all! I currently teach second grade. I’ve been teaching for over 20 years— most of that time was in a private preschool setting. Most recently it’s been in the public school. I really miss teaching preschool . I left preschool because there were no health benefits . My current job has excellent health benefits . I really want to go back to teaching preschool ... but haven’t done so due to my health benefits coverage. I guess my question is, for those of you teaching preschool— do your jobs offer health benefit coverage?

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