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bodhimom's Message:

Some of my paperwork says I have to be looking for a job, and other parts say I don't, so I'm just not taking any chances.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
bodhimom 04-13-2020 12:43 PM

Some of my paperwork says I have to be looking for a job, and other parts say I don't, so I'm just not taking any chances.

knelson13 04-13-2020 12:40 PM

I just have to log in each week and verify that I did not have any earnings the week before.

Bobbies 04-12-2020 01:54 PM

I'm sorry, but who do I check in with? If nobody is answering the phones answering emails answering Facebook messages, who are we to report to? I think I finally got approved for unemployment today, but that was just a correspondence between me and the Texas workforce commission. I understand that due to 15 million calls last week alone, that they are overwhelmed and can't get to everyone, but things aren't going to be pretty if I have to get in contact with someone or some place every week or 2 to get my benefits And all I keep getting is a busy signal, a white screen saying error overload or something.

Sirsubalot 04-12-2020 01:16 PM

I just noticed this as well, so I will wait until June to submit sick pay request since the deadline is June 15.

bodhimom 04-12-2020 10:30 AM

Just so you guys know, since this came up earlier, somewhere... I just did the certification for work on edd and it does ask if you received any sick pay. It actually asks if you have received any pay, of any kind, but specifically has sick pay listed. FYI

bodhimom 04-12-2020 09:49 AM

I don't think we can assume we're going back, even next year, yet. We don't know what is going to happen. There could still be flare-ups in the future.

I don't think we'll get the assurance letters because the districts don't know what is going to happen, either.

I would not put a return date. I think that might screw it up worse than leaving it blank.

luv2teach2017 04-12-2020 09:34 AM

Yes you have to report for each week, but the form covers 2 weeks at a time and you submit it on Sunday of the 2nd week. I believe that's standard for EDD across the board

knelson13 04-12-2020 07:28 AM

It depends on the state. I have to do it weekly.

luv2teach2017 04-11-2020 09:04 PM

The whole idea of UI is that you have lost your job and need the payments while you seek employment. Once you start working again, you indicate the dates you worked and how much you earned on the biweekly report form. Until you actually start working and earning wages that exceed your weekly UI payment amount, you may continue to collect UI.

This is not a normal situation. We have essentially been laid off due to a public health crisis. We don't actually know when the schools will reopen. It could be a very long time. The dates are constantly changing. So if I were you, I'd be looking for work and continuing your UI claim until you become gainfully employed again.

That's my take on it. (I've been unemployed and used UI several times in past years. So I pretty much know the ropes.)

Bobbies 04-11-2020 08:14 PM

I have never had a file with unemployment before. After this ordeal, I don't want to have to deal with this ever again. I was able to go online only because I contacted my state Congressmans aide. I filled out everything except I did leave a question blank it stated to me when are you going back to work. I had to leave the answer blank, because there is not a set date as to when we go back to work, and I read in another post that if I do get a letter of reassurance somehow I'm going to have to notify them. How do you notify them if nobody is answering the phones nobody is reading any E mails because they are to over booked? I'm not saying they can't get this issue resolved and the next few weeks, but there is a likely possibility that due to the tsunami of applications, this will not be resolved within several months in the state of Texas anyway.

luv2teach2017 04-11-2020 07:09 PM

It's biweekly. Every 2 weeks, they send you a paper claim report form to complete. It has the due date at the top of the page (always the second Sunday). Or you can do it online (on the due date) if you log into your account.

Best get your information staight from EDD.

bodhimom 04-11-2020 04:14 PM

I thought it was every two weeks?

AZsub 04-11-2020 04:11 PM

Do not forget to check in weekly with unemployment, or they will cancel it.

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