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Bethany's Message:

My school is having family math night and I was wondering if any of you have suggestions for what my grade level could do. The activity needs to be about 20 minutes long.

Thanks ahead for any suggestions!!!!

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Bethany 01-08-2007 06:57 PM

That sounds fun!!! If we don't do that for Math Night, I will definitely be doing that with my class on Friday when we have "Black and Gold" Saints day to get pumped up for the big game.

msharkey 01-08-2007 05:34 PM

I've used both sports themes and although the baseball seems to work better, the football game is definitely doable.

First, you need a field. I usually put masking tape down on my carpet to represent the 10 yard line, 20 yard line, and so on. In my case, I used to chairs on either end to represent "goals".

I divide the class up into 2 teams. Each player on the team, takes a turn to answer math (or in my case I did vowel football where they had to identify the vowel sound in the words I gave them) questions. An incorrect answer allows the other team to steal the ball. (I have to say that if a team gets a touchdown, I usually let the other team have a go). Once a touchdown is made, they get an opportunity to make an extra point by answering a bonus question.

In my class, I have the kids take turns "being the ball" and moving along the field. Since we play so often (about once every week or so, all the kids get a turn at least once). But you could easily use a fabric ball or something else.

It can be time consuming depending on how much time you give "for each quarter" or for the game in general.

It sounds complicated but it really is easy and the kids LOVE IT
Hope I didn't overwhelm. Have fun,

Bethany 01-08-2007 04:08 PM

I really appreciate all the ideas! I will be running all of them through my grade level to see which ones they think would be best.

Teach2all, you got me thinking when you mentioned a tally graph of favorite sports teams. Our beloved New Orleans Saints are playing in a playoff game this Saturday, so being that our math night is this week, I was thinking we can tie in something having to do with football.

Any suggestions?!

teach2all 01-08-2007 03:21 PM

and one of our most popular events is the restaurant. We make up menus, set up tables and chairs and have bags of money already made up (simple for k-2 and more difficult for 3-5). Teachers play hostess and seat families, other teachers are wait staff and write up orders on a pad, other teachers are cashiers (with play registors). After an order is written up the student/family adds the total bill and takes it to the cashier to pay for it.
We have also had a store. We hung ropes throughout the pod and attached pictures of items with a price on an index card. The students/families are given a bag of money (again along the lines of their ability) and they shop for items without going over that price. They take their "purchases" to the cashiers and count out the correct amount of money.
One of the really cool things that we do is in every hallway we hang up different types of graphs (2 or 3 per grade level throughout the school)- tally marks for favorite sports teams, venn diagrams for favorite types of candy, thinking maps that match our theme etc. They parents pictographs for favorite board games etc. Our parents and students love to fill in the graphs as they move from pod to pod activities.
We had a pirate theme this year and another favorite activity was digging for "booty". We purchased some small items from dollar tree, oriental trading, etc. and buried them in pools of sand. The students/families were allowed to dig for a treasure (one per person).
Anyway good luck and I hope that your math night is successful.

RebeccaH 01-07-2007 07:54 PM

I am doing Nursery Rhymes for my next topic/theme. I have found this great site. She has wonderful ideas. It is for a Nursery Rhyme Night but many of the activities are maths

One maths night I went to the best activity was a measuring one. A workshhet with a boy/girl on it and you measured your height, lenght of arm, toe, waist etc the whole family did it.

Mr. K 01-07-2007 07:38 PM

How about a quick lesson in symmetry....Paper cutting (trees, snowflakes, pumpkins, etc.)
Make ink blots, read "It Looks Like Spilt Milk" and then make white ink blots that are symmetrical on black paper. Make a book "Looks Like symmetry"

Symmetry is fun, quick, and easy!

kwh 01-07-2007 06:34 PM

I like Multiplication Bingo - it's quick and easy for people to jump in all at different times if needed.

Bethany 01-07-2007 05:15 PM

My school is having family math night and I was wondering if any of you have suggestions for what my grade level could do. The activity needs to be about 20 minutes long.

Thanks ahead for any suggestions!!!!

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