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aquarious's Message:

I teach Literacy and SS to fifth graders. What are your thoughts on homework? If you assign, when, how much, procedure for review, accountability???

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
am11 11-16-2018 11:54 AM

What I have learned over the past semester is that students should be given homework that you are certain they will be able to complete independently. It also should not be taken as a grade and should be used mainly for practice. Give completion points instead of right or wrong grade percentages. Make sure to go over it in class. It's helpful when a student who got an answer right explains how he, she, they, etc. did the problem which should be followed by the teacher correcting any misconceptions. Accountability should be discussed with students at the beginning of the year. Make sure to explain to them that homework should be practice. It should not be stressful or take too long to do. Explain to them how empowering the homework you give them will be and how proud of them you will be when they complete it. Maybe give them some choice in what homework they get for the week based on a list you make. When students are given positive encouragement and are not stressed out about completing and understanding their homework, they will be more likely to complete it and learn something from the experience. Homework should be used to solidify the knowledge they already know.

You in no way have to use this advice! This is just what I have learned and my philosophy for it! I hope this helps!

whd507 08-26-2018 08:46 PM

I'm a minimal homework teacher. I assign 40 minutes worth of work for 45 minutes of class time, if its not finished, then they gave themselves homework.
I encourage pleasure reading, with extra credit, and have given extra credit for home prodigy play.

I have spent many evenings till midnight with my nephews who were in honors classes, and sports, and most of that was busywork which just soured them on learning, when at one time they loved to research and learn new things. Too many workaholics out there miss out on life, I'm not too eager to teach them that in school.

figure out where they are lacking skills and assign some when needed, but know they have lives outside school, I tell them that school is there for the students, not the other way around.

I also never diminish recess, I'll kill a fun activity first, recess is important

JulieP 08-19-2018 05:29 PM

I do not assign set homework in either subject. My kids are in school from 7:55 until 3:45. They need time outside of school for other interests. I do assign a Genre a month and they must read a book within that Genre and complete activities on a choice board. BUT 2 days a week they get time sat aside just to enjoy reading, and they can always read in any class when they finish their work. I also have built in time during ELA class.

So, how do my kids do academically, and on state assessments? My lowest passing rate for the entire 5th grade has been 86%. My lows may not pass, but they usually at least double their scores and show exceeded growth. My middles and highs always meet or exceed growth.

Most importantly, they start to LOVE reading again because they don't see it as a chore anymore.

Teacherbee_4 08-17-2018 07:18 AM

I don't assign much in these subjects. They have weekly word work/spelling/vocabulary tasks that are assigned Monday and due on Friday, but they can work on that during reader's workshop time and other times throughout the day, each day. With a 90 minute lit block daily, and the few tasks assigned, this really is nothing and most kids finish it no problem without taking it home.

I rarely assign things in social studies either. Occasionally, if we don't finish things in class, I have them take it home to finish, but with social studies, I generally give them 2-3 days from the day it was assigned due to the fact that I do assign math almost every night.

Singvogel 08-17-2018 03:21 AM

I teach all subjects, so I know what is assigned nightly. Check in with their other teachers to coordinate the work.

My opinions-
Homework needed to build self-discipline
Should never exceed an hour, most times should take 1/2 hr.
Should be achievable by the student independently
Always make it "count"- score it, review it, log it

cruxian 08-16-2018 09:49 AM

The only homework I assign is to read 30 minutes a night and if they have a test to review for it.
I find other forms of homework problematic TBH although I'm willing to offer suggestions if needed for stuff to do outside of school.

cooper5 08-14-2018 07:26 PM

I only give them HW in ELA. The only HW they get is SS is to study for tests. In ELA, if we're doing book clubs, they read to a goal (that their club agreed to) and are prepared for discussions. We focus on one teaching point each week and that is what they focus on in their reading. They should have post-its in their books to support their thinking for their meeting. At the end of the week they have a final meeting with their club and then do a reader's response in their journal for a grade.

aquarious 08-14-2018 04:07 AM

I teach Literacy and SS to fifth graders. What are your thoughts on homework? If you assign, when, how much, procedure for review, accountability???

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