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h0kie's Message:

DH had it happen with Google Meet for their conferences. Teachers sat in Meets waiting for parents. Parents no showed. Finally, a pissy mom emailed the headmaster about how she’d wasted an hour of her time on two teachers that hadn’t shown for her conference...except they had and they thought she hadn’t shown.

They fixed it by resending new links (he thinks).

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
Gromit 11-24-2020 05:28 PM

I just had to do the same thing except it wasn’t every kid. It was a few but nothing was working.

We’ve also been having issues where a student clicks on a link and it brings up the notice that says “waiting for Name of Meeting to start.” Except the name of the meeting isn’t the one they clicked on and the one they clicked on is actually started. And we’ve had reliable adults verify that this is happening.

Another issue we had today is that if a student clicks on one particular teacher’s link and that link isn’t open, the student gets stuck in the waiting for meeting to start window and can’t close it until the teacher opens the link and the student clicks leave the meeting. Luckily we have GoGuardian so he messaged us the two times it happened.

It’s all so bizarre.

Haley23 11-24-2020 05:21 PM

Thankfully I haven't had any issues since the day I posted this, but one of my teammates just had to redo her link and change it on every kid's schedule. Every single kid couldn't get in the entire day, and the leaving the meeting and coming back in didn't help anyone.

sped91 11-24-2020 04:47 PM

I've had that happen randomly. There have been a couple of times where the student had to shut down their whole chromebook and log back in to get it to work. I have students who if they aren't let in within a minute or so, automatically leave and try again. They have gotten so used to it not going through.

If a student isn't there a couple of minutes into the session, I usually message the parent through class dojo to see what's up. Usually that's when we find out that they are "waiting for the meeting to start" and not showing up in my waiting room.

elspeech 11-13-2020 04:48 PM

You may also want to check if your zoom is updated. Our IT person just sent out notice that we need to do this after a few of us have gotten disconnected from our meeting.

I wasn't able to figure it out, as what he said should show up didn't for me, but here are the directions:
1) log into zoom
2) click onto your picture in the right hand corner
3) when menu opens, look for "check for update" link
4) if it says you have an update, do that

ETA: I was able to easily do it on my home computer. The steps listed worked perfectly. The look for update button is about 1/2 down the list.

Haley23 11-13-2020 04:29 PM

Okay, thanks. I'll try telling everybody that if it's past their class time and they haven't been let it, leave the meeting and come back. When the girl who is always there didn't show, I started wondering and that's when I left and restarted the meeting, so me leaving/restarting didn't fix it. I'm glad to hear it's not just me! This hasn't happened to anyone else at school that I've talked to.

At lunch I asked my teammate to try to click on my link from google classroom and it worked for her, so instead of redoing everything I decided to wait and see. The student I have right after lunch is another who shows up every single time, so I emailed his mom and said I'd had some tech issues in the morning, and that if they weren't let in from the waiting room right away, reply to my email and let me know. His worked fine and everyone else in the afternoon showed up too.

h0kie 11-13-2020 03:34 PM

DH had it happen with Google Meet for their conferences. Teachers sat in Meets waiting for parents. Parents no showed. Finally, a pissy mom emailed the headmaster about how she’d wasted an hour of her time on two teachers that hadn’t shown for her conference...except they had and they thought she hadn’t shown.

They fixed it by resending new links (he thinks).

Gromit 11-13-2020 01:53 PM

I’ve never had it happen that often so close together, but I have had that happen. The students know that if they’re on a Zoom room without a teacher at the s by tart of class, they should log out and try again. That always fixes it, so we’ve never really investigated why they get lost in cyberspace like that.

I’ve also had kids show up in my list as both on Breakout Room 2, for example, but they’re all by themselves in separate rooms. Same thing, if they’re by themselves for a minute, they come back and try again.

MyLifeClass 11-13-2020 11:37 AM

I was in my zoom waiting for two kids yesterday. The same link I always use and used earlier that morning. The two kids and their teacher all used the exact same link I set and was using and they were all in my waiting room while I sat there waiting for them to show up. She called my room and told me that they were all waiting as that was unusual for me to not show up. I left my zoom completely. I clicked my link again and they were all there waiting for me.

Haley23 11-13-2020 11:11 AM

I put in a tech ticket, but I've also googled and apparently I'm the only person this has ever happened to, so I'm not feeling too strongly about our IT guy helping me. Maybe there is a chance someone on PT knows what this is??

So, on Monday I had an IEP meeting and I had created the zoom link. For school staff, we simply put the zoom link in our google calendar event and everyone gets in that way. I'm in the meeting, with mom, wondering where all of the other staff members were. Somehow, they were also in the link, but it was a different room/meeting??? They all clicked on my link, and somehow all got in, without me (even though I have the waiting room enabled), and using the same link, mom and I were in a different meeting. So I thought perhaps I posted something wrong and emailed them all the link directly from my zoom page. That worked, even though I looked at what I put in the calendar, and it was 100% the same link.

Fast forward to today. I'm in my remote learning zoom link. I've used the same one all year (each IEP meeting has it's own link, so this isn't the same link I had trouble with on Monday). After three students miss in a row, I feel like something is off. Then a kid who has never one time in her entire life missed anything didn't show up. So I emailed her mom, and the same thing happened. She clicked on the link, like always, and was in a zoom room by herself. Meanwhile I'm in the same link by myself, waiting for them to show up. I definitely never got a notification anyone was in the waiting room. I tried restarting my computer, starting/ending the meeting several times, and same issue. And yes, I quadruple checked that I started/was in the correct zoom meeting.

I can create a new link and change it on all of my kids schedules, but why is this happening and what if it keeps happening??? We are HOUNDING them to be present on zoom and I certainly don't want to have inconsistency with my link not working.

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