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whatever's Message:

I agree with the last two PPs. I have taught inclusion, pullout, resource, etc. I have always worked around the GenEd class schedule.

And on the flip side, I have always put Speech, OT, PT and assorted wherever they asked to have a time slot.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
newbie17 12-06-2018 08:56 PM

As a pull out resource teacher my P has told me to make my schedule and the gen ed teachers can work around it as it's easier for them to work around 2-3 kids per class than it is for me to figure out 20+ kids. Working with 15 different teachers that would make my life a lot easier, but I didn't like the idea of my colleagues not having any say in the schedule. I told them what would work best for me, gave them options in the few places I had some flexibility, and made sure they understood that I have to follow IEP's or the district can and will get sued. I also explained that in some cases, due to the program we're using, the IEP dictates how many students I can have at one time and that drastically reduces the flexibility in my schedule. Unfortunately, I don't have time in my day to follow the IEP and the schedules of 15 teachers. I wish I did because it would be better for the kids, but I just don't have it.

We have just over 400 minutes in a school day. Factor in lunch, recess and specials and that eliminates just over 100 minutes each day. This doesn't count transitions, bathroom breaks, fire drills, assemblies, field trips, or other interruptions. In my school we have 90 minute class periods. If we have 3 of those daily, it's 270 minutes of instruction. Then when kids are, by law, required to be pulled out of classes for anywhere from 30-90 of those minutes each day something is going to have to give. Sped, OT, PT, Speech, psych counseling, dyslexia intervention, RTI intervention, and GT are legally required to have kids a certain amount of time per week. The system is broken for sure. The way things are set up right now kids are bound to fall even more behind. How can they not when they are spending so much time not in the classroom? It's not fair to the kids and it's certainly not fair to the hard working gen ed teacher.

Summerwillcom 12-01-2018 02:06 PM

but I seriously do not have time to change my schedule even this yr. Between Title pullouts, SPED, intervention, PT, OT, and speech, it is impossible. I had a situation like this 1 other yr that I remember.
My classroom is like a revolving door. I have kids missing math and reading who can't afford to be missing it. The pull out teachers and sped aides take the kids out 1-2 at a time now. Usually 1.
As they come back, 1 or 2 leave for something else.
The worst part is often these kids get pulled out w/ aides who seriously have no program they use. They are often seen in the library w/ the kids, on their phones, while the kid is either playing on the computer or wandering around.
When this happened to me years ago, I voiced my opinion. All it did was po a couple of people. Now I just do what I can.
It makes me sick though seeing a few of the kids especially who are getting further and further behind.

Kinderkr4zy 11-30-2018 08:10 PM

I deal with the same things as you and it is very frustrating. I have to make my schedule work with RSP, OT, Speech, and I have to be the go between to make sure that none of them interfere with the Sped kids access to computer class with the computer teacher, music class with the music teacher or library times either. My schedule was changed repeatedly at the beginning of the year for this as RSP OT speech. I was about to blow getting all of these desperate people to not interfere with each other let alone not letting them interfere with my teaching. My teaching was the bottom of the list of priorities, never mind that high quality teaching from the classroom teacher is the single biggest factor for school success.

I had parents upset with me because their child was confused about his math homework every night and seemed to be struggling with the learning the lesson. MY response, well he only gets to see 1/2 the lesson 3 times a week because of the speech class he goes to to help him with his R's so I am not surprised that he is having a hard time. You should talk to the P about it if you think the schedule is not working for him and his academic needs, I am not allowed to make changes to it even if I think it could impact the kids .

But I would be sure to make sure your P understands that 1/4 of the class wont be getting any math time. Mine would pull rank on the pull out teacher over that. Math is tested.

whatever 11-30-2018 09:32 AM

I agree with the last two PPs. I have taught inclusion, pullout, resource, etc. I have always worked around the GenEd class schedule.

And on the flip side, I have always put Speech, OT, PT and assorted wherever they asked to have a time slot.

Gigi814 11-30-2018 07:27 AM

I agree with travelingfar. I can't believe your principal is making you do this. I have never had to change my schedule to accommodate a support teacher. They always came to me and asked what time would be best to pull students.

travelingfar 11-30-2018 06:10 AM

It is up to the support teachers to accommodate your schedule and not the other way around. When I was teaching ESOL I wasn't always thrilled with the times I pulled kids, but I had to work around the classroom teachers' schedules. Your situation is ridiculous, and the administration should not allow it.

iloveglitter2 11-29-2018 07:33 PM

I am not even getting to teach them the three R's. I have a lot of parents upset but it all comes down to our Principal's scheduling.

Keltikmom 11-29-2018 07:17 PM

Iím with you, sister. When I was teaching I started squeaking about all the pull outs. It got to the point I felt I was only there to teach the three rís.

I also had to let go of constantly changing my schedule to accommodate kids going to speech, interventions, RTI, psych, etc. I thought, they probably need that more than me.

If a parent was upset with the fact that their child was missing out of education from me to be pulled out for something, I told them to take it up with that teacher.

I get the RSP, speech, psych, etc. cannot accomodate everynteacher...but neither can I.

iloveglitter2 11-29-2018 06:51 PM

I am so frustrated with support teachers and having to change my schedule! My schedule is constantly being changed to accommodate "support" teachers. Almost every week this year (two times multiple times during a week) I have had to change my schedule. I was just told a new reading specialists is joining our school and needs to pull students during a certain time slot and I need to adjust my schedule. This will now take over 1/4 of my class from receiving any math instruction! These students are going to be pulled for an hour of new reading comprehension followed by 45 minutes of reading intervention they have been in all year. Not to mention my 1.5 hour whole group reading. Most of them are already pulled for speech or intervention during my first half of math. Now, those same students are being pulled for the other half of math.

My parents have questioned why my schedule has been changing so much this year. I just completed a new rotation and schedule for our classroom over break as I was told no more adjustments. But,.....

I also don't like all the pull outs. On some, I think they aren't getting what they need or not being taught the same level that I would.


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