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Shelby3's Message:

I'm so sorry for the loss of your grandfather. It's a reminder to give our families the time and love they deserve.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
dee 04-28-2019 03:17 AM

And I think experiencing loss as we get older is harder because we appreciate life's blessings more.

I'm very sorry for your liss.

BioAdoptMom3 04-27-2019 06:59 PM

I am so sorry for your deep loss. The loss of a close loved one produces intense grief. Yes, with time dealing with it will become easier, but you will always miss him. Prayers abide for you and your family.



GraceKrispy 04-27-2019 06:43 PM

I'm so sad for you. You are so lucky to have had such a close relationship with him for so long. He sounds like an amazing man and he will be sorely missed

The pain does fade. It takes time. Be kind to yourself. Huge hugs going out to you and your family, and especially your mamaw.

Shelby3 04-27-2019 05:40 PM

I'm so sorry for the loss of your grandfather. It's a reminder to give our families the time and love they deserve.

knitting987! 04-27-2019 09:01 AM

Yes it will fade. May take a while. Hugs and prayers.

hand 04-27-2019 08:42 AM

Iím so sorry for your loss. I hope your wonderful memories and the love that your family shares will bring you some comfort.

LazyLake 04-27-2019 08:40 AM

Rejoice in the memories of the moments you spent with him. Appreciate that you had so much time with him. Enjoy the remaining years you may still have with your grandmother.

My father's side-both grandparents died before I was born-never knew them.
My mother's side- my grandfather died when I was 6, and my grandmother died when I was 12.

It's nice that you realize how fortunate you have been. Many others who have lost grandparents at a younger age are left with a void when it comes to memories.

Praying for you to find peace and appreciation for the time you had with your grandfather.

DSLBUG 04-27-2019 07:53 AM

Iím so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you!

MrsP0405 04-27-2019 07:51 AM

I'm so sorry for the loss of your grandfather. It is so hard! I recently lost my mother and struggle with the same feelings of hurt and sadness. Sending hugs your way.

sbslab 04-27-2019 07:30 AM

I had my grandmother for almost forty years. I know your pain. I am so sorry for your loss. It can be unbearable at times, but it does get better. The good memories will help you in this difficult time. Your are in my thoughts and prayers.

SassyTeach 04-27-2019 07:11 AM

I know the kind of pain you are feeling, and I'm sorry you are facing it. Unfortunately, you will feel lost for a while. I lost my father 17 years ago, and the first year was Hell. I wish I could tell you that it wasn't.

However, time does truly make things better. Well...easier to deal with. There will be days that will be awesome, and you'll be able to think about and talk about your Papaw with grins and laughter remembering silly or funny things he did. There will also be days, some seemingly out of the blue, where it will hit you hard and you fight back tears. (Today is one of the latter for me. It still sucks...even after 17 years.)

I'll be thinking about you and your family, and will absolutely say some special prayers for you all.


Peaches250 04-27-2019 06:56 AM

I don't know how to handle all the feelings I am feeling right now. My family has been so fortunate. At 45 years old, I still had my grandparents. We have not lost anyone in our close circle, but now my sweet papaw is gone. He left behind is wonderful amazing bride of 70 years. He was truly an amazing man, with a presence that everyone respected. He was the stone pillar of our family. We are lost. I don't know how we continue without him. I am never going to here him say, "I love you Doll." or "Now Doll, you know you don't need to do that." I am never going to see those sweet people sitting side by side in their recliners holding hands again.

And I know, my mamaw will not be far behind him. Please pray for us. Please. We need some kind of peace. This is a hurt that I have never felt before. It is the worst kind of hurt I think I can and will ever experience. Please tell me the hurt will fade.

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