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Zia's Message:

I echo the chiro advice. Also, acu. Acupuncture gets blood moving, healing, flowing, etc. It's especially good for swollen/inflamed areas. I haven't had anything go so hinky chiro+acu couldn't fix in a few visits. I hope you feel better soon.

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Zia 06-23-2019 04:03 AM

I echo the chiro advice. Also, acu. Acupuncture gets blood moving, healing, flowing, etc. It's especially good for swollen/inflamed areas. I haven't had anything go so hinky chiro+acu couldn't fix in a few visits. I hope you feel better soon.

tia 06-22-2019 09:26 PM

thanks, all--

i will check in with my chiro first before i see regular doc.

Ima Teacher 06-22-2019 07:34 PM


Thatís my go-to for anything that hurts.

BioAdoptMom3 06-22-2019 06:18 PM

I am in the process of healing from a pulled hamstring and it sounds EXACTLY like what I have been experiencing. Its been about 3 weeks and I am just now able to sit for extended periods of time without pain. It should heal on its own, but I read that ice on and off the area can be helpful. Look it up and see if that is what it sounds like, but I had all of that too from the groin to the lower back to the butt to the upper leg and down the side.....

Feel better SOON!


Clarity 06-22-2019 04:57 PM

Sounds like piriformus syndrome.

Chiropractors understand musculature and how it relates to structure. Physicians and particularly specialists love to give you pills, shots, and surgery. Don't go there.

If it is not piriformus syndrome, there are a couple of other muscles in that area that can wreak havoc.

cabernet 06-22-2019 04:37 PM

I had a lot of pain like yours. It was hard to sit. I did go to my doctor but she referred me for pt right away. The pt gave me exercises, another one every time I went, but it did help the pain go away.

Sbkangas5 06-22-2019 04:13 PM

I have no advice, just to say I'm sorry you're in pain! Here's one of my favorite medical terms I found in one of my books - coccydynia. It means a pain in the *ss.

lacey2 06-22-2019 04:10 PM

I have glute pain that refers around to the front groin area, and also at times goes down the back of my leg. It flares up from time to time, and I take an anti-inflammatory for a few days until it lessens. I think it actually is due to a low back issue. All these areas are connected. Since your pain is in the butt primarily, it could also be your piriformis muscle. Pain in one area can refer to other areas.

I've had MRIs over the years in my groin and low back, and all they show are tendinitis, arthritic changes, and slight disk damage.

You could see a doctor, who would probably order some imaging, and maybe prescribe physical therapy. The physical therapist would show you some exercises and stretches to address the problems.

Sometimes pain issues like this (tendinitis, pain, etc.) can take months to heal. Things to try before you see a doctor might be a heating pad, ice pack, and if you can tolerate it, some ibuprofen or naproxen. I guess what I'm really saying is I feel your pain, literally. I hope you feel better soon.

PEPteach 06-22-2019 03:50 PM

I'm sorry you're in pain! I had horrible tailbone pain for over a year. I really did not want to go to the dr because I didn't want my young male doctor poking around there. Eventually it was so painful so I gave in. Sitting down and standing up hurt a great deal.

He gave me a VERY powerful anti-inflammatory that knocked out the pain in a few doses. It was really rough on my stomach, but it really took care of the issue.

Maybe something like that would work?

GreyhoundGirl 06-22-2019 03:36 PM

I donít know, thatís an awful long time to be in discomfort. Iíd probably get it checked. My insurance doesnít require a referral, does yours?

2 thoughts:
1) does your primary care have a nurse practitioner youíd be comfortable seeing?
2) what about an orthopedist?

I hope you feel better soon.

TeacherPK6 06-22-2019 03:32 PM

No advice, but I'm sorry you're hurting! I know (from my research on my own hip/groin pain) that sometimes lower back issues can cause pain in the groin area. I hope that you find a solution soon!

amiga13 06-22-2019 03:05 PM

My solution for almost everything is a hot bath followed by resting with feet up. Have you tried a heating pad?

Good luck, pain sucks.

tia 06-22-2019 02:49 PM

sigh....this is one of those things that i thought would "work itself out" and go away...but didn't.

over 2 months ago, i was juking away from the cat that lives with us (he likes to dart out of a blanket draped over couch to play attack) but i was barefoot at the time. felt like i tweaked something in my lower back/hip area. next day: same exact thing but on other side of couch--somehow felt like i exacerbated same area.

not sure if it's the same pain...but i can't attribute it to anything else....

so the pain has migrated down into my butt, well, right under---and, at times, the pain slides over to the top of my leg--right in the groin/at the back.

when i'm sitting, sometimes, the way i move makes it feel more intense.

a lack of exercise really doesn't lessen the pain. it's not excruciating pain--it's more like, well, it hasn't gone away, and it's not normal, so i'm bothered by it.

*i'd see my general prac doc but i'm thinking about leaving him--and i wouldn't be comfortable with him feeling me up around there, anyway. ANNNNND...he's just going to refer me to a specialist that will take forever to get into anyway.
*it takes half a year to get an appointment with my OBGYN (and, i heard through a friend, that she's no longer on our Preferred Provider list--grrrr)
*i don't have any other (orthopedic, etc) doctors--other than my derma and rheumatologist---and i haven't seen him for a decade

i don't have radiating pain down my leg, so it's not sciatica

for a while it felt like if someone would just grab my ankle and pull, that my leg would just pop itself back into place---but it doesn't feel like that any more.

i also thought i could have my chiro work it out...but that was when the pain was more in my hip/butt...not really in a spot for him now...

frustrated....not sure why i'm posting....wondering if anyone has had an issue like this. i'm sure you will say, make an appointment to see your doctor.. i will--monday.

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