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Claire's Message:

That is great. It sounds like it's really paying off for you.

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kidsrterrific 05-15-2019 01:28 PM

I have been with a personal trainer through my fitness club now for about two years going twice a week. I am 64 and it is the best thing that I have ever done for myself!

Because I skate I can tell that I’m starting to not have the balance I once had. We have worked a lot on that and anyone in their 60s and older it is a good idea to do so.

The main reason why I chose a trainer, because we are a frugal family, is that I’ve had back surgery and presently have a herniated desk amidst all the other medical conditions we gals have.

I tell him all the time, “ I am SO not a workout girl.” Growing up I was probably the worst student in the gym class. Also probably asthma at the time but wasn’t diagnosed until I was an adult.

I was terrible at all sports and have no flexibility. I began roller skating as an adult and have competed and made it to the national level.

However, when I started with the trainer, I could not get up off the floor without help of the furniture or a hand. You get the idea. I am so much stronger now and I feel great. I have even come to enjoy going to the fitness center. That is totally bizarre!

Kudos to you for walking 5 miles a day! Keep us updated on your fitness journey.

travelingfar 05-15-2019 03:29 AM

I went to a personal trainer twice a week for a year and loved it. I learned how to do exercises the correct way and got a great workout each time. I now attend a boot camp that my trainer leads.

Jackie 05-15-2019 02:15 AM

Great job! Sounds like money well spent to me! Keep up the good work.

anna 05-14-2019 04:39 PM

Looks like a great idea and I'm giving it some thought for myself Congrats on the growth !

Claire 05-14-2019 04:11 PM

That is great. It sounds like it's really paying off for you.

GraceKrispy 05-14-2019 03:55 PM

Congrats- all your hard work is paying off!

Empty Nester 05-14-2019 02:47 PM

I’ve been working with a personal trainer for more than three years. I see her 2X per week for 30 minutes per session and it has made a tremendous difference for me. Let me first emphasize that I have never been, even remotely, a gym enthusiast. However, since starting to work with my trainer, both my balance and strength have improved greatly. Yes, it’s expensive, but I look at it as an essential component for my health and well-being. Given the amount of arthritis I have throughout my whole body, the work I do with her keeps me upright and mobile which is always a good idea at my age!!��

klarabelle 05-14-2019 02:07 PM

Congratulations on spending money on your self to help you with your balance & core strength. Its great you are able to fit into your pants comfortably.

amiga13 05-14-2019 01:57 PM

Thanks, friends. I forgot to say another benefit to working with a trainer is that, because I pay her, Im highly motivated to do the exercises on my off days.

And yes, I still walk 5 miles a day. This morning a surfer was leaving the beach as I was walking by and SHE asked if I were training for something. I was speechless (very rare) so she continued, Staying fit? She made my day.

Ally 05-14-2019 01:26 PM

I hired a personal trainer in the new year for a few months and just loved it too! It got too expensive to continue for me, but I did get a lot of wonderful ideas from her and I really felt all the benefits! I am glad you having such a positive experience!

Shelby3 05-14-2019 12:08 PM

I'm glad you are feeling the results of your hard work and feel safer!

Coopsgrammy 05-14-2019 08:47 AM

Awesome! I am so happy you are seeing results!

KatieViolet 05-14-2019 08:16 AM

What a great story! And proof that kindness comes back to you

GreyhoundGirl 05-14-2019 07:27 AM

Congratulations, that's fantastic. A good personal trainer is worth their weight in gold. I'm so glad you found someone you like and are seeing great results.

amiga13 05-14-2019 07:07 AM

I felt thoroughly indulgent hiring a personal trainer. Im frugal and it was hard to justify spending on myself. But I did it because my balance was getting worse and worse (and Ive had some falls). I wanted to see if training would help me.

I interviewed 1 personal trainer who was okay, then I found out a woman who lives in my complex is a trainer (and nutritionist). I knew her a bit, in fact, shed asked if her family could park their bikes in my empty parking place. Good thing Id said yes, because when I hired her, she gave me the family rate. I intended to start 2x a week then cut back to 1x to save money.

After 3.5 months of working with my wonderful trainer, I can say this is an extremely worthwhile expense for me. Shes targeting balance and strength (not weight loss like many of her clients) and Im less wobbly and sooooooo much more fit. Im thrilled.

This morning my weight was up a bit, but Im wearing a pair of pants that were too tight and today theyre comfortable. Im so excited. And Im sticking with 2x a week.

I write this in case you need to firm up or lose weight or improve balance or gain strength and are like me, hesitant to spend money on yourself. Try it. Youre worth it.

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