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jakeh's Message:

My "Reopen Claim" notice disappeared on Sunday (last, 1/10). A notice to "Certify Week(s)" was visible, I did so, but only for only 1-week, and to check back by 1/17 to certify more. The week for which I certified is still 'pending.'

The 'pending' has me worried since I've seen people certify and get almost immediate payment. Not so for me... Don't know if they are sending me another Debit card since I already have one from EDD for BofA.

Still waiting...

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Sirsubalot 01-13-2021 07:27 PM

I did not get any special notices from EDD, except an an e-mail telling me to log into EDD.

Nothing said anything about reopening a claim.

There was the usual form for two weeks recertification and my claim balance. It was just business as usual with a two week delay, but no gap in the weeks to recertify, which is contrary to the note I got the last claim period that there would be no more benefits paid.

The only difference is that the word "outstanding" has been replaced with " pending", and no mention of the extra $300/week.

I am still waiting for my $600 stimulus.

jakeh 01-13-2021 03:28 PM

My "Reopen Claim" notice disappeared on Sunday (last, 1/10). A notice to "Certify Week(s)" was visible, I did so, but only for only 1-week, and to check back by 1/17 to certify more. The week for which I certified is still 'pending.'

The 'pending' has me worried since I've seen people certify and get almost immediate payment. Not so for me... Don't know if they are sending me another Debit card since I already have one from EDD for BofA.

Still waiting...

luv2teach2017 01-13-2021 12:38 PM

I received a notification to 'Reopen my Claim' from EDD CA.
My claim expired the end of December (as did many of yours). I got a notice from EDD (CA) in the mail a couple of weeks ago saying that EDD had filed to open a new claim on my behalf. After that, I saw the same "Reopen Claim" notice (that some of you wrote about) on my UI online account, but I did not do anything since EDD had already notified me they were filing my new claim. Yesterday, I got an email asking me to certify for benefits online. My UI account now says that my claim has been extended till March. I was able to certify for the last 2 weeks.

I've had many experiences filing claims with CA EDD over the years. EDD has always been impressively organized and reliable. However, this pandemic has turned everything upside down. I'm glad to see that EDD is finally getting back on track.

Since it's extremely difficult to contact EDD, I take a "wait and see" approach these days and let the dust settle rather than letting myself get stressed over delays. Sometimes all the forms, notifications, and red tape seem confusing and overwhelming, but most of it is just a state agency doing its work. Unless I see serious red flags, I try to stand back and let it work. (I think it's best not to do anything unless I've done the research and know what to do.)

It hasn't always been as timely as it should, but so far, for me, EDD has eventually come through over these past several months. It's been a heaven sent. I'm also really grateful for this extension and the Fed money that has come in.

I've been subbing a bit (distance learning subbing) since September, but schools in my area have been closed since last March. They were supposed to reopen this month, but that changed. Now there's no new reopen date in sight. (Quite honestly, I won't feel safe going back to in-person teaching until I've at least gotten my vaccine.) Due to school closure and distance learning, the sub jobs have been much more scarce. Thank God my EDD claim has been extended!
tryingtoteach 01-12-2021 08:24 AM

I'm sorry you're going through this. I don't miss the headache from when I was out on maternity leave.

I'm not surprised that EDD sent you a form 5 pages long. The whole system is racked with fraud.

My daughter's daycare teachers still haven't received their unemployment from the spring, yet prisoners got payouts into the thousands.

Aillya 01-11-2021 10:57 PM

This looks like the same form I had to fill out last time I re-applied (this was in october or november if i remember right). I wouldn't find it too sketchy? My only gripe with it is they barely allow any room to write an explanation for your situation. I think our situation is fairly unique, since some of us are in that wishy washy boat where we get maybe one call every couple of weeks, so we're technically "employed," but going to do it means going on site in person to a questionable place and risking covid for some money we won't even see until like next month, and then the amount won't pay any bills after taxes. Like, it's not worth it. I live with high risk family members as well, so there's no way I'm putting them at risk.

The job right now is honestly insane. I'd go to a building and use a worse laptop than the one I have at home, to sit in a zoom call for like 7 hours straight, and then get covid on my way out the office door because someone was asymptomatic and showed up anyway and masks only work so well. Then I take it home to my family members and get them sick, and for what? 150 dollars a month from now? Like... honestly?

But you can't explain all that in 100 characters, so you just have to sound like you're lazily not accepting "jobs," when half the time there aren't any anyway. The cherry on top is that unless there's an extension, we're filling all this out for like, the bottom of the barrel of whatever's left. Or at least, I am. In any case, good luck to everyone.

jakeh 01-10-2021 03:14 PM

I just logged into UI Online Home and still see this even though I reopened last night.

"Reopen Your Claim

If you have not certified for benefits for a period of time or you have never certified during this benefit year, you must reopen your claim.

Reopen Your Claim"'s the same screens/pages as last night. I don't understand 'for a period of time.' I think I'll pass on this for now.

In addition, they keep sending me a notice that I changed my address. I did not do so even though they have the very same address I've been using all along. EDD is really messed up in my opinion.

CC96 01-10-2021 12:37 PM

What I want to know is now that I’m on the Fed-Ed extension am I going to be put back into the 11 week program that Congress just passed???

bodhimom 01-10-2021 12:16 PM

Thanks for the info. I just logged in and it doesn't say anything different. I did get the $600.

Sweetsunset 01-10-2021 03:20 AM

Date: Jan. 8, 2021 Aubrey Henry
916-654-9029 News Release No.: 21-01

More federally extended benefits rolling out in California
Record number of 1099G forms itemizing taxable benefits received in 2020
Sacramento –
In expedited efforts, the California Employment Development Department (EDD) is implementing the next phase of extended federal unemployment benefits this weekend that Congress approved and the President signed into law on December 27. Starting Monday and stretching out over a two week period, Californians out of work or working reduced hours in this historic pandemic will be able continue on or file new claims for expanded Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) extension benefits. They will also receive the new extra $300 Federal Additional Compensation (PAC) payments with their weekly benefits.
“As the EDD has done in expediting the first new federal $300 supplemental payments for Californians and their families during this difficult time, we are committed to implementing these extended benefits as quickly as possible,” said new EDD Director Rita Saenz. “Since Sunday, the EDD has issued a total of more than $138 million in supplemental payments to about 461,000 claimants in need.”
The extra payments were first added to each week of regular Unemployment Insurance (UI) or FED-ED extension benefits that impacted workers were collecting and will now be phased in for weeks of PUA and PEUC benefits claimants receive for weeks of unemployment starting December 27 (covering the week that the bill was signed by the President) through the week ending March 13. The EDD will let claimants know via email, text, or mailed notices when they can certify for benefit payments under these programs.
The upcoming second phase for the expansion of PUA and PEUC will include those who exhausted their claims for these benefits prior to the end of the federal CARES Act but now could become eligible for the new additional 11 weeks of benefits starting with the week of December 27. The EDD encourages claimants to look for messages from EDD and monitor our Federal Provisions for Unemployment webpage for details on these benefits and updates on when that programming will be complete along with other developments.
Sweetsunset 01-10-2021 02:24 AM

Ok, so I changed my mind and logged in to my UI account and this is what it said: Reopen Your Claim

If you have not certified for benefits for a period of time or you have never certified during this benefit year, you must reopen your claim.
What constitutes "a period of time" for EDD?
I have certified- last day was on the 27th of December, and I have certified during this benefit year, so my understanding is I shouldn't Reopen a Claim then?

added a bit later: Ok, so I'm reading on other platforms from ppl in Cali advising not to Reopen a new claim bcz it might trigger a duplicate claim. Confused, but I'm going to wait this out a bit more- maybe two more wks and see what happens. EDD sent out a news update which I'll post below.
It seems we should be getting our extension within 2 wks. I hope I'm understanding this correctly.
Sweetsunset 01-10-2021 02:11 AM

Wow!! We have to reopen a claim that's 5 pages?!
This is so disheartening. There aren't many sub jobs to go around for everyone in my district. Usually, it's the other way around.
I only worked two days in December. I don't have a Supervisor, so I'll just give them my district info like you did. I hope that we're not asked to repay anything.
I'll log into my UI account tomorrow.
Thank you for letting us know, and for walking us through it Jakeh!

jakeh 01-10-2021 12:15 AM

I received a notification to 'Reopen my Claim' from EDD CA. This was MUCH more comprehensive questioning on their part. It took me over an hour to understand and fill out the 5 (yes five) page Reopen forms. They now include:

* A redundant questioning on how much you earned during December (I worked 3-days) and want (at least to my understanding) you to AGAIN claim what you were paid during your next Certify.
* They now ask questions about 'Winter Recess' (dates, etc.) and when you plan to look for work (in my case January 11th). So it looks like Subs cannot certify for the weeks December 27th - January 9th) or receive UI payments for those times.
* They want to know your school supervisors NAME and direct phone number (I left mine blank and didn't get an error), I just put the District general phone number in. They also said they would contact your School District and that your District will get the information you provide. So I answered all questions correctly except for Supervisors name.

The whole thing is slanted towards paying Subs as little as possible, and maybe us not getting the $300 pandemic EDD bonus, and also checking up on us comprehensively.

I don't even know if my 'Reopen Claim' will be successful. EDD CA has done their homework. If they had asked these rather pointed questions in March then I'm sure we would not have been paid during the summer. And it makes me think (negatively I confess) they may come back at Subs here in California to replay all the monies paid during the summer. Just a guess. When, it was quite a task 'Reopening' tonight.

It's scary out there right now, not just this with EDD CA but the political situation in general.

Sorry to be alarmist but you should know, Cali Subs, what's going on and be prepared to spend a lot of time 'Reopening a Claim' and dwelling on many of the questions they ask.

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