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pinacolada's Message:

I just realized I posted about this a week ago. Sorry. No need to reply.

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readandweep 12-31-2018 02:42 PM

In my district they have students who are on the bubble do another half day of early childhood (pre-K special ed) and a half day in K.

Then they repeat K with a full day in regular ed with resource support if it is appropriate.

It sometimes means not attending your home school that first year as not every elementary school has an early childhood class.

Would this be an option for your son?

d0rkablex2 12-31-2018 12:15 PM

I don't know about CA because I'm in PA, but I was the K/1 resource teacher at a public school last year and involved in the transition of all of the EI (early intervention)/pre-k students to our school.

I think it depends on when his birth date falls, but our parents were allowed to "opt" to keep their child in EI/pre-k for another year, but I think only one "extra" year is allowed. We had several families keep their children in pre-k for another year to see if that would make their child more ready to transition to the regular elementary school they're districted for vs. having the child out-placed into a more restrictive placement (like a SDC class).

I had a kindergarten parent ask me at the end of the school year if I thought they made the right decision as parents letting their son go to kindergarten and not doing another year of pre-k, so that leads me to believe it's an option parents have (at least in my state.) That child also had a June birthday. I think June/July/August birthdays are allowed to do another year of pre-k if parents (or the school) want them to. Since your son is just making the jump in pace in his progress, the pre-k team will probably agree with you that another year of pre-k would be beneficial, especially since he would be such a young kindergartener. Most of my kindergarten students I had last year who came to us from EI/-pre-k were on the older end of K and were turning 6 at the very beginning of the school year or were already 6, so I think a lot of them had a second year of pre-k so they would be "ready" to be in regular ed kindergarten with supports.

pinacolada 12-31-2018 12:07 PM

I just realized I posted about this a week ago. Sorry. No need to reply.

pinacolada 12-31-2018 12:03 PM

My son is currently enrolled in a full day Autism SDC pre-k program through the school district (we live in Milpitas, CA). He will be 5 on June 27, 2019 and will thus move onto kindergarten in Aug 2019 which will be a K-1/K-2 SDC class.

My son JUST had a jump in the pace at which he is making progress and I think if he had an extra year of SDC pre-k he could go to a regular ed kindergarten classroom in Aug 2020 with supports in place like going to resource.

Now, I know I can just pay for private pre-k if they decline my request but what can I do to "fight" that he gets another year of SDC pre-k?

Has anyone had success with this before? We live in Milpitas, CA which is in the bay area (Santa Clara County).

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